How to Kiss? How to Kiss Romantically, Passionately & Perfectly?


How to kiss a guy or a girl with passion and romantically? We are always told that a kiss is what seals the deal. We were also told that one kiss says a lot about a person. In every relationship, a kiss is looked at as a symbol that can help seal the deal between two people. There was the kiss between Romeo and Juliet that sealed their fates forever and then there was the kiss of Judas that sealed Jesus’ fate.  Whether it is just a platonic kiss or a really deep romantic kiss, you need to remember that a kiss stimulates the nerve endings on your lips. It activates a whole lot of hormones that makes us feel and react the way we do at that point of time. A kiss can definitely make us feel loved and wanting to share that love.

There is a possibility that you think that you know everything there is to know about a kiss. Sadly, you might be surprised with how much you do not know about a kiss. If you think that you have been an expert at kissing, but have always driven people away with your kiss a lot sooner than a rabid dog, then this piece is definitely for you. You can also read how to give a hickey? on our website.

How to Kiss How to Kiss romantically passionately and perfectly

Why Do We Kiss?

We kiss for a myriad of reasons. For over many centuries and millennia, people have used a kiss to show their affection and love for another person. People have kissed each other to show that they are in love with them. Then there are people who have shown passion and urgency in the way they have kissed. There are also kisses that show a mother’s love towards its child followed by another platonic kiss amongst friends.

Throughout time, we have always related kiss to love and vice versa, but there have been times when a kiss also marked a person’s end. The very first kiss of Romeo and Juliet marked their death. The Kiss of Judas upon Jesus’ face marked his end to come.

Though such treacherous kisses have been around, we shall now consider only the most romantic or at least the platonic yet happy kisses. After all, kissing should never be morbid hence you are going to learn about how to kiss romantically.

How to Kiss? (Kissing Guide for Girls & Guys)

1.) Pay Attention to Kiss

When you are kissing a person romantically, then make certain to show the person that you are both physically and mentally there and enjoying the moment. The “live here and live now” motto is one that is well suited for someone who is kissing romantically. If you are in a parallel universe thinking about something else while trying to kiss the person romantically, then that sure is a wonderful recipe for disaster. If you want your kiss to be romantic and if you want your kiss to be reciprocated romantically, then make it a point to be alert and pay attention to everything that is folding out in front of you. When you pay attention, you get to be an instant winner because you get to secretly learn about what drives your partner mad when you kiss romantically. You also get to know about how your fingers create an explosion while your lips are busy kissing.

2.) Moisturized Lips to Kiss

One of the most important tips that you need to remember would be to moisturize your lips at all times. This would make your lips soft and juicy for the other person to relish when you are being kissed. If there is one turn off for either of the genders, it would be kissing lips that are chapped and ugly. Most people who have had an experience with such lips have always compared it to running their lips against sand paper. Such a sand paper effect kiss is definitely a deal breaker. Hence always make it a point to carry chap sticks on you for a really soft, smooth and juicy little kisses.

3.) Lead Mysteriously to Kiss

If you really want someone to be romantically involved in the way they kiss you, then make certain that you take the reins when it comes to kissing. Perhaps your new found partner might have shown a few assertive streaks, but that does not mean that you have to compromise when it comes to showing who is boss at starting the game of kiss.

When kissing your partner, always try to be unpredictable. You have to do something when they least expect it. Few nibbles or a harder bite are some tricks that can spice up your kiss. You can use flavored chap sticks to add that extra element of surprise in your kiss. Peppermint for some weird reasons is something that most people finding surprising to taste on the lips of their partners.

4.) Start Softly to Kiss

When it comes to beginning your kissing session, always start soft and gentle. Even if you are very passionate aroused and you don’t seem to be able to control your passions, always make it a point to start really gently. This would ease your partner into the mood and make the sessions even more romantic.

Whatever you do, do not get so aggressive in the beginning that your lips actually start smacking together like you are going to town on a popsicle. Most people find such lip smacking sounds repulsive during a romantic moment. So remember to avoid smacking by being gentle.

Beginning with gentle kisses would give you better clarity on where your kiss is headed. Given the fact that you are paying attention at that point of time makes it easier for you because you would be paying attention to how receptive your partner is when you try to introduce your tongue. Gentle kisses can show you if your partner is ready for a bit more aggressive kissing that involves the tongue and the teeth.

