How to French Kiss Perfectly? (Kissing Technique)


After writing how to kiss a girl?, how to kiss a guy? and how to make out?, we are now writing How to French kiss perfectly? You’ve seen it done in the films and presumably even in broad daylight. The French kiss, a timeless and passionate signal to show romantic affection to another person. Whether you live in France, Paris or Texas, you can learn how to French kiss without a humiliating tactless act! You can also read how to give a hickey? on our website.

(A) Preparation To Do French Kiss

1.) Keep Your Lips Soft to French Kiss

A soft, slightly-moist and smooth, mouth is ideal for kissing. Before you french kiss, try to check that your lips aren’t dry and If they are dry, try these quick fixes:

  • Swipe some lipstick over your lips and press them together. (In case you’re a girl and you have flavored lipstick.)
  • Dry lips are a sign of preparedness, so have a tall glass of water (or two). You ought to notice your lips starting to smooth out inside 20 to 30 minutes.
  • In case you’re really when there’s no other option and have no time for anything, quickly run your tongue over your lips and press them together. This ought to moisten them slightly without making them smooth or slick.

How to French Kiss Perfectly Kissing Technique

2.) Freshen Your Breath

You never want to have awful breath when you are going to kiss somebody, whether the kiss is a French kiss or not. Since your mouth will be open in a French kiss, fresh breath is especially required. Practice good dental cleanliness. In case you know you are going to kiss somebody, take a second to brush your teeth or at any rate wash out your mouth with water.

  • Always have mints or mint-flavored gum with you if you think there is a chance you may kiss somebody while you are out.
  • Avoid sustenance that leave an unpleasant flavor or deposit, particularly garlic, espresso, onions, and corn.

3.) Discover the Right Moment

A good kiss, especially a first kiss or first French kiss—is the perfection of a building tension and growing closeness. Pick your moment right to verify you and your partner are both in a mindset to really lose yourselves in the kiss. At the point when is the moment right? It relies on upon your individual situation, yet here are a couple of signs to keep in mind:

  • The other person keeps dropping hints, such as locking eyes and taking a gander at your lips, or standing or sitting logically closer to you. When you are kissing a guy or a girl, their body language ought to give you a clue about whether now is the right time to make your move.
  • You’re closure a date that went really well. In the car or on the yard are both good semi-private areas for a goodnight kiss.
  • It just seems right. If you overwhelmingly urged to kiss somebody, don’t be so afraid it is possible not just pulling out all the stops.
  • In case that you aren’t sure whether the other person is feeling it, raise the question. Better to get authorization semi-awkwardly and proceed with trust than danger passing up a great opportunity for your chance to kiss that special somebody (accidentally kiss somebody who isn’t interested).

4.) Eye Contact to French Kiss

Gaze deeply into the other person’s eyes. In the event that you want to make your expectations, additional clear, slowly move your gaze to her or his lips.

5.) Smile to French Kiss

Show up your smile, in case you’re really increase the possibility of kissing the other person. Your smile will maintain the light situation with fun, while helping him or her feel sheltered and loose. Verify your smile is soft and real, on the other hand, and not a constraint, as well wide, or frightening smile.

6.) Right Movement to French Kiss

At the point when you feel that right moment came, approach your partner. You need to move slowly enough that the other person has sufficient energy to say no, however, not all that slow that the moment loses its start.

7.) Slow Approach to French Kiss

The slow approach builds anticipation and tension. You have to move at a slow pace so that it will give the other person a chance to assent (or not). When they see you coming in, they may move to come to you, so going slow will keep you from accidentally bumping heads.

8.) Head Position to French Kiss

Tilt your head slightly to one side. Meeting head-on will bring about bumping noses. Rather, just tilt your head slightly to the left or right. If you notice the other person going in one heading, pick the opposite.

9.) Close Your Eyes to French Kiss

Just before you reach, close your eyes. Kissing with your eyes open is generally connected with deceitfulness and dishonesty, and keeping your eyes closed will help you focus on and enjoy what’s occurring on your lips.

10.) Kissable Mouth to French Kiss

Keep your mouth in a kissable position. Don’t exhibit a solid pucker, in the same way as you would in the event that you went into kiss your grandmother not just does it communicate non-romantic feelings, it makes it physically troublesome for your partner to start a French kiss. Then again, keeping your mouth totally detached and still additionally says that you’re not interested. Here’s the manner by which hit a cheerful medium:

  • Pucker just a little. Push your lips advance slightly, so you feel the slightest hint of muscle tension around them.
  • Open your mouth slightly. Rather than forcefully going in for a fully open-mouthed kiss from the start, keep your lips just barely parted enough that a tongue could slip between them.

(B) Basic Techniques to French Kiss

11.) Lips Brushing to French Kiss

Lightly brush your lips over alternate person’s. Utilization quill light pressure from the start, so your lips are just barely touching over your partner’s lips. This will add more anticipation and fervor than swooping straight into a full-on French kiss.

Keep your movements slow. A ton of quick, light kisses doesn’t have the same level of hotness as a barely-controlled build in tension. Act like you have all the time on the planet the kiss will speed up soon enough.

12.) Try Things out Water to French Kiss

When you’ve assembled a robust establishment of a French kiss with a little tongue-less kissing, Give some unobtrusive hints to the other person so that you’re ready to take it up an indent.

