How Many Calories to Lose Weight?


Cutting down calories will not only help you to reduce weigh in fact it will keep your body healthy and free from the heart problems. Every person desire to look fit and fine. In order to look fit, it is important to know that how many calories you consume in a day in how much you need to cut down. How much calories you should have in day depends on many factors such as your body type, gender, height, weight and medical condition etc. So, calculate your calories accordingly and look for the remedies to lose weight. Read more, how many calories to lose weight.many calories to lose weight

How Many Calories to Lose Weight?

How many calories to lose weight depends on your age, height, weight, activity gender and medical condition. Going by an estimate you should consume only 2000 calories in a day to reduce weight.

Ways to Lose Weight:

1.) Change your Lifestyle to Lose Weight

In order to lose weight, it is very important to do necessary changes in your lifestyle. It is believed that your body is reflection of your lifestyle. So, if you will have a healthy lifestyle than definitely your body will also become healthy. A slight change in your eating, sleeping pattern and way to look life will definitely reward you. Either it is new year resolution or a frustration to lose weight immediately people tend to set certain goals. In no time, you expect your body to mold in the way you want however, it is not possible. To make it possible make short term goals that are easy to achieve. Once you achieve that particular goal you can raise the bar. For example, in the first week try to lose 5-6 pounds. When you achieve, it try to extend the number in the next week Moreover, your attitude plays a vital role so be positive. These slight changes will definitely help you to lose body fat.

2.) Do Not Skip Breakfast and Consume Balanced Diet

People often skip their breakfast in order to shed weight or they do not get enough time to have their breakfast. But that should not be the case. A breakfast is the first meal of the day thus one should not skip it. Moreover, it should be healthy, since it works as fuel to generate energy in your body for the day. Not only this, it also helps to increase metabolism which in turn supports weight loss. Moreover, your breakfast should consist of all the possible nutrients. On the days when you are on go simply have a cup of fat less yogurt, a mixture of nuts or oatmeal. Or simply carry a healthy snack with your yourself that you can have while travelling.

In addition to this, eat balanced diet. A balanced diet is diet that has all the major nutrients. So, include fresh fruits, nuts, green leafy vegetables, green tea since it is packed with antioxidants, cereals and milk, etc. Moreover, avoid foods high in cholesterol, since such foods are not good for heart and overall health. Moreover, do not go for crash dieting. It is found that when you starve yourself, the nutrients level in your body starts depleting and when you again start eating, the calorie of the entire meal is stored in the form of the fat and thus you tend to gain weight. So, avoid crash dieting and do not skip your meal especially breakfast.

3.) Restrict Intake of Carbs to Lose Weight

You need to cut down the number of carbs from your diet in order to lose weight. Carbohydrates also known as carbs have fat which tends to raise the cholesterol level in your body, which is not healthy for your heart. There are many low carb fruits and vegetables are available. There fruits and vegetables will definitely help you to reduce the level of the carbs in your body. In addition to this give a miss to foods such as grains, legumes, starchy vegetables and dairy products since they have high amount of carbohydrates. Moreover, overindulgence in carbohydrate leads weight gain and bloating. Though it is not possible to minimize the number of carbs in the beginning. However, you can minimize it gradually. Most of the gym goers believe that they can burns the carbs by doing regressive workout, especially cardio. It is not healthy way to reduce weight. However, exercise will definitely help you to reduce weight but it should not be done in the regressive manner.

4.) Add Protein in Your Diet to Lose weight

To reduce weight in the healthy manner it is important to include foods high in protein in your diet. Protein is believed to build muscles and thus it reduces the body fat. Moreover, it tends to convert the bad fat into the muscles. This is the one reason why you will always see a glass of protein shake in the hands of bodybuilder. However, the protein shake prepared at home is more nutritious and beneficial to reduce weight. So, substitute the foods rich in carbs with foods high in protein. In addition to this, it is found that 1-2 servings of the protein keep your nod food for the long. That simply means after having 1-2 servings of protein you won’t feel hungry in short period. And when you will not feel hungry you won’t eat anything and you will tend to shed calories and lose weight. Low fat dairy products, fish and egg white are good source of protein to have.

5.) Treat your Food Cravings for Weight Loss

Once you make moderation into your lifestyle it is important to treat your food cravings as well. The term food cravings can be described as a strong desire to eat something, that could be anything. According to recent research conducted in the US, it is found that most of the people cannot resist their food cravings and thus tend to gain some extra kilos. Well we aren’t saying that you should completely avoid what you crave for, instead have them in very short quantity and gradually reduce the quantity of that particular food. For example, in your initial days of weight loss if you have a food craving of chocolate then do not resist yourself, have the chocolate instead. However, do not have the entire bar a single or two squares of chocolate will do enough. Simultaneously look for the healthy substitute.

Binge eating is another key reason of weight gain. This happens when a person starve himself for long and suddenly start eating in the access. Whereas it could be result of the stress. Some times when a person is in stress he tends to eat more or he might simply give up eating. Both the cases are not healthy. So, it is important to treat your food craving in order to reduce weight.

6.) Drink Water to Shed Many Calories to Lose Weight

We cannot emphasis enough on the importance of drinking water. It keeps your body going and removes toxins from the body. Apart from water one should also drink other forms of water such as coconut water, fresh juices and green tea as well. Moreover, water keeps you full for the longer and you do not tend to feel hungry. Moreover, it treats dehydration. What else you can do is, have one or two glass of water before having your meal, especially if you are at party. Since water will keep you full and thus you will eat less. Moreover, it is found that sipping a glass of luke warm water after the meal promotes digestion. This will help you to burn many calories to lose weight. Moreover, to prevent bloating and gastric problem drink a glass of water early morning. On the contrary one should not drink water immediately after workout sessions.

7.) Increase Fiber Intake to Lose Weight

Raise the quantity of the fiber in your diet to burn many calories to lose weight. Fibber promotes the digestion process and prevents the stomach problems like constipation. Moreover, it prevents gastric problems and bloating that are the key reasons of weight gain. There are two types of fibers available. One is soluble and another is insoluble. Soluble fiber gets easily dissolve and insoluble fiber do not get dissolve. However, both the fibers are good for health since one protects the heart health and other keeps your digestive system on the go. Fiber also cut down the bad fat stored in the body and convert it into the muscles. It also controls the blood sugar level that helps to prevent diabetes, this fortunately helps to reduce fat, since diabetics are vulnerable to weight gain. In addition to this, fiber prevents the absorption of bad cholesterol. So many good reasons to add fiber in your diet!

8.) Exercise Regularly to Deplete Many Calories to Lose Weight

Exercise is very essentially to lead a healthy life. It keeps you fit, active and sound all the day. Most of the people associate exercise with regressive workouts, which is not good for the body in long run. A brisk walk in the morning and evening will also be helpful to you. In addition, you can go for swimming, aerobics, learn dance to reduce weight. The regressive work out consists of strenuous activities that might lead muscle spasm. So instead of the crazy work out session you can have half an hour exercise regularly to reduce weight. Yoga is gaining much popularity these days, so you can learn yoga in order to shed as many calories to lose weight and it will also keep the stress at the bay.


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