How to Get Someone to Stop Ignoring You?


Nobody likes to be ignored. It does not matter whoever is ignoring you but it the probably one of the worst feeling to being ignored. There can be many reasons for someone to ignoring you and you need to find out to stop getting ignored. Once you figure out the reason of being ignored then it will be easier for you to deal with it. If you have tried a lot and still not aware of the purpose of them ignoring you then you can approach them directly to find out the cause. We have arranged great tips to get someone to stop ignoring you.

how to get someone to stop ignoring you

Tips to Get Someone to Stop Ignoring You

1.) Be Sure About the Situation to Get Someone to Stop Ignoring You

Many times it happens that people over think about the situation. Maybe you are not really being ignored and you just over analyzed the situation. Maybe you are feeling bad because you were angry or your mood was not good. There can be many reasons for you to feel like that. It can also be the case that the other person was not in a good mood to talk to anyone. First, try to find out if it was one of these cases and know what was the reason of that person ignoring you? If it was the first time then you should take it lightly as it can be due to these cases.

2.) Try to Find Reason to Get Someone to Stop Ignoring You

Now you have found out that the person actually is ignoring you, then it is time to find more about it and to conclude out what you have done to make it happen like that. In some cases, there must be something which you must have done to piss that person off. Think of what all you have done and when was the last time they were behaving normally with you and what happened between then and now? This will help you to know what kind of wrong you must have done. Maybe you did not call them back? or you did not respond them well. Once you know the reason it will be easier for you to find out the solution.

  • If you will keep on trying to find out the solution without getting the reason of being ignored then it would be tough for you to reach the conclusion. Knowing your mistake will also help you to get prepared to give the points to defend your actions.
  • If you will get to know what is in their mind then you will be able to avoid it or if it was not your fault then you would be able to make them understand that your situation was not to hurt them.

3.) Talk to Sort it Out to Get Someone to Stop Ignoring You

Talking is the best option to sort the matter out. When you want to get a person stop ignoring you then you should try to initiate a conversation. Try not to face the person in public place or in the midst of the day when the person is expected to be busy rather, ask the person if you can talk later and pick a proper place and time to have a discussion. If the person really doesn’t want to join with you, then you can choose a time when the person will be alone and when you can talk without getting too much of a trouble for yourself.

4.) Apologize for Your Fault

Since now you know or you are aware of the fact that why that person is ignoring you then you need to have a talk with them. Look him or her in the eye, look serious and say to the person that you’re really sorry because of your actions. Make the person realize that you really regret what you did and that you’ll never do it again. Show that the relationship values a lot to you and that you’ve done a lot of analysis and wish that you should not have done it. Don’t be distracted, let the person see the pain you are facing on your face, and make that person see how sorry you really are.

5.) See If It Is Worthy to Keep Trying

Maybe you have tried a lot and there is no use of trying now. Then you can think of quitting or let id settle on its own. Few matters get sorted out with time. You need to think if the person is that worthy for you to keep on trying. You have tried everything to win back that person but nothing is working out then it is time to move on. If you too matter for that person then you will find him/her coming back to you.

6.) Give Them Some Time to Stop Them Ignoring You

When you feel like being ignored then try to give them some space and let them calm down on their own. Everything gets resolved with the time and they will also probably get better with the time. If you feel that someone is ignoring you then you should give them some time to cool down before talking to him or her about it. Do not try to sort out the matter immediately, waiting for some time will be helpful for both of you.

7.) Ask Help From Your Friends

You may ask help from your mutual friends to help you in this matter. Probably, they may be knowing the reason behind that person’s ignoring attitude towards you. Do not ask about it from anyone, you must know someone else who is close to that person and they will probably be ready to help you. Share your worries with only that friend who is closer to both of you and knows both of you well. This friend will act as a communication bridge between both of you. Do not make it sound like an issue or you may piss off the other person more.

8.) Avoid Fighting to Get Someone to Stop Ignoring You

Nothing is as awful as getting ignored by someone who means a lot to you. Still, fighting with them will not bring you any solution. Your getting angry over their behavior may make you say some harsh words to them and it can make the situation worse. Try to stay calm and handle everything calmly. Wait for them to talk to you when they get cooled down. Moreover, having a fight with them may lead to cut off all the ties with them and may lead to putting you in a bad relationship.

  • To avoid fighting you should try to stay calm and cool in front of that person as if it doe does not matter to you if you are being ignored.
  • Do not use abusive words. You can better sort it out talking politely.

9.) Stay Busy to Stop Someone Ignoring You

You should try to focus on your work more and also keep yourself occupied after you have tried a lot to sort things out between you both. You can’t keep bothering a person who does not want to bother you anymore or who have no feelings for you. Let them ignore you and do not think much about it. Shoe them that ignoring is not a big deal and you can ignore them too if that is what they want. You cannot make anyone come after you or make anyone stay with you if they do not want it. If they do not want to live with you then let them live on their own. Thinking about them will only make you sadder.

10.) Write to Get Someone to Stop Ignoring You

Try to put your writing skills to use to melt down the heart of that person. After getting a sweet note from your side they definitely will feel great. He or she is not talking to you and you initiated a sweet approach to melt their anger. This would really make them feel good. As it would be a surprise for them as they would have note been expecting this from your side. You can write down a note mentioning that you are unaware of the fact that why are you being ignored. And if you would have known you would have tried to make it better between both of you.

Also, mention that they really matter to you and you are not liking getting ignored. Do not beg or plead with them to stop this ignoring game which they are playing. You should avoid showing your sentimental side to them otherwise, they can hurt you more.

  • Written pieces are the best form to express how you feel for someone.


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