How to Live a Happy Married Life?


People fear that getting married may bring a break to their happy life as love may vanish after marriage. Well, that is not at all true. If there is love then it will flourish even after marriage and you love may grow more. Marriage is a responsibility and both of the partners need to handle it well to have a successful marriage life. The main key point is to maintain love and keep the romance alive in your marriage to make it successful. You both need to have your own space as well to continue growing. If you and your partner both put efforts to keep your relationship healthy then you can easily do it. Follow the given below tips to live a happy married life.

How to live a happy married life

Steps to Live a Happy Married Life

1.) Listen to Your Partner to Live a Happy Married Life

Listening is the best part in any relationship. To live a happy married life you and your partner both should be a good listener and never make your partner feel that you are uninterested in them. Let your partner say what they feel and do not make hesitate to say what they feel. Do not just stand there physically but also try to understand them. In a married life, it is your responsibility to make your partner feel that you really care about them and everything related to them matters to you.

2.) Respect Your Partner to Live a Happy Married Life

No married life can flourish without respect for each other. You should respect your partner and try to understand their feelings. Try to involve your partner in the crucial decision regarding your life. Treat them as their opinions matters to you, do not make them feel as if they are not much important or their opinions are not valuable. A genuine relationship can never stand without respect.

If you cannot respect your partner then you will not go far. There might come many situations in which you will feel like your partner is not right still you need to respect your partner with their choice.

3.) Communicate Well to Live a Happy Married Life

Communication is the most important factor in any relationship. To lead a happy married life you need to communicate effectively with your partner. Do not just talk but talk to deliver your message. If there is something which is causing hindrance in your communication then try avoiding it by talking it out. You can solve your most of the problems by talking it out together.

Share your views and opinions with each other. Do not hesitate to tell your partner how you feel about anything. You do not need to agree with everything said or done by your partner. If you do not like anything then it is your right to raise voice against it or let your partner feel that you are not in the support.

4.) Trust Each Other to Live a Happy Married Life

Maintaining trust is important if you want to live a happy married life. If there is any act of your partner which is bothering you then speak to him or her directly about it. When you have any doubt then it is wise to act like a mature man and talk it out with your partner. Know how your partner and help each other in trusting each other. It does not mean you should trust your partner blindly. You should use your own mind to know the extent to trust anyone. If you are not able to develop hundred percent trust then too it is fine as trust inculcates with time.

5.) Do not Forget to Show Affection

Everyone likes to feel loved and cared especially by their life partner. When you start your day daily start with a warm hug and kiss. This will show your partner your love and they will like being with you. When you will start your day on a good note then it will reflect throughout your day. This gesture will even make you miss your partner and will make you both realize how much you love your partner. Also, do not forget to make your partner feel how much they are important to you and saying “I love you” will help you to make your partner feel good and loved.

6.) Give Time to Your Partner to Live a Happy Married Life

As the relationships grow older you get to see that there are a lot of things which changes in your relationship. There might come a phase when you will want to spend time on your own. You are free to have your personal space but you should also not neglect your partner. Try to give your partner time every week or at least an hour every day. If you stay very much busy then do not forget to make your partner realize that you also want to stay with them but due to work not able to. Tell your partner about your schedules that way they will feel that they are not being neglected.

7.) Compliment Your Partner to Live a Happy Married Life

If you will compliment your spouse from time to time then they will feel happy to be with you. Try to overlook things which cannot be changed and look on the positive side of having your partner in your life. Staying positive will definitely make you and your partner happy. Compliment your partner if you find him or her making efforts for you. It is the responsibility of both partners to keep each other happy. These small things matter when it comes to making your partner happy and to live a happy married life.

8.) Do Things Together which Make You Happy

Small gestures which matter a lot can make you both happy. Most of the successful relationship’s main factor is this. Do things it does not need to be any large event small sweet things which can make your partner smile should be done from time to time. You can try making any new dish together; it will help you both to have a great sweet experience. Go for grocery shopping together or do the dishes with your partner. These are gestures which do not take much but are a great way to build your bond stronger.

9.) Compromise to Live a Happy Married Life

Comprising does not seem bad when it brings the happiness on the face of the person you love. This is really a great point if you want your relationship to last long. Learning to make sacrifices for your partner at sometimes is not bad. No one can feel the good times without facing hard times. There will be many cases in your relationship in which you will be able to find yourself at the place when you have to make tough decisions and you will need to choose things which might not come out in your favor. For instance, you can eat a dish which is not your favorite for the sake of your partner’s happiness and doing that is not bad sometimes.

10.) Help Your Partner to Live a Happy Married Life

You both are a team and you should work together for each other’s happiness and progress. If your partner is feeling not strong or not much happy then try to cheer him or her up. If your partner is facing a hard time then help them to recover from it. No relationship can live long without helping each other. Try to stand with your partner at his/her best and worst. You should be the one standing with your partner when he/she needs you the most. Even if your spouse denies taking extra help then too try to help them and show them that you care. Do not wait for your partner to ask for help, you both are the most important part of each other’s life and you should be there to help your partner without him/her asking.


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