5.) Do Not Slobber to Kiss

When you kiss you need to remember that you are neither a golden retriever nor a Rottweiler. Let us leave the slobbering job with the dogs now, shall we? When you kiss romantically, you should make certain that the amount of saliva involved is to the very minimal. If you tend to have an open faucet that you are unable to control, then make it a point to breathe and swallow as often as possible. If your partner on the other hand is the slobbering types and hasn’t read this piece on how to control the slobber factor while kissing, then perhaps you can accidentally leave this piece open on your computer for your partner to read. Remember, a romantic kiss does not mean that the water works need to be open. A dry run on the other hand is also not going to make the kiss enjoyable, so make certain that the amount of saliva involved is just at the right level.

6.) Lower Lip Technique to Kiss

If you have gotten to the stage where your date and you are comfortable with kissing each other, then it is perhaps time to take your kisses to the next level. First, you pecked, then you pecked a little longer. Now you need to graduate to locking lips and then locking lips for longer. Remember, you need to complete the locking lips stage to be eligible to go on to the next level of tonsil fighting!

When you are at this stage, your lips would be exactly on top of your partner’s lips. Both your upper lips would be perfectly aligned with each other as would be your lower lips. Start with the three to four second locks and repeat the lip lock kiss often.

After about 8 lip locks, add an element of surprise to your kiss, by embracing your partner’s lower lips between both your lips. Slowly suck on your partner’s lips as you have locked onto them. Release after a while and if your partners return the favor, then you deal is sealed or should I say locked well in your case.

7.) Breathe Naturally to Kiss

One of the most important things that most kissing people forget while being caught up in the moment of kissing is the fact that they need to breathe. Well, you would have heard about people passing out with their very first kiss and it is truly so because one of them either forgot to breathe or was in a situation where he or she could not breathe.

If your partner suddenly passes out from kissing, you should not take that as a compliment. Call the ambulance service immediately and get your partner some medical help. When you are lip locked with another person, always make it a point to breathe through your nostril and not through your mouth either. This would also eliminate the possibilities of your partner passing out from your smelly breath.

8.) Experience The Sense of Touch to Kiss

If you knew that hands are meant to be used for expressing emotions and feelings while speaking, then you should also be knowing that the same hands can be used to express emotions and feelings while kissing too. Having your hands hang by your side, completely slackened like a dead snake hanging off a tree, shows the other person that you are not enjoying the kiss or in all probabilities you were just forced into this particular moment.

So if you want the other person to kiss you romantically and explore you with much gusto, then put your hands to better use. Let your hands hold your partner’s head for better grips. You can also use your hands to brush against your partner’s body to show appreciation and the need that the kiss has created. Use your hands to hold your partner a lot closer and use your hands to caress and stroke your partner’s skin to make it more sensual.

9.) Test Kissing Levels to Kiss

After having graduated with a dual honors at lip locking, you probably have mastered the art of holding the lower lips between yours and caressing them romantically. Now you have to take this kiss one notch higher with one simple and effortless move. All you have to do is use your tongue to gently caress the lower lip that is caught so beautifully between your lips. If your partner returns the same favor then that simply means that you are given the green signal to go on ahead to the next step. At times the green signal may not come in the form of returning the favor rather it could come in the form of an unsatisfied sigh, a moan or a step that was taken to move in closer to get some more of your masterful kissing. So read these signs and get ready for the next step.

10.) Get Ready to Go French to Kiss

If you are at this stage, then it simply means that you were either returned the favor of the tongue play or you were masterfully able to read the other signs of graduating to this level. Well, if this is the case, then congratulations are in order for having successfully graduating the previous step. Now you are going to take your kiss to the next level of “frenching” it all the way. This would involve a lot of heavy tongue play. While involving your tongue remember what you learnt earlier about controlling the slobber factor.

For this step, you can now let go of the imprisoned lower lip and slowly lock lips again. When your lips are perfectly aligned, use your tongue to slowly prod at your partner’s lips to part them open. Once they are open, explore the insides of your partner’s mouth with your tongue. Run your tongue slowly and deliberately upon every surface within your partner’s mouth. Remember, this particular step can get a little out of hand so be in control of your faculties and make your partner enjoy your tongue’s prowess a lot longer.

