Exercise to Lose Lower Belly Fat


Best exercises to lose lower belly fat. It is very necessary to have a good shape of the body. It is good to do exercise to Lose Belly Fat especially lower belly fat. Belly fat is the very practical reason to have lower belly pouch. But it is very unfair to do exercise to lose fat for only specific area of the body. In fact the people cannot do it. It is always recommended to do the exercise as a whole to lose the fat of the body as a whole.

1.) High Intensity Interval Training to Lose Lower Belly Fat

The HIIT is very good to lose the weight by burning the fat. The fat should burn honestly. Otherwise it can be a huge problem for you. To look smart and active it is always essential to do exercise. During normal exercise the people burn the fat for only the time of doing the exercise. But in the HIIT, the people lose the fat for the whole day by working out just for 20 to 30 minutes.

2.) Posture to Lose Lower Belly Fat

Posture is the first thing which shows your image. The image and the posture are very much interrelated. The posture gives a permanent shape to the body. The people with low weight can have wrong posture. To lose the weight it is necessary to have the best and right posture.

Exercise to Lose Lower Belly Fat

3.) Lower Abdominal Exercises to Lose Lower Belly Fat

The lower abdominal pouches out usually. This gives a very bad look. To cure the fat in the lower abdominal is necessary. The sit ups exercise is very effective in this regard. The Russian twist is also considered as the best exercise to lose the lower abdominal weight.

4.) Lower AB Exercises to Lose Lower Belly Fat

The following is given some of the Lower AB exercises:

Roll up to Lose Lower Belly Fat:

In this you have laid down straight while having all your weight on your back. Your legs should be straight on the ground. Extend the arms behind your head. Then you have to rotate your body on both sides half way round.

Straight Leg to Lose Lower Belly Fat:

Lay down on the back. Then lock your knees. Then you have to push your small back onto the ground. Your toes should be pointing towards the wall. Then you have to inhale and raise both legs in the air. Then stay there for some seconds and come back to the 1st position. Repeat this process.

Hip Lift to Lose Lower Belly Fat:

While lying down on the floor, you have to raise our both legs up in the air. You have to exhale and inhale the air while raising up and bringing down of the legs.

Reverse Crunches to Lose Lower Belly Fat:

In this exercise you have to lay your back along with the knees. The knees should be bent down at 90 degrees angle. Now rotate your body by pressing the abs with the earth. You have to exhale and inhale during this process.

Scissors and Flutter Kicks to Lose Lower Belly Fat:

You have rest on your back. Your shoulders and head should be in the air. Lift the right leg up in the air at the 90 degrees angle with the body. Repeat the process with both the legs.

V-Sits to Lose Lower Belly Fat:

You have to sit on the ground. Your feet should not touch the ground. Your knees should be touching the chest. Your hands should be on the floor. Move your body in the forward and backward direction.

Full Plank Twist to Lose Lower Belly Fat:

You have to lay down straight on the floor. Then twist your body while crossing the legs. At first the right leg should be twisted and then the 2nd one.

Double Leg Circles to Lose Lower Belly Fat:

You have to lie on your back and your knee should be locked and rose in the air. It will take time to adapt your body to this situation. It should perform slowly at initial stage.

Russian Twist to Lose Lower Belly Fat:

You need to sit down with your knees bent. Adjust yourself at 45 degree angle. Keep your body flat. Slowly and with full control, you have to twist at your torso.


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