20 Sassy Short Haircuts for Women


The short hairstyle looks extremely fashionable. Jazz up your look with these sassy short haircuts. These sensational hairstyles are easy to maintain and never go out of style. Flatter your look with the pixie cut, bob, choppy and layer haircut. We have shared 20 short haircuts that look amazing on any women. Here are 20 sassy short haircuts for women in our gallery that you should try.

20 Sassy Short Haircuts for Women

1.) Curly Hairstyle for Short Hair

This lovey-dovey hairstyle is very light and romantic. Curly hairstyles for short hair is one of the stunning short haircuts for women. Embrace your look with balayage dying technique on blonde pixie hairstyle. Add some chunky highlights in your hairstyle to boost volume in fine hair. Try to curl your hair and leave it messy to flaunt curly hairstyles for short hair.

curly hairstyle short haircuts for women

2.) Layered Bob for Fine Hair

Layered bob for fine hair is one of the dazzling short haircuts for women. In this hairstyle, the bob is maximally lifted at the root and get swept to one side. The look completely blows your mind when you add smooth layers in your bob. You can wear your casual tops with this hairstyle. It is best suitable for the oval, round and heart shape face.

layered bob short haircuts for women

3.) Short Messy Hairstyle with Twists

Always have bang is not a great option. The short messy hairstyle with the twist is one of the short haircuts for women. If you want to wear the fabulous inverted side part bob with bangs, they will irritate you by falling on your face. So the best solution is to try two parallel twists that look beautiful in the wavy hair. Embrace your beauty with some highlights.

Short messy hairstyle with twist short haircuts for women

4.) Edgy Short Cut for Thin Hair

The gorgeous hairstyle screams style and chic. The hairstyle does not give you sleek look, but make it more elegant and modern. It is suitable for every age women. The hairstyle looks best on oval, round and heart shape face.

edgy short haircuts for women

5.) Layered Pixie with an Edgy Fringe

Don’t this pixie cut will not your hair look limp and flat. The layered pixie with an edgy fringe is one of the short haircuts for women. You can intensify your look with embracing your hairstyle with hair products. Finger comb your hair so that it get flawless in a side part. The hairstyle looks extremely hot on long face shape. For the better look, winged eyeliner and dark lipstick is not a bad option.

layered pixiw ith edgy fringe short haircuts for women

6.) Wispy chin Length Bob Hairstyle

If you want to lock thickness and volume in the hair, try wispy chin length bob hairstyle. It’s a godsend gift for thick hair. The fantastic layered piece works well to give a wispy style. Even it looks charming in natural hair. Fair skin tone rock the look. The girls with cute face shape can pull off the look nicely. It is one of the amazing haircuts for short hair.

Wsipy chin length bob hairstyle short haircuts for women

7.) Pixie Cut

When you love short hair, then limit yourself in styling. The pixie cut is one of the endearing haircuts for women. Make sure you are taking this haircut from safe hands. The hairstyle looks sassy when the strands are falling on the short nape and it also looks sleek. It looks best on long, oval and round face shape. Thin hair works well.

Pixi cut short haircuts for women

8.) Short Hair with Side Part

Short hair with the side part is one of the fetching short haircuts for women. Well, you can see a variety of hairstyle in short hair, but this is something edgy that opposed to classic. You can flaunt this hairstyle with the deep side part. Make it more gorgeous by styling your hair with hair gel.

Short hairstyle with side part short haircuts for women

9.) Perfect Brunette Pixie

The perfect brunette Pixie cut is one of the short haircuts for women. Achieved this hairstyle in thick tresses. The hairstyle looks best in the thick hair as it removes the bulk of thick hair. You can get this haircut in your natural hair with side bangs for the magnificent look.

Perfect brunette pixie short haircuts for women

10.) Short Choppy Pixie

Short choppy pixie is one of the short haircuts women that are very much in trend. Don’t get afraid of short hairstyles in short length. Just take a look in the picture how cool it will look. You can see she doesn’t have the lot of hair, but still, the hairs are fully and luxurious. Highlight your look by creating side feathery bangs.

short choppy Pixi short haircuts for women

11.) Tousled Wavy Short Hair

Flatter your look from all the angled with tousled wavy short hair. In this hairstyle, the balayage bob gets longer from the front. The hairstyle adds thickness in the hairstyle. Tousled wavy short hair is one of the stunning haircuts for women.

tousled wavy short haircuts for women

12.) Chic Asymmetrical Cut

The great combo of ideal and feminine. The chic asymmetrical cut is one of the short haircuts for women. You can get a short and shaggy haircut, but thick waves and long bangs which add girliness in the look. Enhance your look with dark brows, full lashes, and lipstick. Paired your look with a piece of earrings.

Chic asymmetrical short haircuts for women

13.) Sexy Pastel Pixie

You can achieve this look with inspired and vibrant hair color. You can also go for multi-dimensional highlights with creative waves. Achieve this look by a blow out your look with round brush. Use the hair straightener to get the flip ends.

Sexy pastel pixie short haircuts for women

14.) Messy Textured Bob

Messy textured bob is one of the winning short haircuts for women. The hairstyle looks extremely sexy when styled in an easy and effortless. It looks perfect with soft and shaggy layers.

Messy textured bob short haircuts for women

15.) Lifted Wavy Bob

Lifted wavy bob is one of the charming short haircuts for women. The hairstyle looks wonderful when you styled the thin layer in the best possible way. Embrace the elegant S waves to lift the bob. Magnify you look by using large barrel curling iron.

lifted wavy bob short haircuts for women

16.) Curly Q Haircut

When you are confused between short bob or pixie cut, then opt for a long pixie. These amazing curls will enhance your beauty. Flaunt this hairstyle by curls that everywhere, including sideburns and neckline.

curly q haircut short haircuts for women

17.) Half Shaved Short Hair

Get this youthful and edgy hair for summer, try half shaved short hair. The half shaved short hair is one of the short haircuts for women. Enhance your shaved sides which add style and color in your hairstyle.

half shaved short hair short haircuts for women

18.) Brown Curly Hair with Highlights

Brown curly hair with highlights is one of the short haircuts for women. Chopping your long layer and go for short hair. Style your hair with hair products. The hairstyle is best curly hair and goes with chunky highlights.

brown curly hair with highlights short haircuts for women

19.) Two Tone Natural Hair

Growing your hair is very difficult to process, enhance your short hair with two tones natural hair. The two tone natural hair is one of the short haircuts for women.

two tone natural hair short haircuts for women

20.) Short crop with Colorful Highlights

Edgy haircut looks fabulous with vibrant and bright hair color. The short crop with colorful highlights is one of the short hairstyles for women.

Short crop with colorful highlights short haircuts for women


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