11.) Spice Up With Variety to Kiss

Monotony is one of the most important deal breakers that you need to know and worry about. Just because you have graduated to the level of a French kisser does not mean that you have to only give your partner a French kiss. Just doing this at all times would become boring after some time. So to spice things up a little bit more, you would have to bring in some variety to the way your kiss. Well, if you are wondering about certain varieties that I did not tell you about, then please ease your mind because there is nothing that has been left out when it comes to the art of kissing.

You learnt that you would first have to start with the peck, lead your way to a lip lock, then to a lingered lip lock and tongue action and then to the frenching level. Well, these are the varieties of kissing that you need to remember and alternate to spice up your kissing.

12.) Let The Other Person Know to Kiss

If you really wish to kiss someone who is interested in you then you have to let the other person know. In all probabilities, walking up to the other person and telling him or her that you want to kiss might end in a disaster, so you need to pass some really subtle hints for the other person to pick up on.

One of the best and the most subtle hints that seem to work all the time would be to gaze at the other person’s lips technique. While gazing, lick your lips for better effect. This sends out the message that your lips are ready to invite and embrace the other person’s lips. When you do so, make sure you get caught in the act. It would be these silly little games that can build the moments to a great kiss.

You should also remember to keep your lips slightly parted and not pursued. Pursed lips are looked at as signs of desperation or revolt. So stick to keeping your lips slightly yet seductively parted.

13.) Ice Breaker Session to Kiss

Before you actually lock lips with a person or even get to the very first stage of pecking on the other person’s lips, you would first have to conduct a litmus kiss test. For this test, you will not need a litmus paper to be placed on the other person’s lips to check availability and reciprocity. Putting a litmus paper in the other person’s mouth would also land a solid slap on your face. So let’s keep it safe and simple. If your partner is a woman the best litmus test available would be to kiss the back of her hands for a few seconds. If she lets you hold her hand, even after the kiss, then she is ready to be pecked on the lips.

On the other hand, if your partner is a man, peck him on his cheeks and make certain it is really close to his lips. On the second or third peck, your soft lips can accidentally brush the curve of his lips for better effect.

14.) Compliments to Kiss

When it comes to kissing, there are lots of elements that need to be considered while paving the path to the perfect moment. One of the most important elements that you need to concentrate upon would be to compliment your partner. You can begin by complementing your partner’s physical attributes and most importantly concentrating on individual features of this face. This would also give you an opportunity to compliment the beauty of the lips and also express how you wish to kiss those lips. If your partner is unable to understand these lines, then it is pretty clear that he or she is really not that into you.

Most people who are into you will be able to pick that compliment up and help you pave the way to the perfect kiss easily. These are the kind of people who know that it takes two not only to tango but also to kiss.

15.) Blatantly Direct to Kiss

At times your partner or your date can be a little too thick in the head or perhaps a little to “DUH”. If you are stuck with one of those duh people who are unable to take the ever so subtle hints and understand the ever so beautiful compliments, then the only resort that you have would be to blatantly state the fact that you wish to kiss him or her. Always have this measure as the very last resort for the simple fear of being turned down.

With the way things have gone through, the date would have pretty much given you a decent idea on what to expect. If you are kissing your partner’s hands, pecking your partner’s cheeks and passing such wonderful comments about the person’s lips only evoked an expression that was as unreadable as the wall of china, then you have to resort to blatantly tell your date that you would like to kiss him or her at that time!

16.) Nibble Nibble to Kiss

Nibbling is best not only for woodchucks and squirrels, but is also known to work really well when people kiss. If you wish to spice up your various kissing techniques, then nibbling has to be made part of your repertoire, this very instant. Remember that the lips have a lot of nerve endings that stimulate a variety of reactions. Nibbling on the lips makes it a lot more sensual and makes the recipient want more.

If you alternate your kisses, lips suctions and nibbles, you can be rest assured to have your partner or your date squirming in your arms in less than two minutes. When employing this particular technique, you just need to be careful not to bite too hard and draw blood. Also remember that such nibbling should be used sparsely to spice up things. This should not be the main attraction of your entire kissing session since that will lead to a lot of blood being drawn.

