How to Not Lose Your Girlfriend?


How to not lose your girlfriend? In the event that you’ve discovered the girl you had always wanted, its consummately regular that you may be stressed over losing her. Be that as it may don’t sweat it – with a little bit of genuineness and correspondence, you’ll have the capacity to keep your girl by your side. Just verify that you recollect to make her feel special and that you have the capacity spend a lot of valuable time with her and give her space.

Steps to Not Lose Your Girlfriend:

1.) Care to Not Lose Your Girlfriend

If you accept that your girlfriend is Ms. Right, then she ought to be your number one life needs: you ought to care for her as you care for yourself. In the event that your girlfriend is for sure Ms. Right, she’ll do likewise for you.

2.) Be Genuine to Not Lose Your Girlfriend

Do all that you ever can to never mislead your girl, and on the off chance that you do, own up to it instantly. In the event that you positively love somebody, you can’t shroud a falsehood; you will feel unpleasantly liable, and when (not on the off chance that) she discovers, all that you have ever let her know is caused to be reinvestigated -even “I love you.”

How to Not Lose Your Girlfriend

3.) Communicate to Not Lose Your Girlfriend

You need to respect her considerations, always listen to what she says. Listen to her, girls dislike it when gentlemen don’t listen.

4.) Respect to Not Lose Your Girlfriend

Respect her through listening and show her the extent to which you care for her.

5.) Work out Your Issues to Not Lose Your Girlfriend

In genuine relationships saying sorry is the first venture of a lot of people. It won’t tackle the issue alone-you have to converse with understanding, however, it will help open the entryways of correspondence.

6.) Express to Not Lose Your Girlfriend

If she makes you really irate or has said something that could entice her conduct, show that you are hurt. She ought to respect you and understand your feelings and not act nonsensical.

7.) Make Her Feel Special

Always try to make her feel like that she is very special for you. Women in general love that feeling.

8.) Have Life Outside to Not Lose Your Girlfriend

Have a life outside of hers, else you’ll get clingy which just pushes her away, regardless of the fact that she is Ms. Right. Be that as it may never do whatever you like or at whatever point you like and overlook the way that your relationship likewise needs time.

9.) Spend Time to Not Lose Your Girlfriend

If you haven’t invested a lot of time with her of late, yet there’s an amusement or a film you want to run alone or with your friends, inquire as to whether she wouldn’t fret. The absence of time you spend together just makes her feel like in the event that you don’t even care any longer. After all, in the event that you don’t show to her that her conclusion is important to you, that she is important and you’re ready to spend time with her regardless, how would you anticipate that she will feel loved and respected? Furthermore, on the off chance that you haven’t had time or chance to be as one, tell her that she is so special to you, the extent to which you miss her, and try to make arrangements despite the fact that there is still one week missing. That will just show her the extent to which you want to be with her. Then again, in the event that she tries to make arrangements and you can’t, verify that she understands why you can’t and understand that regardless of the fact that she wants it or not she will be miserable, she misses you, so why not let her know that you feel the same and that you love her?

Other Useful Tips to Not Lose Your Girlfriend:

