How to Remove Window Tint at Home?


Car film spoil with the time and so that have to be removed. Here are two most common symptoms of drying film are the dreaded purple film and the bubbling film. The purple film is caused by nonmetallic dyes in the film breaking down and changing its color on the other hand bubbling film is the sign that the adhesive used to apply the tint to the window is failing. After a single bubble will appears much more started to grow automatically. If you try to remove the window tint simply by peeling you will end up with a stick mess on the glass that will take several hours to scrape which you will not like. Here are the tips to remove window tint and will help you to prevent this sticky mess from happening.

remove window tint

Ways to Remove Window Tint:

1.) Sun and Ammonia to Remove Window Tint

This technique requires a sunny day. If you live in the area where is too cloudy so you can heat the rear window. This is a nice way to remove tint from window.

  • You need to cut two garbage bag which would be in the shape of the window. Then spray soapy water on the outside of the window and cover it with one of the black trash bags. Then flat the plastic smoothly.
  • You need to protect all the inside surface which are near the window with the help of tarps like rear light, speaker, and upholstered surfaces, then spray or wear a face mask. As ammonia fumes can be harmful and different individual respond differently on the exposure to the fumes.
  • While the ammonia is still wet, so trap the ammonia against the window film with the help of another trash bag or plastic wrap. Construct multiple layers of film. Garbage bag will absorb heat when you left it under the sun. it will help the film to peel off in one piece.
  • Use your fingernail or razor blade to lift the window film from the corner of the window, and try to peel the film off in one entire piece. Be careful to not to cut the defroster lines. Then keep the tint moist with ammonia as you remove it. use a blade to scrape off any tint that didn’t peel off.
  • When you will peel all the tint then check for the residue and remove any residual adhesive with ammonia and a very steel wool. Then wipe the surface with a  proper towel before it dries out. remove the exterior trash bag and then clean the window thoroughly with a glass cleaner.

2.) Steamer to Remove Window Tint

This is one the easiest way to remove window tint. You can use a fabric steamer, although this will cost a bit more but if you need so you can rent the equipment.

  • Fill the fabric steamer with water and then turn on the machine.
  • You need to hold the steam attachment approximately one inch away from the corner of the window tint you want to remove long enough that you can loosen it from the glass with your fingernail.
  • Then continue to hold to the steamer at the same distance from the glass, give the direction to the steam to where the tinting film and glass meet. Then slowly peel the tint off of your window.
  • Spray an adhesive remover on your glass and wipe it clean with paper towels.

3.) Soap and Scrape to Remove Window Tint

To remove the smaller areas of window tint film, you can simply use soap and scrape method, it is very effective. Most of the people have the tools and many materials on hand, but it doesn’t require much effort to be effective. However it is time-consuming and physically tiring, so other methods are good choices for the larger windows such as your back glass and windshield.

  • You need to knife or razor blade to lift a corner of the window tint film off of the window.
  • Gently grasp the free corner of the film ad peels it from the window. If in case it doesn’t peel off in a single piece then repeat the lifting and peeling process on the remaining film until all the tint has come off.
  • Prepare a mixture of soapy water and pour it into the spray bottle. You can make the solution using a mild detergent like dish soap and mix it with warm water. This method doesn’t require the particular proportion.
  • Then spray the soapy mixture onto the adhesive residue which is left behind.
  • Then carefully scrape the adhesive from the glass with the help of razor blade or knife. If the soapy water dries then spray the more to keep your working area moist.
  • Clean the window with the help of a paper towel and glass cleaner after you have removed all of the adhesives.

4.) Soap and Newspaper to Remove Window Tint

This method is similar to soap and scrape method, but this method requires far less effort. It is also a good way to recycle newspapers

  • You need to prepare a mixture of soap and warm water, then pour this mixture into the spray bottle.
  • Generously apply the solution to soapy water with damaged tint and cover it with newspaper. Let it sit for about one hour, soak the outside of the newspaper with more soapy water whenever it starts to get dry.
  • Peel the newspaper and the top layer of tint in long strips using a knife or razor blade.
  • Then rub off the remaining layer of the tint with your knife in the same strip-like manner. It will come with little effort if the tint is stubborn simply repeat the process from the beginning.

5.) Heat to Remove Window Tint

Heating is also one of the best options to remove window tint that cost nothing and used material which you already have at your home. It can get a bit messy so keep towels and a trash receptacle nearby.

  • Use an hairdryer on high and hold it around two inches away from the corner of the window tint from where you wish to remove, when it will little bit get remove so you can use your fingernail, knife or razor blade to peel it off.
  • Holding the hairdryer from the same distance from the glass direct the air stream where the tint meets the glass. Then slowly continue to peel off the film.
  • Gently rub off the remaining adhesive with the help of a clean towel. If you find any difficulty in removing it, you can heat the adhesive with the hairdryer again, then it will wipe away more easily and stick to the towel.
  • Then clean your window with the help of a paper towel and glass cleaner.


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