17.) Pauses and Breaks to Kiss

Just like everything else in life, you can make your kisses a lot more enjoyable and memorable if you take the necessary pauses and breaks. Remember, when you speak a language you need to take the necessary pauses and the breaks to make the language sound right. Such pauses and breaks in a language forms its intonation pattern. Kissing is also a universal language that has its own intonation pattern. The best part about the kissing intonation pattern is that you can use the necessary pauses and breaks as and when you deem it fit. Take the necessary pauses and breaks so that both of you could look forward to some more of the action.

18.) Trust For The First Kiss

If you have never kissed someone before and if this is the very first time in your life that you are actually going to lock lips with someone, then it would be best to choose a person that you have known for a very long time to share this first experience with. It would be best to choose a person with whom you are completely at ease and have no problems talking about anything.

In all probabilities, this first kiss with the person whom you are absolutely comfortable with will be as awkward as it could be with anyone else. So don’t lose hope and just remember that practice definitely makes a man perfect.

19.) Be Prepared to Kiss

When you are with someone you love or if you are on a date wherein it could possibly lead to a nice, long and memorable kiss, always be prepared. Keep a chap stick with you at all times. This has to be a rule, especially if it is a dry summer or a winter evening when chapped lips are a common sight. If your date involves some good food and wine, then you need to keep a mouth freshener also handy. The last thing you want your date to smell is the garlic in your breath or the heavy alcohol that you should have stayed away from. Remember that it is better to prevent something than to be sorry about it later. Prevent chapped lips and bad breath beforehand for a memorable kiss.

20.) Take Things Slow to Kiss

If there are few things that we had all learnt from the hare and the tortoise, then it would be the lessons of how patience is a virtue and how with certain things taken slow can help you reach the ultimate goal in time.

When it comes to a kiss, always remember the story of the tortoise and the hare. Never rush your kiss to show that you are in a hurry. Take things slow and learn to enjoy and savor each moment of the kiss. Always make certain that you tease a lot during your kisses and don’t make it look like the world will end if you don’t rush into it.

21.) Role Play to Kiss

When it comes to a kiss, there is never a hard and fast rule that only you or the other person has to lead. Like everything else in a relationship, kisses are also about giving and taking in return. Remember that you don’t have to take the lead at all times. If you are a shy person or if you are feeling anxious about the kiss, you can just drop the necessary hints and let the other person work the magic into your kisses. If you are also worried that you are uncertain about what you have learnt here or if you are worried that you might mess up something, then let your partner do all the leading there is to a kiss.

22.) Take Risks to Kiss

Risk taking is not only for the business minded, but over time we have come up with a new theory that risk taking shall also be for the faint hearted romantics. When it comes to kissing you should be willing to take a few calculated risks. Let’s say that you have not only gained the courage to kiss your partner on cue, but have also tried to master your kissing skills over this period. You would now be willing to shed all your anxieties and lead at times. Sometimes a particular technique that you use may not be welcomed well by your partner. So don’t lose hope and don’t be dejected about it immediately. Rather, think of another kissing technique that you can use to make your partner happy.

23.) Stop Talking to Kiss

If you are a regular chatterbox, remember that trying to talk while kissing can be one of the worst turnoffs for anybody. So save yourself some embarrassment and stop talking. At times you might even be forced by your natural instinct to talk about something trivial before you forget it. At times like that, do yourself a huge favor and shut up. Remember, there is only one thing you can do with your mouth at a time. You can either talk or you can kiss. If you want your partner to keep coming back to you, then put that mouth to one and only one good use and kiss him or her really well.

24.) All The Other Kisses

Now the last thing that you need to remember when it comes to kissing is that you cannot kiss your family, relatives and friends the same way that you kiss that special someone. Remember not to use the seductive parting of the lips on your friends, rather make sure you pucker your lips and land a big and loud smack on the cheeks or the forehead.

You should also consider the time that you take to land this pucker on their forehead or cheeks. If it lingers more than two seconds, then you are going to pass the wrong idea to them. When placing a platonic kiss, place it on the middle of the cheeks or the forehead. Never kiss near the lips and never take the risk of kissing when the person is moving his or head to the left or right a lot.


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