[Solution] Android Connected to WiFi But no Internet Access to Browse


I also faced a similar problem with android phone in past. My android connected to WiFi but no internet access to browse any website. I searched the internet for this problem & found so many different solutions for this. This can be happen because of many reasons. Most of the time reason is very small & only need your attention. I have Samsung android phone but the solution is applicable for Samsung, Sony, Motorola, Nexus, LG & other Android Phone. Here we are explaining some of the common reasons that why internet not working on android phone after connected to WiFi.

Before proceeding to the solution you need to verify that the problem is with your android phone & not with your home internet connection or router. To verify this, please connect you Wi-Fi with other computer/phone. If you are able to access the internet on other device then you have to check your Android Phone. If you are not able to access the internet on other devices then you have to check you internet connection.

Android connected to wifi but no internet access

[Solution] Android Connected To WiFi but No Internet Access

General Solution You Should Try Before Proceeding Further


On your phone under Settings>> WiFi >> Hold the Name of Your Network >> Now Click on Forgot Network.

Now reboot the phone & modem/router and try to connect the Wi-Fi again.


Pull out the phone battery while it is working & re-install after 30 second. Phone will reboot again now try to connect to network and check internet connectivity.


You can browse to Settings>> WiFi >> then press left menu key & Click on Advanced. Now check that Wi-Fi timer is not off. If Wi-Fi Timer is on then turn it off.

Now disable Wi-Fi & again enable it. Now check the connectivity on Android.

Solution -4 (Important)

Update your phone, Modem& Wi-Fi Router time and date to match the internet provider time and date. This is very important because 2 out of 10 cases are because of this issue.


Check the Internet connectivity after disabling the antivirus & mobile data.

If your android still has no internet access after connecting to wireless network, you can try below solution step by step.

Advance solutions for Android connected to wifi but no internet access


Open your router page and rename the default IP from to some other value like or any other number. Reboot the router, click on forget the network on your phone and try to connect again.

Now remember your router default IP is changed to and router page will open by typing in browser window instead of


Open the router page again and try to change the Security Mode under Wireless from default WEP to WPA or if you had selected WAP then choose WPA2. Reboot the router and try to reconnect.


You can check the internet connectivity after changing the encryption from AES to TKIP or vice versa or TKIP & AES. You have to check the phone internet connectivity on all condition.

You can also call your internet service provider for all these router settings to work with your phone.


In your router you can also check the network mode like B, G, N or BG-mixed & others. You can also find standard channel also from 1 to 11/12. You can check the best settings with your Internet service provider. In my case BG-Mixed & standard channel to Auto mode works well.


Try to switch from DHCP to a static IP. For this you need to follow below steps.

If your using Android version earlier than 4.2 (Jelly Bean)

Open Setting

Now click on Wireless & settings

Now click on Wi-Fi settings & now click on left Menu Key

Now click on Advance & select Use Static IP

Now you have to contact you Internet Service provider and ask them for IP Address, Gateway, Subnet Mask, DNS1 and DNS2.

For user having android version 4.2 to 4.4

Click on Settings >> Wi-Fi >> Now Hold the Network & Click on Modify Network Config >> Show Advanced Settings >> IP Settings >> Static >> Enter the information for desired Network and save.

Update: If all above solutions fails, then you can download wifi fixer app from Google Play Store. This app will detect the issue on your mobile phone for internet connectivity. This app will not boost the wifi signal or will not solve the disconnection problem. This app will only resolve the issue when after connecting wifi your mobile not receive date to browse website.


  1. Thanks sooooooo much. I thought I was going to have to make a trip to AT@T store where all the Joe Slicks hangout and wait for the next turkey. The first solution worked for me………….. thanks for being there when I needed you, unlike my first wife.

  2. Thank you so much – solution 1 worked for me.
    Was scratching my head from yesterday to fix the problem – very glad to have found your
    simplistic approach to the problem- Brilliant. God Bless.

  3. Maybe .0001% of the people with this problem have accidentally messed with their permission controls.

    My wifi seemed to be working perfrctly but I couldn’t make any app connect to wifi! Upon checking my “data usage” page on my security settings, I found out that even during the times I thought I was using wifi, the apps were only using mobile data. I then realized I have “wifi” on that same page unchecked. I unchecked this in the past because I thought it was some sort of filter to segregate data consumed through a mobile network vs that through wifi.

    It turns out it’s actually date access control. I have denied ALL of my apps access to wifi. So that’s why there’s a separate “date usage” page on my SECURITY settings. It’s not redundant to the one on Wireless and Netwoeks settings after all! Oops.

    I blame the bad UI.

  4. Thanks, solution one worked for me. My phone showed connected to wi-fi, but couldn’t connect to websites. 4G worked fine. I rebooted 3-4 times, then I tried your solution. It was right-on.

  5. Android like Chrome, needs a correct time and date before accessing the internet. If you removed your battery and put it back then use the internet but forgot to update your time and date then you cannot gain access.

