How to Have a God Centered Dating Relationship?


Everything in this world is safe due to god’s blessing. If you want your relationship to last longer and happy then keeping god in the center of your relationship is very important. Every relationship has its own ups and downs, giving priority to God in your relationship will help you to overcome every negative thing coming to your way. God centered dating relationship will help you to look deeper than just the physical side of your relationship. When you will make God the center of your relationship then you will be able to overcome the flaws in you and your partner. If you will never forget god he will never forget you. If you cannot give god priority then you cannot be happy in any case. A god centered dating relationship is deep and does not break easily. Ways to have a god centered dating relationship are given in this article read on to know more.

How to Have a God Centered Dating Relationship

Ways to Have a God Centered Dating Relationship

1.) Know God is Supremo to Have a God Centered Dating Relationship

Keep god as the main center in your relationship. God is everything and he is the ultimate power. When you will keep him in your relationship then everything will be fine and great. The perfect love is the love of god. You do not need to feel weak putting anyone else as important as God. No one can love you like God does, no one will keep you happy and satisfied as God does to you. God will shower you with a lot more love than you need and anyone else can give you. God is the ultimate and he is there for you to fill the gap in your life.

Approach your love life considering God in your mind remember that god is always there for you and he love you more than anyone. Make God the love of your life believe in him and know that even if there is no one in your life God will always be there for you.

2.) Be a Good Human to Have a God Centered Dating Relationship

You cannot love God purely if you are not a good human yourself. When you are a good person then only you can love anyone purely. If you think you have flaws then do not worry as God still loves you but try to clean your soul. Try to be better a better person in the mercy of the God. Keep in mind that you are the son and daughter of the God and you have to make him proud.

Be a child which will make feel God happy and proud. Do not hurt anyone, do not go into a relationship with anyone to just fulfill your needs. God is there for you to love you do not forget this fact. Keep your mind away from negative things and keep it pure.

3.) Commit when You Mean to Have a God Centered Dating Relationship

God never encourage lairs, to have a God centered dating relationship follow his rules. Do not say anything which you do not mean. When you want to have a God centered dating relationship keep it loyal and just. God does not appreciate those who would ever cheat, therefore, go into a relationship with a positive attitude. Do not cheat anyone and keep everything clear from the beginning. Find a partner who believes in God and have faith in God. Always keeping God above your relationship would help you to have a great relationship and you still will be near and dear to God.

4.) Submit Your Relationship to God 

You know that God is the ultimate power and he wants you to be happy and satisfied. When you want to have a god dating centered relationship then you should keep God above your relationship. As when you submit yourself to the God then he takes care of you same ways he will take care of your relationship as well. Do as per Bible says and as per Church believes a real relationship should be. Do not waste your time with someone who does not believes in the power of the God.

5.) Do Not Rush to Get Into Relationship

Patience is what God wants us to follow. Do not rush into anything, to have a God centered dating relationship. Take your time find a good match who is also a believer of God. Find someone who would date you keeping the marriage in mind. Do not have someone in your life who would take you away from God. Have a person who will bring you closer to the God. Getting a good man/woman will take time but do not settle for anyone if you want to keep on loving God. You know that God is your first love and therefore, you do not need to settle with anyone who would not love God. Do not lose patience in the whole process, believe in God and have faith that you will get a better match.

6.) Be Careful of Physical Relationship

Do not turn your relationship bad in the eye of God and Bible by getting physical too soon. Set your boundaries and stay within your limit. When you start feeling guilty for your actions then you know it is time to stop. Avoid doing actions which might lead to enhance your lust or provoke you to be more physical. Talk about right and wrong actions and set boundaries according to it. Remain pure and holy till the marriage and date only keeping marriage in mind. As it is also mentioned in Bible that you should do only what is good, acceptable and perfect in the eyes of God.

7.) Pray Together to Have a God Centered Dating Relationship

Couples who pray together stay together. When you both do not have fun together then there is no use of having such a relationship. Keep God in the center of every fun, find fun in praying him and chanting his name. Do whatever you both do to enjoy but do not forget God in between all these. Do not forget to pray God, praise god along with your relationship and stay happy. You know that it is God’s mercy that you both are happy and having fun together. Enjoy your life the way you want and simultaneously keep on thanking God for this great life.

8.) Give Priority to Your Partner Than Yourself

This is called showing Christ love to each other. Find ways to show love to each other like God show love to you. You have got your partner by the mercy of God and you need to keep them forever. Put your partner above your pride and ego. If making few sacrifices need to be done to keeping your partner happy then there is nothing wrong in doing so. Be ready to help one another, become the strength of your partner, not his or her weakness. God has brought you both together and you both should work for each other’s progress. Believe in your partner and help him/her to grow. As God shows you the right path does not hesitate to show your partner a right path. Help them to choose a better path and be a better person together.

9.) Follow the God’s Preaching Together

Follow whatever God has taught you. God wants you two be kind, gentle and generous to others. Help each other to be a better person and a helping human being. To have a God centered dating relationship you both should work together to follow what God wants from their children. Read Bible together and worship god daily. Thank God for loving you and bringing you both together. God want you to be a kind human being, help people in need and encourage people to get closer to God. Stop each other from doing committing any sin or any action which would not be encouraged by God.

10.) Remember God is there for You

There is no great feeling than knowing that god is real. You know God is responsible for happiness in your life right now. He is the source of your energy and he is always there for you. To have a God centered dating relationship you both believe in God and pass on love which God showers upon you to your partner. You both should never forget that God is the first person you loved and he is still in your life. He works for you, he is working day and night to keep you both happy. Therefore, do not forget God, he is real and he is still working for you.


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