How to Kiss a Guy For The First Time?


After writing, how to get a boyfriend?, how to get a guy to like you?how to know if a guy likes you?, and how to give a hickey?, we are now writing the best ways to kiss a guy for the first time passionately. Locking lips with a cute guy may seem threatening, but it is easier than you think to kiss a guy! He’ll doubtlessly be complimented that you choose to kiss him. However, there are ways to make him think that kissing you was his idea. This article will guide you with the best ways to kiss a guy for the first time with the passion and romance. Sometimes even couples that have been dating for quite a long time do not have the very sensual kissing experience. It is not too late to be trained to kiss a guy for the first time romantically and master the art of romantic kisses to deliver more tenderness into your relationships.

Best Ways to Kiss a Guy For The First Time:

1.) Do Some Light Flirting

You can use the art of flirting, he may even kiss you before you kiss him and think it was his idea in any case. Remember that flirting is about showing him that you are interested in a sexy and propelling way, so don’t be hesitant to put yourself out there. Here are a few fundamentals things you should know:

Smile: Your smile is your best weapon, so utilize it to kiss a guy for the first time. At whatever point, you see scope of your future kiss, communicate with your smile that you’re ready. Step it up a level by grinning at him across a room.

Touch: Discover some excuses to touch him in small, transient ways, for example, lightly laying a hand on his arm while he’s talking or “incidentally” bumping into him gently, when you’re walking together.

Compliment: Guys affection to be complimented just to the extent that girls do! Focus on a quality that you really like about him. Whether its his eyes, his comical nature, his hair, along these lines on and tell him, why you like it. Since compliments customarily run one way, from guy to girl, it’ll make you stand out to him.

Eye Contact: A nice compliment doesn’t need to be convoluted to kiss a guy. In case you’re really battling with how to pull it off, just do this, look him in the eyes, release what you need to say (“Has anybody let you know yet that your hair looks amazing in that way?”). Instead of hair, you can talk about his smile, dressing style but do not say surprisingly.

2.) Use Chatting And Text Messaging

Use texts or talking further is a good idea before you meet and to feel more comfortable with each other. Don’t go over the edge and message him continuously. However, do send a couple of cute text messages now and again. In case, that you do it right, he won’t have the capacity to quit thinking about you. But, if you do it excessively, he will get irritated. Here are a couple of rules you should follow:

End the conversation early to kiss a guy for the first time. Don’t let the exchange delay so long that it gets boring. Rather, bow out while regardless it interesting so that he’ll as of now be looking forward to whenever he talks with you.

Spark up a conversation with something other than “Hi”. Having a more particular opening gives you something to talk about, rather than just awkwardly asking how it is going. Tell him what you’re doing, ask about his arrangements for an approaching event (like a movie, homework or holiday).

In case if you want to get him hooked with you for the next time again, Do something or make a plan for the future before you leave him. Say, for example, it could be something like “I’ll need to get more music suggestions from you tomorrow” or “We ought to look at [insert place here/ movie/ shopping] sometime!”

3.) Work Little on Your Looks

If you want to kiss a guy for the first time or want that he will kiss you, improve your looks a little bit more. No need for a full makeover, only a couple of small things that you can do to make yourself all the more appealing. Try focusing on these areas:

Smell Amazing Before You Kiss:

  • Guys more pulled in to the girl, who smell appealing. Shower in any case, once a day (and twice if you have a tendency to get sweaty or grimy), wear antiperspirant, and find a scent or body splash that smells nice.
  • Apply some mouth freshener to your throat, some perfume to your wrists and the back of your elbow/knees. You can also use a scented body wash and lotion also.

Rock Your Delicious Lips:

  • Get rid of dry skin on your lips by gently brushing over your lips with a toothbrush, then apply lip balm to keep them soft. For a pop of shade, try a lip gloss or lipstick. Avoid utilizing sticky lip glosses. They look nice, but they’re shocking for kissing.
  • Pay some attention to your hair. Most guys won’t notice what you’re really doing with your hair, they’ll just note whether it looks great. Try adding 5 or 10 minutes to your schedule in the morning, or try a percentage of the cute looking hairstyles.

How to Kiss a Guy Romantically And Passionately

4.) Break The Touch Barriers

Authoritatively break the “touch barrier” to kiss a guy. Even you can attempt some light, flirty touches, breaking the touch barrier in a really noticeable way. This will help you to make your expectations very clear. In case, if he responds well to your smaller touches, go greater! Here are a couple of tips:

  • Always try to sit closer to him. In case you’re sitting together in a lounge chair or in a car, move in closer than you need to. If he seems to like it, you’re on the whole correct path.
  • Try holding his hand more often. If you see a good opportunity for slipping your hand into his, take it! On the other hand, make your hand look available for holding by avoiding folding your arms or twiddling your thumbs.
  • Go in for a hug, this works best when you’re leaving after a date. Do hug by putting your arms around his shoulders or neck, and hold it for a few seconds before pulling away. That ought to seem long enough to feel intimate, yet not all that long that the hug gets awkward.