  • Open your mouth all the more widely. Offering unhindered access welcomes the other person to reach.
  • Lock lips, so that the other person’s lower lip is between your two lips. At that point, lightly clear the tip of your tongue over the lower lip. Do one smooth, quick motion with the goal that the contact endures for a second. By doing this you will easily get to know the interest of another person.
  • Know when to pull back. In the event that you’ve attempted both of the above techniques and your partner hasn’t reacted, simply leave only it until next time and focus on normal kissing. Avoid making a big deal of it, or coercing him or her.

13.) Use Tongue to French Kiss

Investigate with your tongue. In the event that the other person seems interested, feel free to start French kissing seriously. Keep in mind to keep your tongue in motion and your touch light.

  • Stay playful. “Tag” the other person’s tongue lightly and withdraw back, welcoming him or her to make the following move.
  • Tongues are stacked with nerve endings, and the simple act of touching your partner’s tongue with your will be extremely pleasant.
  • Don’t dive excessively deep — sticking your tongue down the other person’s throat is a big turn-off. Stay shallow and light from the get go.

14.) Breathe to French Kiss

In case you’re kissing for an enlarged period, it’s not difficult to neglect to breathe. Accept it or not, heaving and turning blue isn’t extremely romantic. Here’s the way to keep up:

  • Take small breaths through your nose as you kiss.
  • Don’t be afraid to take a break. If you do it right, it can even now be an intimate and hot moment. Pull back slightly so that your foreheads are even now touching, reach, and smile.
  • As you and your partner grow comfortable with the kiss, Open your mouth a little bit and try to breathe. Offering breath also might be romantic (yet not everybody likes it).

(C) Advanced Techniques to French Kiss

15.) Blend it Up to French Kiss

Kisses are similar to snowflakes: no two are exactly the same. When you feel comfortable French kissing somebody, it is enticing to try to do the same thing come what may, yet stand up to. Varying the speed of your kisses is a good way to try something different without conceivably scary your partner. When you’ve got the slow kiss comprehended, try going a little speedier for a couple of seconds, it ought to leave you both a little breathless!

16.) Depth Variation to French Kiss

Once you’re comfortable with somebody, try kissing a little all the more deeply. The way to pulling this off is keeping your speed under control. Alternatively, in the event that you want things to be a little more coquettish and playful, return to shallow kisses.

17.) Pressure Variation to French Kiss

Like a deep kiss, a hard kiss ought to be saved for a situation in which you already know both you and your partner are comfortable. Be a little bit more intense with your tongue, yet make certain to keep it in motion.

18.) Use of Teeth to French Kiss

You may want to try rubbing the backs or front of the other person’s teeth with your tongue. This can make a sensitive feeling that may improve your kiss. You could likewise try lightly getting the other person’s lower lip with your teeth. Be mindful, however, that not everybody likes their kisses with a side of teeth.

19.) Utilize Your Hands to French Kiss

While you ought to keep your hands amiable, especially on a first kiss, you don’t fundamentally want them just dangling at your sides.

  • As a general rule, start with your hands on your partner’s hips and afterwards slowly move them around their back or up to the face and hair.
  • Cradle your partner’s face with your hands on their cheeks and their neck.
  • Try for an old standby: simply wrap your arms around your partner in a grasp.

20.) Read Body Language to French Kiss

Read the body language of your partner. Everybody is different while making kisses, and every person enjoys different things during kissing. You can’t  say a right method for kissing since it depends on your partner also. Give-and-take is required in good kissing, so try to read body language of your partner and give careful consideration to clues that tell you you’re doing something he or she likes.

  • Not everybody likes to be kissed the same way, so while your previous partner may have enjoyed one method of kissing, your new love may not. You have to learn to read signals and adjust to a style that is comfortable for each of you.
  • If your partner pulls away or seems uncomfortable whenever, comprehend that you need to slow it down.
  • Wait to get the kiss back from your partner, and if you want, respond her or him till the time you are comfortable with what he or she is doing.

21.) Practice to French Kiss

Good French kissing, in the same way as good kissing of any sort, requires practice. You will show signs of improvement as you practice or perform it more. Doing french kiss with the same person will give you more comfort while kissing and also you develop a style that suits both of you.

22.) Communicate To Do French Kiss

If you really like the way your partner kisses you, tell them. In the event that you dislike something, likewise let your partner know that, however, approach it carefully and compliment them in the meantime on something they did that you enjoyed. Even if the kiss goes all wrong, it can even now be an intimate undertaking that you can both laugh about it together! Verify when you kiss you are having a great time doing what you are doing.

Other Things to Remember While French Kiss:

There are no rules for to what extent you ought to hold a kiss. If you feel uncomfortable whenever, break the kiss; overall, just enjoy it until one or both of you slowly pull apart, typically together. Some discover it amazingly romantic if you lightly suck your partner’s upper or base lip as you part. In event to end the kissing, you may take a breath.

Be an active partner. In the event that somebody is French kissing you and you want them to do thus, don’t just sit there however get into the kiss. Reciprocate their actions, and exchange leads the pack on the movements of your tongues and lips. If you are uncomfortable with any part of the kiss, don’t be afraid to pull away. To give your partner a hint that you are uncomfortable, gently close your lips.


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