How to Turn on a Guy?


A girl knowing how to turn a guy on is a diva and it is one of the sexiest things a woman can do. It can always be an advantage for a woman to know this. You can even please your partner and tease your partner. Knowing to turn on a guy is sexy and powerful and it might make your guy love you more. Guys get turned on easily, it is not much hard to seduce them you just need to be confident and sexy in what you do. As the relationship gets older people tends to get bored with same actions and to spice up the romance you should know few details to turn on your guy. We have brought an array of things which would help you turn on a guy and make him love you more.

How to Turn on a Guy

Steps to Turn on a Guy

A.) Turn on at a Mental Level

When you want to turn on a Guy then doing it physically alone would not have a great impact. To turn a guy at his peak you have to seduce his mind as well. To turn on a guy mentally you need to stimulate his mind first. There are various ways which will help you to turn a guy on mentally.

1.) Use Body Language to Turn on a Guy

To seduce your guy you need to start way before than going to bed. When you want to turn on a guy use your body language to turn him on first. For instance, lean in towards him when he is sitting in front of you. Or bend to pick up something like shown in movies. Rub back of your hand on his thigh and rub your palm on his back. These would stimulate his thought and will help you to turn him on.

2.) Talk Dirty to Him to Turn Him on

Whispering dirty things in his ears would help. Be a little flirty and show your naughty side to turn on a guy. Temp your guy and say words which you would want him to do. Talk softly and press your lips gently against his ear. He will be turned on and will go crazy to be with you in bed. You can talk about anything which sounds a bit flirty and sexy. You can even mention that you liked that romantic scene from that movie and want to do it tonight.

3.) Smell Enchanting to Turn on a Guy

When it comes to turning on someone then it works better if all the senses are put in used. A great way to turn on a guy is to wear a sexy and seductive perfume. If he has a favorite smell which he likes on you then go for it. Do not overdo the perfume as the overdose of it can kill all his desire to come close.

Wear a gentle and subtle perfume which has a tempting smell. Apply perfume on particular areas such as wrist and neck. A good smell will really make him go crazy for you.

4.) Flash Your Lady Clothes

When you want to turn on a guy then wearing right and sexy underwear is very essential. Wear sexy lingerie set. Do not go for a boring granny panties. You can flash it a bit over the top of your jeans when you bend to seduce your guy. Wear bright and sexy colors like blood-red or black which enhances the sexy look. Also, never wear old boring inner wears as it can be a big turn off.

5.) Tell Him How You Feeling

Nothing can more turn on a guy than letting him know that you are turned one. Guys can get turned on even the thought of it. Tell your guy that you want him right now and are feeling very sexy. This would drive your guy crazy to the heights. If you are with at a public place and there is no way to tell him then text him that you are turned on and want him right now.

6.) Play a Touch Game to Turn on a Guy

Touching yourself can make him want to touch you more. When you want to seduce a guy and want to turn him on then start touching yourself at the places you want him to touch you. Gently move you finger’s tip on you lip line. Biting your lip gently while talking to him would also help to tempt him.

Run your tip of the finger on you collar-bone and along the line of your dress. You can even run your hand on your thighs to seduce him more.

B.) Turn Him on at Physical Level

Now he is totally seduced in his mind. Therefore, it is easier now to seduce him physically. When you get to touch to turn your guy on then you are not left with limited options like you were while seducing him mentally. When you try to turn a guy on physically then it would be hard for him to resist you and ignore you therefore, it will work for sure. Try to mix both physical and mental turn on methods to have a better experience.

7.) Touch to Turn on a Guy

Physical touch is very strong and have great impacts. When you want to seduce your guy do not jump into bed directly rather take time a lot of time to go to bed. First touch him gently all over. Move finger gently on his hair and caress his face. Touch is powerful and your gentle touch at right places can even drive him crazy. To turn him on by touching him you can move your arm above his arms or gently move you finger tip on back of his neck.

8.) Dance to Turn on a Guy

Dancing is great way to turn your partner on but it works better when dance is intense. Choose a romantic music and dim the lights, you can even lit candles to get a great romantic environment. Star dancing slowly and closely to your partner. Take his hand and put it where you want it to go. This would definitely turn him on and it is even helpful to make him forget everything else and to concentrate on only you.

9.) Massage Your Partner to Turn on Him

You can try being bit dominating, he will like it taking you the lead. Take off his shirt and push him on the bed. Rub oil between your palm and now rub it over him. Slip your hands gently over his shoulder and back. Your touching this way will not help him in keeping any control. Massage his shoulders and back. Try massaging his feet and tickle him for adding up fun in your intense massage. Massage releases stress and if he will be stress-free then it will be easier for him to get turned on.

10.) Spice it Up to Turn Him on

Spicing things would help you to reach your goal in a better manner. You can use your fantasy to spice up your romantic session. If he has any fantasy then fulfill it and it will make him go crazier for you. You can act new stories or you can be dominating if you never do that to make it different this time. Be the girl on the top and he might love it more than usual.

Points to Keep in Mind to Turn on a Guy

  • Take everything slow in the start as it might tempt him more to get closer to you as soon as possible.
  • To not force anything on him. If you feel like he is not liking it then stop it right there.
  • Do not be afraid to try new things and exceed one step each time.
  • Act according to your guy responds. Give him bit space if he wants it.


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