How to Keep Your Girlfriend Happy?


How to keep your girlfriend happy and be a good boyfriend? Might you want to be the perfect guy for your lady love and really want to give your lady love every motivation to believe that you’re the prince charming? She has been looking for, without forcing yourself? In case you treat your woman brilliantly, you’ll recover the same from her. Does that what every one guy not want?

How to Keep Your Girlfriend Happy With You

(A) Make Her Feel Good to Keep Your Girlfriend Happy

1.) Affection to Keep Your Girlfriend Happy

Show affection to keep your girlfriend happy. Girls want guys to show them affection in light of the fact that it tells her that you are proud to have her by your side and  love openly  in a public way. It doesn’t always must be public (PDA), yet get used to the thought, in light of the fact that she wants different individuals to see the extent to which you love her, so don’t be reluctant to kiss her or hold her hand in public.

  • Tell her that she’s beautiful to keep your girlfriend happy. Eye contact shows you mean what you are saying. When you don’t look into her eyes, it will create doubt about your intentions, so try to be honest with her. She needs to see that you mean what you are saying. In case you’re really truthful, when you tell her that she is so beautiful to you, you’re going to go a long way.
  • Also, tell her that she makes you insane, and that she’s the prettiest girl you’ve ever set you have ever meet. Also tell her how much you value her companionship to keep your girlfriend happy.
  • Compliment her on her looks, additionally on her accomplishments, and every small success. In case she’s a great poker player, tell her she’s sharp. In case she’s a good at listening, tell her how she bonds perfectly with everybody.

2.) Tell Her You Love Her, to Keep Your Girlfriend Happy

Verify you mean it to keep your girlfriend happy. In case you’re not organized to go there yet, that is fine. Anyway, do without question to switch that “I love you” for a really good “You know that you are so special to me?” or an “I like you so much; I am a really lucky guy.”

  • Simple is best to keep your girlfriend happy. Stay trustworthy to “I love you,” or “You fulfill me so,” or “. Don’t be shy to tell her how important she is in your life.
  • These statements make her feel good, and they make her dauntlessness take off. Remember, when her confidence is high, you profit. Be resolved with your proofs of love or affection, so that you can be absolutely sure about her emotion towards you.

3.) Touch to Keep Your Girlfriend Happy

Touch her dependably and on the unrehearsed to keep your girlfriend happy. In fact a little touch of affection can make a woman feel special. Verify its a discerning and delicate touch, and not one that is absurdly sexual or suggestive.

  • Holding hands, gently kissing her face and touching her shoulders will make her feel better.

4.) Time & Place to Keep Your Girlfriend Happy

There is a time and a place for everything. It will be beneficial for your relationship, if you judge her feelings and orientation before embarking on any sexual move. In case you both agree to show restrain, show her you honor her by satisfying her in different ways, i.e. huge exuberant kisses on her mouth or small pecks everywhere on her body. Women love knowing that their man worships their body and every last bit of it.

Put her from the get go, yourself second. Put her needs before yours. This doesn’t mean that you must be whipped, or lose your backbone. It just means that, more often than not, you’re willing to twist for her, regardless of the fact that it wasn’t something you wanted to do.

  • If you believe she is “Ms. Right,” then make her your number one need! They say that love is minding; you’re going to need to exhibit it to her.
  • If you’re with your friends, never overlook her and begin chatting with your friends or stroll around with them just as she’s not there. How would you feel in case she did this to you? Intangible, right? Keep near her or look at her at times just to tell her you know she’s still there and offer an honest grin.
  • Listen to her to keep your girlfriend happy. One of the greatest grumblings women have about men is that they don’t listen. Regardless of the possibility that you’re not particularly intrigued by what she’s saying, listen, then acknowledge her by responding. Tell her that you are the particular case that she can talk with about anything.
  • Every woman loves a bit of alone-time with her partner. Book an entire day for both of you to be expelled from other individuals. Watch a film, manipulate her back, settle and be up close and personal. Put differently pondering out of your head and center completely on her. You’ll see considerably more a connection when you do this, and that is the thing that you want.

(B) Keep Your Girlfriend Happy With the Way you Treat Her

5.) Treat Her Well to Keep Your Girlfriend Happy

Treat her with equalization to keep your girlfriend happy. Treating your girl with offset means treating her the way that you would want to be treated. Don’t swear at her, manipulate her, utilize her for your profit, or shoot down her thoughts. Making her as happy as would be wise is a decision, but that won’t happen overnight. Yet work to its regulated, and try as hard as would be reasonable, regardless of the possibility that you don’t succeed.

