How to Select a Gift for a Guy?


Gifting makes feel great to the sender and the receiver both. Still, it can be great difficulty when one has to select a gift for the opposite gender. It really gets difficult for guys to select a gift for a girl and vice versa. While choosing a gift for a guy, things which matters to girls may not matter for guys. Guys have a different preference than girls which even makes it harder for a girl to select a gift for a guy. If you are worried what to gift your guy friend or a boyfriend and cannot reach to the conclusion then your search ends here as we have brought amazing ideas to select a gift for a guy.

How to Select a Gift for a Guy

Tips to Select a Gift for a Guy

1.) Note Down His Interests to Select Gift for a Guy

You know him and know his habits, likes and dislikes. Just keep writing it down to decide what to gift to a guy. Try to remember things which he likes or which he usually prefers. Now start writing whatever comes in your mind, it will help you to choose one.

2.) Try to Find Out His Likes to Select Gift for a Guy

If you know that guy already then you would be knowing that what interests him the most. If you do not know him much then try to out find about his interests. You can ask your mutual friends to tell more about him or to tell him what interests him more. You can even ask him yourself about his interests and hobbies it will give you an idea about his likes and what would he want to have as a gift from you.

3.) Remember if He Ever Mentioned Anything

If you both are friends then you must have heard him mentioning something in the past. He must have told you that he wish to own something or he is collecting money for something to buy. It will help you in gifting him the thing which he wanted and he would also love that gift for sure. You can even ask your mutual friends to know if he wants anything or if he has ever mentioned anything in front of them.

4.) Trip Gifts are Best When You Need to Select a Gift for a Guy

This is the gift which nobody can dare to hate. Who does not loves to go on a paid trip? I suppose no one. According to your budget and his convenience gift him a trip tickets. Gift him a ticket for a weekend so that there would be no issue of taking leave from the office. This is probably a nice option when you need to select a gift for a guy.

5.) Know His Needs to Select Gift for a Guy

Everyone has needs and it is good if you gift him one such thing. Anything which comes in daily use can be gifted. It would be a good gift as it will come into his use and he will not have to spend money on those things. There are many things which comes under this category such as you can gift him a deodorant, shaving kit, cologne, perfume, hair spray etc. These gifting items are cheap and also a great help in the time of need.

6.) Ask His Friend to Select Gift for Him

If you cannot ask him directly what does he wants then ask his friends. His friends would be happy to help you with this. Ask his friends if they know what would be the best to gift that guy. Even if they do not know what exact to gift him then too you can ask him to tell about his preferences and likes as it would help you to decide to select a gift for a guy.

7.) Gift Card are Great to Gift for a Guy

Gift cards are life savers. It is a great way to let the person choose as per their wish. This way money will be spent wisely and according to his wish in the things which he wants. Gift cards are kind of saved money which one can utilize in buying what they need. When you are a lot confused in what to gift a guy then you can give him a gift card and let him decide on his own.

8.) Handmade Something is Best Gift for a Guy

Handmade gifts are never old and a cute way to express your feelings. The handmade card or any gift would convey your message to him. He would definitely love your efforts to make something for him. You can make a card for him or can bake a cake for him. If you are good at painting or sketching then make him sketch and gift him. This would make him feel good that you made an extra effort to make him feel special.

9.) Know How Much He Loves Sports to Select Gift for a Guy

Guys love sports, just know which one he likes and you can get to know what to gift him easily. To select a gift for a guy you just need to know which is his favorite sports or favorite sports team. Gift him his favorite player’s jersey and he would love it for sure. If you know him then you must be aware of his craziness for any particular sports.

10.) Shoes; a Perfect Gift for Any Guy

Shoes are loved by everyone irrespective of gender. Good shoes take you to good places. You can gift your friend shoes and he would like it. Get to know his favorite brand and gift him that. You can even ask him for help selecting a shoe. Tell him that you want to buy shoes for your friend and ask him for help. Shoes are a perfect gift for any occasion and your guy would definitely love it.

11.) Check if He is Into Music to Select Gift for a Guy

Who doesn’t loves to hear music. Everyone’s choices may vary but everyone loves to hear music. Try to find out what is his taste in music. Whether he likes metals or rock? It can be any genre or any brand but he must have one favorite brand or singer. Gift him the collection of his favorite artist;s songs. If he likes any particular genre then gift him a cassette or CD of that particular genre. You can even gift him any musical instrument if he plays any or wish to learn any particular musical instrument.

12.) Video Game Maniac

You must have seen guys getting crazy about video games. If your friend or boyfriend is also one of them then be sure to gift him something related to that. There are many types of gift for game lover boy. You can gift your guy anything related to video games. You can gift him play station or Xbox as per your budget. If he already has a playing machine then you can gift him gaming cassettes. Find out the type of games he likes to play and then gift him any gaming cassette as per his likes.

13.) If He Likes Comics

Marvel or Dc find out which one makes him go crazy and can make him sit for hours? Boys generally likes comics. Gift him anything relating to his favorite superhero. If there is any new movie released of his favorite comic then gift him tickets for that. He would like your idea as girls generally don’t care about these things. When he would get such a gift from a girl then he would like it for sure.

14.) Gadget Freaks

I have not ever seen any guy who is not freaky about gadgets. There are many cool gadgets available in the market go out and get it for him. Ask any of your guy friend to help choose any gadget or help you to know about any cool latest gadget.

15.) Accessories Best Option to Gift a Guy

If you still have not got the answer for what to gift a guy then go for accessories. Find out his favorite perfume brand or what kind of tie he likes, skinny one of broad one? Does he like to wear cufflinks? Find out the answer of these questions and gift him any of these. He can use it anytime and in any occasion. Gifting accessories never goes wrong. He would use it somehow and it is also a long-lasting gift.


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