How to Make Friends? (In High School, College and People You Like)


People cannot live alone. People are always dependent on others for their living. Often you will find one thing in common among the friendless people that they are very lonely and this also causes them to the unhealthiest people. Friendship is also associated with good health because when people are with their friends, they remain mentally happy. The more you get friendly with others, the more you will feel appreciated. For this reason, you need to learn “how to make friends”. Friends are a great gift. So, try to value them. However, to know how to make friends, you can take a look at the following tips:

How to Make Friends in High School and College

How to Make Friends (in High School, College and People You Like)

1.) Meet New People to Make Friends

It will be a little tough deal for you to make new friends if you are an introvert by nature. However, it is never an impossible task. You should start with being socially active and meet new people, talk with them. The more frequently you do those stuffs, the more friends you will make in the long run.

2.) Help Others to Make Friends

‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’- this is a very common proverb that we have heard for the most part of our life. Friendship starts with an interaction, with a help. The more you get along with others, the more friends you are likely to make. Always try to help others; in time they will be back to return the favor. This is how the friendship grows. If you are constantly helping the others, the friendship will grow day by day.

3.) Give a Gift to Make Friends

It does not matter if you are making a new friend or building a strong relationship with your existing friend, but giving a gift always do the trick. Try to know what your friend might like. Most of the people give importance to a price of the gift than the gift itself. Most of these gifts are often not liked by the receiver. So, you need to read the state of mind of your friends and give them gift accordingly. For example, if your friend is a girl, you can try gifting her flowers as it is often loved by the opposite gender.

4.) Join a Social Club

Anyone can join a social club to make new friends. You will be able to help the society with your extracurricular activities and make new friends in the process. If there are no social clubs closer to your residence, you can start right away by opening your own social club.

5.) Make Frequent Visits in Volunteering Events

Volunteering is a great way to serve the country people and it also gives you the scope to meet new people. You can make friends pretty easily as people who come in this type of events have some common interest.

6.) Let the Conversation be Started by You

Don’t always wait for others to start a conversation. If you want to make friend, you should do the courtesy first. You should not wait for others, but begin the conversation yourself.

7.) Be Loyal to Make Friends

Loyalty is very important to keep your friends with you forever. If you break their trust at any point of time, they will not be friends with you again.

8.) Stay in Touch

Do not expect a friend to remember you, if you lose contact for several years. That is why, you need to frequently get in touch with your friends. This is actually the characteristic of a true friend. Arrange a get together so that you and your friends can meet after a long period of time.

9.) Support Forever to Make Friends

Supporting is a gesture that you do to show you care. You should always keep your support with your friends forever, be it in good time or rather a worse one. If you have the habit of supporting people whenever they need, you will never be out of friends.

10.) Be a Good Friend to Keep Friends

Friendship does not stand on one characteristic alone, rather it is a collection of good characteristics that both sides must possess. In order to be a good friend, you need to know their ins and outs, their feeling so that you can be supportive whenever needed. These characteristics are important to sustain your friendship as well as making new ones.

11.) Join Some Sport Team

Join any sports team of your interest to make friends. Enjoy the sport and join a local team to make new friends. You can try joining any dance class or singing class to make friends.

12.) Be a Good Listener

You should show how interested are you in others. Listen carefully to what people say and try to remember their likes and dislikes. It is not necessary that you need to be interesting to make friends. Be trustworthy and loyal so that people can trust you and share everything with you. Being a good listener is the best ability to make good friends.

If you do not have any friends, don’t be disheartened, don’t hurry in making new friends. By now, you should have learned what is going wrong with you after reading the tips. So, eradicate the constraints and make new friends whenever you can.

Other Important Tips to Make Friends

  • Friendship is about what you can give. Always try to give more rather than take more.
  • Let the friendship grow naturally.
  • Be honest, so that your friends can trust you.
  • Keep yourself open to new friends.
  • Hang out with people who make you feel happy and comfortable.
  • Never backbite about your friend. It may ruin your relationship.
  • Don’t force friendship on someone.
  • Try to have good sense of humor.


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