5.) Find a Quite And Nice Place

Make it easy for him to get only you. Guys frequently thinks that girls moves in group so much, that it’s hard to get some private time. You have to make it really easy for him. If you want to kiss a guy, leave the crowd or group and go outside to have some fresh air. In case, that you really want to verify only you’re, you could always ask him to go out. If you’re trying to get only him, make the opportunity to pull away from the crowd. Ask him that he would like to go some place or accompany you to buy something. You can offer him to walk back to home.

6.) Make The Moment Romentic

Discover a romantic moment to kiss a guy. If the time it right, an intimate environment can do a large push to the work and help him see you in a sexy light. Try to be separated from everyone else with him, so that there are small talks in sexy environment, but let them happen. Also remember that, he can’t kiss you if you don’t quit talking.

Hang out in forgetting lighting. There’s a motivation behind why most kisses don’t happen in expansive daylight. In light of the fact that softer light glosses over blemishes and seems more romantic. Sunsets, pit fires, candlelight, blustery days and soft yard lights during the evening can all make you look all the more appealing.

7.) Break The Kiss Barrier

In case you’re feeling bold, you can try things out of water by planting a kiss on his face next time. When you are saying bye to him. This will probably clear your mind to kiss him on the lips later, if he seems to like it. Don’t just give him a speedy peck. Only give him a message with some hint. For his, keep your lips soft, and angle slightly up to his ear or down around the corner of his mouth.

8.) Learn The Body Language

Keep your body dialect open. The way you carry yourself can tell him a lot about your feeling. Making your carriage open makes it a lot easier to move in for a kiss and, when you do, he won’t be as shocked. Try these steps:

Don’t fold your arms, twiddle your thumbs, or catch your hands together. If you can’t help fidgeting, put your hands behind your back so you look open from the front. Let your body invite him. In case you’re standing, keep your toes pointed at him. In case you’re sitting, point your knees.

Cross your ankles rather than your legs. Rather than tightly crossing your legs when you sit down, cross at your ankles. It looks open, yet at the same time bashful.

Don’t try to hide your nervousness. In case you’re blushing, fidgeting or spinning your hair excessively, let it happen! Obviously, you like him and these are the signs that a guy can easily understand.

9.) Stay Close to Him

Discover an excuse to sit or stand close to him, and lean in with the goal that your face is creeping away from his. As you do this, keep up eye contact. Gauge his response. It ought to be really obvious that you’re leaning into kiss him, so watch how he responds. If he doesn’t pull away, you’re probably clear to proceed. Make it extra obvious. In case you’re not sure that he’s getting the point, smile slowly and close your eyes, this is a huge sign that you’re going to kiss him.

10.) Make The Lips Movement

Keep your lips light and soft from the start to kiss a guy. When you first reach, lightly brush your lips over his. At first, always kiss with light pressure and make your movements slow and gentle. If you feel that he’s appreciating it, you can slope it up in a little bit. Avoid putting your lips into a tight pucker, that is a position held for non-romantic kissing, and may communicate the wrong idea.

11.) Use Your Hands Nicely

Put your hands to better utilization to kiss a guy. Don’t just let your hands sit there, better use them to bring about a significant improvement! Try these moves, Rest them on his shoulders, hips or midsection, or on the sides of his face. Tangle your fingers up in his hair. Use your hands to pull him closer.

12.) Blend it Up Nicely

As you get more comfortable, you can make the pressure more unyielding or can do the kisses faster. Change the intensity and speed to keep the kiss interesting. Also, do not settle in a single technique for kissing, try to change and make it more interesting.

13.) Try The French Kiss

Simplicity into French kissing. You don’t need to French kiss to have an incredible kiss, yet it can kick the sentiment up an indent. Here’s the manner by which to kick it off:

  • Open your mouth slightly. Part your lips enough that you could agreeably get your tongue through them. Lightly run your tongue over his lower lip. Keep the contact short, close to a second or two, then pull your tongue back. In the event that he’s interested, he may do it back to you.
  • Tilt your head to the side a bit. French kissing is easier if one man’s mouth is tilted essentially sideways. This prevents your noses and teeth from bumping.
  • Move your tongue into his mouth in light, darting movements. The most critical trap to French kissing is to keep your tongue in motion. Don’t let it just rest inside his mouth.
  • When you start kissing him, try to keep the gentle movement and the light pressure. You can go faster and harder also, if you feel that he is liking it.

14.) Leave Him Wanting More

Finish the kiss before it gets boring is the best way to leave off. In the event that you stop while it’s still fun, he’ll in a split second be looking forward to next time. Pull back, look at him, and smile. You’re done! (For the time being.)

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Other Useful Tips to Kiss a Guy:

  • Feel the moment, generally people are excessively scared or nervous throughout their first kiss. Clear your head and let the emotions flow. Don’t forget to breathe! Just breathe lightly through your nose. You wouldn’t want to pass out throughout your first kiss!
  • Remember to close your eyes from the beginning, while numerous people kiss with open eyes. Start kissing with closed eyes until you feel comfortable.
  • Don’t do anything you would prefer not to. In the event that he pressures you to do something you would prefer not to, he probably isn’t the right one.
  • Remember, he’s probably just as scared as you are and may be disappointed when he passes up a major opportunity for a good time for a first kiss.
  • Always stay close to him wherever you go, don’t let him think that you would prefer not to be near him. If he rejects you, try to acknowledge his feelings gracefully.


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