Fish Oil Side Effects (Few Side Effects of Fish Oil)


In this article, we are going to tell you fish oil side effects. There are certain side effects of fish oil when consumed in excess quantity. If you are taking fish oil more than 3 grams per day then you may face some health related problems. Generally, it can increase the risk of bleeding. Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids which can be consumed in a prescribed amount suggested by a physician. If you want to increase the dosage then you should do it under medical supervision otherwise you may harm your health. However, the side effects which fish oil pose to your health are not life-risking and can easily be overcome by discontinuing its overdose.

Fish Oil Side Effects

Fish Oil Side Effects in Detail:

1) Diarrhea

It has been found that people who have consumed high amount of fish oil tends to get diarrhea. It happens due to the rejection of this fish oil by your digestive system. As the digestive system is not used to this ingredient so it tries to eliminate it from your body which results in diarrhea.

So, you may take a small amount of fish oil supplement or fish oil in your diet in the beginning. As soon as your body starts accepting it you can increase the dose. But, it should not be more than 3 grams a day. Sometimes, rancid fish oil can cause diarrhea so take only best fish oil for consumption. Thus, diarrhea is one of the fish oil side effects.

2) Fishy Burps

Fishy burps can be one of the fish oil side effects. It could be possible that the fish oil that you are consuming does not sit well in your stomach and can cause gas. In that case, when you burp it smells like fish. Although, this is not a major health issue and can go away within two weeks as your body get accustomed to it. However, if this problem persists for long time then you may consult a doctor.

3) Heartburn and Acid Reflux

If you consume a large amount of fish oil at a time then it may cause heartburn and acid reflux. Digestive system of your body cannot digest high amount of concentrated fish oil at a single time. In response to it you feel burning sensation in your food pipe and too much acidity in your stomach. With limiting the consumption of fish oil you can get rid of this problem.

4) Weight Gain

You may put on some pounds which is one of the fish oil side effects. If you are consuming bad quality fish oil then this problem can happen to you. Some people can gain unwanted weight in their body after starting the consumption of fish oil. It is advised that you should buy the best quality fish oil or fish oil supplement to keep these side effects at bay.

5) Stomach Pain

Stomach pain can be one of the fish oil side effects. Generally, it happens due to bloating inside your stomach. This bloating can cause immense pain in your stomach and the situation can become very uncomfortable for you. Gas is produced by your body so that it gets accustomed to the fish oil. You can discontinue the consumption of fish oil for some time to get rid of this problem. After a week, you can start your intake of fish oil with a smaller dosage.

6) Risk of Hemorrhage

Too much intake of fish oil can lead to increasing the risk of hemorrhaging. You should take good care of your daily consumption of fish oil otherwise you may develop serious bleeding problems. Consuming fish oil more than 3 grams a day should strictly be avoided. Symptoms of bleeding may include blood in your urine and blood coming out of your nose.

Main reason behind this bleeding is the ability of omega-3 fatty acids to prevent the clot formation in your body. It can stop your blood from clotting and you may loss a huge amount of blood if you get a cut anywhere on your body. Immediately stop the consumption of fish oil if you notice this bleeding problem.

7) Lowered Blood Pressure

If you have the problem of hypertension then you can consult your doctor before starting the consumption of fish oil. Lowering down the blood pressure can be one of the side effects of fish oil. You might be consuming medicines for hypertension and continuing the consumption of fish oil can further lower down your blood pressure level. Omega-3 fatty acids present in the fish oil can help thinning the blood and hence decreases the blood pressure level.

8) Heavy Metal Poisoning

Heavy metal poisoning is one of the fish oil side effects. This type of poisoning can affect vital organs of your body. So, this side effect is bit serious one. Some poor quality fish oils have mercury in them which can cause serious damage to your heart and liver. It is highly recommended that you should always buy a good quality fish oil in order to keep yourself away from these harmful heavy metals. These heavy metals are present in the water in which the fishes swim.

9) Blood Glucose Increases

Increase in blood glucose level can be one of the fish oil side effects. Especially, those people who have diabetes can get affected with this problem. So, it is advisable to them to consult their doctor before starting fish oil consumption. As the sudden increase in blood glucose level can seriously affect diabetic persons.

10) Cholesterol Levels Elevated

Fish oil can also elevate the bad cholesterol levels in your body. It is one of the fish oil side effects. Fish oil contains a whole lot of fat in the form of triglycerides. Fish oil has many health benefits but it is found to have increased the LDL cholesterol level by 5-10 %. Thus, you should keep a check on your cholesterol level while consuming the fish oil in your regular diet. Indeed, this side effect of fish oil cannot be neglected. Increased level of cholesterol may cause hypertension, stroke and blockage in heart.


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