How to Remove Acrylic Nails?


It is very trendy to use acrylic nails these days. It doesn’t matter why you are using them. But, no one can identify that you have used fake nails. These are pretty stylish nails that contain some of the best nail arts. So, even if you can’t grow your nails. Then, you may use acrylic nails. But, the difficulty we face while using acrylic nails is how to remove acrylic nails? Well, if you are facing the same problem, then this article will guide you regarding various ways to remove acrylic nails easily.

Ways to Remove Acrylic Nails:

Here are few natural ways that you may follow to take-off acrylic nails.

1.) Items You Need to Remove Acrylic Nails:

Here is the list of the items you need to remove acrylic nails or fake nails at home. They are as follows:

  • Nail clipper
  • Glass bowl
  • Nail file
  • Olive oil
  • Nail polish remover
  • Moisturizing lotion
  • Clean towel
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Orangewood stick
  • Nail buffer

how to remove acrylic nails

2.) Method 1 (Remove Acrylic Nails with Acetone):

Once you get these items, then simply use this method to remove acrylic nails:

Step 1: At the very initial step you need to trim your nails as short as you can. This will make your process simpler as there will be fewer acrylic nails to clean up.

Step 2: After this, take acetone and fill it partly with acetone nail polish remover.

Step 3: Use the nail file to remove gloss of the nails. Also, make sure that while using it you are moving your nails often and uniformly. Once you are done with this process, then simply clean off the dust.

Step 4: Apply the thin coat of petroleum jelly to your skin. It is a very crucial step as petroleum jelly helps in protecting your skin from acetone nail polish remover.

Step 5: After this, dip your nails in a bowl of acetone nail polish remover. Dip it till the glue of acrylic nails start coming off. This process will take approximately 15-20 minutes.

Step 6: After this, gently try to remove acrylic nails. If you feel some kind of resistance while removing acrylic nails, then you may simply dip them in the bowl having acetone for another 5 minutes. Also, remember that you should not forcefully remove acrylic nails, as they may cause damage to your natural nails. It may even lead to some kind of nail infection. And all this will cause a nasty situation.

Step 7:  So, once you are done with all the above steps and you finally remove acrylic nails, then don’t forget to wash your hands thoroughly with water.

Step 8: You may use the buffer to remove the remaining glue from your nails.

Step 9: At last, just apply olive oil to your nails.

Step 10: Though, for some days your nails will look quite rough, so apply olive oil on a regular basis. Also, you may use the buff to reduce roughness from acrylic nails.

3.) Remove Acrylic Nails with Dental Floss:

To remove acrylic nails, you need the assistance of one more person. You need two persons for pulling dental floss. Here are few steps that you need to follow to remove acrylic nails.

Step 1: Once you have chosen a partner, then simply pry up the entire bottom edge with a cuticle stick.

Step 2: Also, tell your partner to slide dental floss under the edge. Also, tell him/her to hold two ends of the dental floss in the either hand.

Step 3: After this, tell your partner to move floss back and forth under your nail. Also, tell them to pull it up so that the nail become loose. Keep on doing this motion until acrylic nail gets free from natural nail. Use this same process for removing other nails.

Step 4: At last, just use the buffer for cleaning your natural nails.

4.) Alternate Way to Taking Off Acrylic Nails:

You may also use an alternate way of removing acrylic nails. All you need a cotton ball, aluminium foil, and acetone. To use this method, just soak cotton balls in an acetone solution. After this, place these cotton balls over your nails. Also, wrap them with an aluminium foil and hold cotton ball in place. Leave it for at least 20 minutes and then remove them gently. Once you are done with this, then simply wipe off each nail. So, use this method to remove acrylic nails, as it is one of the best ways to take off acrylic nails fast.

Few Techniques that You Should Avoid:

  • Never ever try to snap off tips of the nails to remove it. This technique will provide a great damage to your nails. Even if acrylic nails comes out painlessly, even then you are going to damage the surface of your nail.
  • Also, resist an urge to file away the hardened surface of the acrylic nail. It is not easy to file away such a layer as it is quite thick, so it is very important to smoothing out first so that you may easily file away.

So, follow the above tactics to remove acrylic nails from your natural nails. These natural methods are the best ways to remove acrylic nails. So, even if you find it really difficult to take off acrylic nails, then you may simply follow the above natural ways to take off acrylic nails naturally.


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