  • Always say “I love you,” however, just in the event that you mean it totally. The most noticeably bad thing to do is to say you love her just so she will peaceful up. In the event that you love her, tell her. Don’t be bashful.
  • On the off chance that a fight begins, work it out. Don’t simply say whatever is important to persuade her to be calm; this strategy will just begin more fights. Don’t be excessively requesting, however, don’t simply given her a chance to do anything in the event that it hurts you (fiscally, inwardly, physically, and so forth.).
  • On the off chance that she says she doesn’t want anything for her birthday, then probably she is not telling the truth. In reality what she might be implying to say is,  “I want you to amaze me. In the event that you know me, you know what to get me!”
  • Offerings are important in any relationship, in light of the fact that let’s be honest, without reparation there would be no productive profits. This tries for any viewpoint in one’s life (school, work, marriage, and so on). It may mean surrendering to go for an occasion you’re really not enamored with going to. The length of you adjust your time and needs, and are given a head’s up about the occasion, there ought to be no explanation behind you not having the capacity to go to. Besides, don’t give your girlfriend some major difficulty or gripe about it. This doesn’t bring about a significant improvement and just makes her feel awful and question the future with you since there are prone to be periodic occasions that surface. Besides, on the off chance that you both did just what you independently wanted, why not just be single?
  • Respect is important for both of you. Respect one another. Respect her family regardless. Like them or not, she loves them and would like to be left to feel uncomfortable with beau on one side and family on the other. Regardless of how awful they may be, its not her blame, we don’t pick our families. Figure out how to like them, or even just fake it on the off chance that you need to.
  • In the event that you are with your friends and your girlfriend and your opinion is sought about the beauty of another woman”, simply answer, “I’m not intrigued on whether an alternate girl is alluring.”
  • Everyone needs space. Regardless of the possibility that you are going out and want to spend consistently with her, she may want eventually alone with her friends.
  • Understand that the little things mean a lot. To a lady its the little things and the little astounds that mean the most. Always remember this basic truth. A straightforward love note or card or sweet instant message, purchasing her blossoms for no reason, cooking her supper, having a pleasant air pocket shower prepared when she returns home from work, astounding her with that cap you saw her fixating over a week ago, lease a motion picture she’s been wanting to see and request take out, spend a night in with only her instead of heading off to that gathering, the rundown goes on. It’s totally crucial to do decent things like this for your lady will it keep the sentiment alive as well as it shows her the extent to which you are really concerned about her and will keep her happy and satisfied.
  • On the off chance that she is frantic at you, apologize to her. In the event that you don’t know what you did wrong, talk it through. That is the most ideal way to win her back and get past a circumstance.
  • Wrap your arms around her and kiss her on the temple, it will make her feel safe.
  • Like (or try to like) her friends. Always be gracious and respectful to them. You don’t need to bond with them, Just being polite will suffice.
  • When she’s wiped out, deal with her and show her the extent to which you love her by just being by her side. Make it as simple as could be allowed for her to rest, and in this manner, get healthier quicker. She will do likewise.
  • Do what she asks, it’ll make her upbeat. This doesn’t mean to hop off an extension at her charge, it just means to be content to help her with everything without exception she may require. Be ready and happy to help her out, and she will, as well.
  • Don’t just have her for now; genuine relationships are something to be treasured until the end of time. Always remind her that she is so important to you and she ought to do likewise.
  • On the off chance that your girlfriend hangs up on you amid a fight, get back to her, never abandon her hanging, on the grounds that 9 out of 10 times she’ll be holding up by the telephone crying.
  • Both of you ought to have equivalent “force” in the relationship. On the off chance that she wants a little more than you, you will need to talk about this. You shouldn’t give her all the force just to keep her as your girlfriend.
  • Most women are exceptionally unstable with themselves; even the most delightful women have numerous insecurities. In case you’re sufficiently fortunate to have had her open up totally to you, then it is your business to remind her the manner by which lucky you feel to have her. Compliment her, make certain she really knows how impeccable you think she is.
  • In case you’re at” other women, whether you’re with her or not. This applies especially in case you’re with her, and she will take note. Lose the publications and magazines, as it is not worth how it makes her feel to see you taking a gander at them.
  • Understand that women do get desirous, whether they decide to let it out or not. You ought to never’ do anything to incite this. She doesn’t appreciate feeling that way.

Warnings / Precautions:

  • Don’t ever do anything to physically hurt her. Despite the fact that you can play fight, just do so on the off chance that she gives her assent; never hurt her in any capacity
  • Jokes with “she was hot” in them are not clever. She is the most excellent girl on the planet, nobody approaches. Keep in mind that.
  • Never tease or verge on playing with different girls, especially her friends.
  • The host horrendous thing to do is to get wildly disturbed, especially before her. Tell her your feelings, then ‘try to be her companion’. This can really genuinely help you significantly more than you think it will.


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