  6. Hi, nice tutorial combining many methods.
    You could also add one more that I found:
    If you change the SSID of WiFi network and try to connect it will also work.
    Tested twice (on my router and other phone that was tethering a network).
    Also tested static IP and the battery – it works.
    Personally I think that there is just some sort of problem with wifi card cache or wifi driver cache OR the cell phone some way “cuts” the connection based on the limit that you have configured on mobile data (sic!)

  7. It worked for me after i removed the battery while its on.. You are my saviour.. You rock.. I hope could continue to help more people like me..

  8. well what i did ,, i went to advance wifi settings and change DHCP to static and alter the setting.. ip4v and the dns.. it works

    • In setting you can choose automatically switch when wifi is available….but also wifi don’t switch automatically if it is slow than the mobile data….

      Settings >>> Wi-fi >> and select “Auto Network Switch” to automatically switch over…

  9. Wow, thanks ^.^
    #4 (important) worked for me thank god XD
    I didn’t realize that the date all of a sudden changed to 2015 when it’s 2016 lol.
    Thanks again ?

  10. i used static ip adress.now my phone is connectecting to wifi but no internet.i cant finding my routers ip adress what i have to do now

    • Usually ISP provide dynamic IP. if you specially purchased static IP then Login to your router and try to use DHCP for other connected devices (Local Device).

      For static IP you can call your ISP (Internet Service provider), they will support since it is in their scope and this is free of cost.

  11. I tried all these solutions, but nothing worked for me.

    same mobile I can access wifi from office with out any problem, but in home it showing as connected but nothing working.

    is this a issue from router or internet provider.

    Thanks for your help on this.

    • It can be a router issue or mobile issue can’t be issue by service provider…….

      If mobile issue then forget the network in mobile and try to reconnect…..if office & home network name is same then change the network name…

      If router issue….then you need to reset you router but before reset you must know how to configure router with existing settings as per service provider….

  12. I tried solutiion-1 but it says “Network disabled. Poor connection”. Pls do advice me what should i do.
    I tried solution-2 and solution-3 also but they did not work.

    • if it says poor connection that means the internet speed is very poor on your router …so you need to check that your connection is working or not….??

      Have you tried connecting your device with your friend or neighbour router…..

  13. I have bought Sony C3. I have UtStarcom modem at home. I receive wifi signals on my mobile but internet is not getting connected. I have tried below options but internet still doesn’t work

    1. installed wifi fixer
    2. Rebooted phone and modem
    3. Modem & phone date and time matches
    4. Disabled anti virus (Clean Master)

    What should I do now??

  14. “Reboot the router, click on forget the network on your phone and try to connect again.” – I don’t know for sure what to do. I am supposed to change the IP address but then I’m supposed to click on “forget the network “? I have to put the password back in after forgetting the network. Do I put the IP address ending in .2 again?

    • To be more specific…..you can go to settings…then….Wifi….select you connection and click on forgot network….

      Then reboot your router and then again select the network and this time it will ask for password…enter the password and enjoy…please advice if you need more help….

      • Thank you Katie. Unfortunately nothing will make the websites load for me. Except after I installed an app called wififixer. As long as the app is running websites load. Butthe connection keeps dropping out with the app! Very annoying phone problem this. It comes on like an illness of the phone!

          • That’s great that it tells you but I would not know how to fix the problem even if the log told me what’s been fixed.
            Unbelievable but today the websites would not load – using the app. I disabled the app and the WiFi seems to be working as normal. Gods honest truth hmmm

          • The issue seems to have fixed itself. I couldn’t get online using wififixer now, but normal internet WiFi works again now. Thanks a lot for all the help and advice. I would not have been able to use the wififixer log to fix the problem, but good advice for others.

  15. Solution 4 (important) I can’t believe that this will be the problem of my tablet. Now I am able to browse. Thanks for this. Great Job.

  16. I found this problem occurred after I used HTC Sync Manager – Wi-Fi connected, but no internet. As soon as I touched the “Force Stop” button in Settings, Apps, HTC Sync Manager, my internet connection restored. I hope this is useful.

  17. After spending countless hours attempting to finding solution….your article popped up during a Google search and number worked in 5 minutes!! The article has been saved in a secure location just in case….lol

    Thank you….Thank you….Thank you…

  18. Thanks a lot, guys.
    That really helped. Actually, I have just bought a new router and connected it to my phone yesterday. But, today when I tried to do so, it was not working. I got so panic. I surfed around the net and came across many sites. But, no site explained it like yours’. Thanks a ton! 🙂

  19. plz….help….I connect my 4.2 android to wifi by your STATIC method but after connected it says internet unstable… plz help me….i suffer this problem from 3 months…plz help me…

    • Internet Unstable means “Speed of internet is slow.”. If you have your mobile data on, then turn it off. Android phone always prefer the high speed internet connection (between wifi and mobile data and choose the best). You can force phone to use wifi by turning off mobile data.

  20. I tried the first solution before Googling for a solution and it didn’t work. guess what? it worked now! 😀
    thanks anyway 😀


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