  • Always stand up for her regardless. Staying up for her shows her that you stand for her, which isn’t simple.
  • At the same time, don’t put yourself in an unthinkable circumstance. In case she’s having an argument with her watchman/ gatekeeper, do not get involved. Displeasing the gatekeeper might make him angry and upset her usual life(who may control a lot about her life). Stay out of family matters, however much as could be expected, yet give her back up when she requests it.
  • Don’t battle in public and reason a scene to keep your girlfriend happy. This will embarrass her and you; she’ll think twice about going out with you once again. Stay smooth when you have a battle, try however much as could be expected not to let your feelings take over, and treat her the way that you want to be treated. Keep the tone of your voice down, and don’t scream at her, and want to apologize, regardless of the possibility that you didn’t do anything wrong. A representation of disappointment goes a very long way. Call her regardless of the possibility that, she hangs up. Nothing tells a woman “I want this to work” than a simple telephone call.

6.) Make an Impact to Keep Your Girlfriend Happy

Impart your everyday events and thoughts to your girl. Being open and informative makes her feel like you want her in your life. Being comfortable isn’t just about getting to know her body; its additionally about imparting the things that happen upon you, and going through them together.

  • On the same note, listen to her recommendation, regardless of the possibility that you don’t concur. Power yourself to listen and to see her thinking. Keep an open ear and an open personality. She’ll repay you with every last bit of her love.
  • Even in case you don’t have much to say, given her get to on what you’re thinking. In case you’re the strong, calm sort, she may misconstrue your feelings for her. Tell her what you’re thinking with the target that she doesn’t get the wrong thought.

7.) Give Her Authority to Keep Your Girlfriend Happy

In case she wants to pay for something, allow her to keep your girlfriend happy. It may make her, feel honored. Still, if you want to pay, you can  try to pay for dominating part of things when you find the opportunity. This isn’t about the money. It’s about showing her that you care enough to treat her incidentally. It doesn’t need to be always, and don’t be arresting about it or act like it’s a big deal. Telling her your money is hers too, and tight cut verse says a lot to her. When she pays for uncommon dates for you, it is her way of saying that she cares for you  and want to care for you similarly. Don’t take those moves for in truth, be thankful.

8.) Be Romantic to Keep Your Girlfriend Happy

Each girl wants a guy with a sense of romance. Girls like to imagine all kinds of romantic medieval and heroic stories , that they have listened to in their childhood.So try to be the hero of her dream and treat her like a princess from a fairy tale.

  • Write her love notes to keep your girlfriend happy. Nobody is asking you to writes long sensitive notes filled with poetry. Simple and sweet notes often does the work . Try to make them adorable (girls love things that are “overwhelming,” like a drawing) as a way to show her that you care. Write the notes on genuine paper, additionally. Additionally, a card now and then will do. Write in your words how you feel.
  • Don’t email or substance her thighs. Messages tell her you’re indifferent and not willing to put in additional time for her. Take care of business, put some effort into it, and write her a good, out of date letter.
  • Tell her that you’re lucky that you discovered her to make your girlfriend happy. Tell her that she makes you feel better as a human being. Tell her that there is absolutely nothing that you desire besides her company. These things often make a woman happy.
  • Ask her if she’s cool when its chilly out; have a layer or a sweater handy so you can give it to her.
  • When she isn’t feeling decently, or she’s debilitated, bring her some flower or something. You can hold her hand during a movie or when you’re strolling. Get her something just like that, without any reason. It will surely make her happy. Women love to get gifts, without any special occasion.

9.) Do Things to Keep Your Girlfriend Happy

Small things like a solitary sprout, a magazine you know she likes, a sack of her favorite treat or a chocolate bar will go a long way.

By what method would she be able to like her chicken  cooked? What is her favorite color? Shouldn’t something be said about aroma? What does she appreciate doing regarding dates? What are her favorite books, and her favorite melodies?

  • Remember what she likes to eat up and cook it for her. Of course, remember what sorts of flowers make her feel womanly, and send them to her. Of course, remember what tunes make her want to move, laugh, and holler, and make a mix for her.

10.) Remember Important Dates to Keep Your Girlfriend Happy

This is a big deal with women. Birthdays, recognitions and different vital turning points are all chances to show her that she is so special to you. Keep an arrangement or a logbook with all these dates.

  • When it’s her birthday, bring her a present (chocolates, favoring testaments, shoes all work great) and send her a few flowers. Don’t forget to write her a card, being sexy and romantic about how she’s getting more settled yet that, to you, she’ll always be as energetic as the day when you first saw her.
  • When it’s your distinguishment, bake something special for you both to tell her the extent to which you love and appreciate her. For doing this, you can take all ticket stubs of the spots you’ve gone together and make a scrapbook. This way you won’t be required to hunt for dates.
  • Send her a Facebook trick message where you tell her that she is so important to you, and how you’ll always remember the first date both of you went on.

