How to Turn on a Girl?


Turning on a girl is considered quite a difficult task to achieve. Many relationships even broke due to failure in able to do so. It can be a lot embarrassing if they do not know how to turn on a girl but the fact is most of the guys are doing it wrong. Most of the girls are the masters at this game and can turn on any guy with an ease. On the other hand, boys often face this embarrassment and find it very hard to turn on a girl. It doesn’t take much to turning on a man but when it comes to women a lot of patience is needed. If you are one of those guys who are finding it hard to please their girls then read to more and turn on your girl with an ease.

How to Turn on a Girl

Ways to Turn on a Girl

1.) Take it Slow to Turn on a Girl

Girls like things when it goes slow. To turn on a girl you have to give her time not only on the bed even way before. You need to warm her up before turning her on. Girls like romantic things and actions which would make her imagine stuff. When you want to turn on a girl then rushing into it can even turn her off.

When things would be slow it will be easier for her to feel every bit of it. Do not move from one action to another very fast or suddenly.

2.) Have bit Alcohol

Having bit alcohol can make the mood light and she can enjoy it more. Alcohol even makes people forget stress and problems for a while suppressing nerves of brain which does the analytical part. Having a bit alcohol can make her feel good and she would want you more. Do not get her drunk that way everything can be spoiled. When she will be stress free and tension free she will enjoy being with you. You can have wine after your dinner together for this.

3.) Touch Her Gently

Touch matters a lot, it is one of the strongest feelings. The physical turning on starts with the touch. Gently touch your girl to turn on her on. When you want to turn a girl on then start moving your finger tip on her body. Brush your hands over her thighs or gently sweep it across her arms. She will start noticing that you are interested in her and she might get turned on a bit wanting for more. Linger finger all over her back and wherever it is possible to reach. This would heat her up and turn her on easily.

4.) Romantic Ambience

For girls, romantic environment matters a lot. And indeed it helps a great role in making up the mood. When you want to turn on a girl then create a romantic environment, try to make the environment as sexy and naughty as possible. Few things which can be done to make the environment romantic are:

  • Make a bed for her, use a silk bed sheet of any vibrant color for making the bed. You can put rose petals all over bed sheet.
  • Use the dim light to give the ambiance more romantic look. You can use candles as well as it appears super sexy and romantic. If you have scented candles then use it instead.
  • Take care of any foul smell as it can be a game spoiler. Use room freshener to keep the room smelling great.
  • Now the last thing is to play a great slow romantic music and dance with her on it.

5.) Work on Yourself

No girl wants to get close to a sweaty smelling guy. When you want to turn a girl on then you should also take care of yourself. Take care of your hygiene and how you smell and look. These all things would help you to reach the conclusion. Shower before going to the  girl. Also, maintain good oral hygiene, wear clean and well-ironed clothes. Dress sexy which would make her go crazy for you.

Do not wear anything dirty clothes when you are going on a date. Wear proper ironed clothes which suit your personality. If you are not good at fashion then ask anyone to help you. Girls like guys who take care of themselves and especially their looks. Use a good deodorant or a cologne to enchant her with your smell. If you want you can use hair gel to set your hair properly. When you know that you look the best then you will have confidence to act in charge.

6.) Massage Her to Turn Her on

Massaging her will relax her and she will surrender herself to you. Gently use your fingertip to massage her. Your touch will be welcomed by her and it will even drive her crazy. Start with the back of her neck and then move to shoulders. She will definitely like it and her relaxed mood will help you to turn her on easily. You can use any massaging oil for this purpose. Oily things would help in turning on a girl more. Do not use extra force as you may hurt her. Keep looking for her reaction to see if she is enjoying it or not?

7.) Talk Dirty to Turn on a Girl

You ca do this anywhere to turn her on and make it hard for her to resist you. Whisper in her ears that she is so sexy and it is becoming hard for you to resist her or say that her smell is so tempting that it is killing you. She would love these comments for sure and it will be even turning on her. While talking dirty you can even kiss her ears or bite her ear gently to heat up the level. You do not need to be decent while talking dirty. Girls like bad guys sometimes, especially in bed.

8.) Kiss Turn on a Girl

A kiss can do wonders in turning a girl on. Many girls can be turned on by kissing only. Do not go for just french kissing or kiss on cheeks. You can start with kissing her cheeks and lips but do not stay there only. Kiss her neck, kissing neck is one of the girl’s biggest turn-on. Neck kisses are almost loved by every girl and it becomes hard for her to resist a neck kissing. To make your kissing session intense use your tongue as well. Kiss her navel and inner thighs to mak it more pleasurable. Do not rush while kissing, spend great time in kissing her as it will tempt her the most.

9.) Match with Her Pace

Every girl is different so are their desires. When you want to tun on a girl then you have to work according to what kind of girl is she. Few girls like things going slow and few likes it fast. To turn on a girl you need to match her pace to get better results. Try to observe her pace by watching her actions. Does being fast while kissing makes her moan or using tongue while kissing turn her on more? Find these out by observing her reactions to know more of her. This will help you to know what she likes the most and it will help you to turn her on to its peak.

10.) Keep Her Surprised

When you want to turn on a girl then being regular would not help much. Girls like something different each time. Do something unexpected to turn a girl on. Do not start daily with the same act and do not end it with the same note. It will become boring that way and she might get disinterested. To turn on a girl add up a new thing in your play and she will definitely love it. For instance, you if you do not use your tongue on a regular basis then start using it or if you do not bite her gently then biting might help to turn her on easily.


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