(C) Understanding to Keep Your Girlfriend Happy

11.) Know Her to Keep Your Girlfriend Happy

Understand what makes women click to keep your girlfriend happy. Women have maternal instincts. That is the reason she cooks you great dinner or packs your travel bag, or bothers when you don’t call after you’ve gone home. Take point of energy of her slant and show her that you appreciate her effort and also try that she feel that you care back also.

  • Remember that women have been raised around stories that end in women discovering the “Perfect Man,” changing into a Princess and living happily. It’s immersed into their psyche that they must discover a man who is perfect all around. While this is basically unthinkable, you want to try to be that ruler for her.
  • Girls want to feel special. Girls want to can gloat to their girlfriends about how great you are; they want to know that you’re as put stakes into the relationship as they may be; they want to imagine themselves being the most favored girls on the planet. Be the sort of guy that gives her these things.
  • The more you make her feel like its she is the only person, whom you love, the more happy and secure she is bound to feel.
  • So, don’t say “I love bends on women” in case you want to compliment her; decently, say “I love the delightful way you turns showing off your beautiful body.”
  • Likewise, don’t compliment her exquisite stakes to the extent that the things that are emphatically amazing about her.

12.) Understanding to Keep Your Girlfriend Happy

Understand the distinctions in the midst of men and women. Even though we all know that both the sexes work in different ways. It’s  good to know what triggers this behavior, because this will help you do a rate of the things she foresees that you will do.

  • Understand that she doesn’t think she’s being clingy. Being around, anguishing over your well being — these things are a run of the mill part of being a woman, and consequently part of who she is. Learn to love that part of her.
  • Think of it as a good thing: Women are just slanted to be “clingy” in the event that they really love and care about you a great deal. In case she has quit doing these things, there is something , which is definitely not right.

13.) Be Confident to Keep Your Girlfriend Happy

Girls love guys who are really confident in who they are. Remember, you don’t need to be Brad Pitt or Lebron James to be confident. Being confident is about knowing who you are, knowing what you like and hatred, and being cool and gathered.

  • Pay thoughtfulness as to what you look like. Shower or bathe yourself habitually, and put on clean, nice-looking clothes.

14.) Learn Joke to Keep Your Girlfriend Happy

Learn to part a joke to keep your girlfriend happy. A joke is a great way of retribution your inside confidence. Studies show that men with a sense of craziness are amazingly engaging as mates. Along these lines, practice jokes, learn which parts of you are captivating, and don’t be hesitant to make fun of yourself. A man with a good sense of amusingness shouts confidence.

  • Never lie to keep your girlfriend happy. How would you feel in case she lied to you? Lying is a matter of trust, and girls value trusts immensely. Give her the same trust she gives you.
  • The issue with lying is that one lie passes on more lies. You generally don’t just tell one lie; you get got into a web of lies. Likewise, after that its just simple math: The more lies you tell, the sooner you’re going to get got.
  • Be confident enough not to lie to keep your girlfriend happy. In case you quit being humiliated about things, you won’t need to lie about them. Regardless of the possibility that they are embarrassed, don’t let that affect your behavior. Your confidence will make by the second.

Other Useful Tips to Keep Your Girlfriend Happy

  • Don’t giggle when you know she’s being completely genuine. It will make her feel as you don’t regard her supposition.
  • Do not dismissal to tell her in the manner by which you feel about her.
  • Do not weight her to participate in sexual relations with you in case she wants to take it subside. All that you do begin thereon will be dirtied. You’ll probably get a greater measure of what you want by making her feel completely good and obliging her time.
  • Your friends may blame you for being “whipped”. This probably isn’t genuine, just disregard them. At the end of the day, you have a beautiful girlfriend who loves you, so why does it make a difference?
  • Watch how you say things to her and manage your voice. Especially in an argument. Girls don’t enjoy to be talked down to or visited with angrily.
  • Do not bring up your exes to keep your girlfriend happy. Your girlfriend will feel like she’s just one of your many, not the special somebody you tell her she is.
  • If you submit a slip, let it out, apologize and tell her you love her.
  • Do not bring about an argument that isn’t important.
  • Appreciate her achievements and urge her to perform more.
  • Whatever you do, never affront her friends. Her friends are her greatest movie heads. They control a lot more than you may think, so be nice to them.
  • Follow these steps and mean them. She’ll one day change into your wife and, at last, keep on following them.
  • If she has pets, verify you treat them with yielding. She will see that you care for her creatures and that you have a good heart.
  • Do not message different girls to keep your girlfriend happy. This might make her feel insecure.


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