How to Remove an Ingrown Hair (Treatment for Ingrown Hair)


There are lots of ways to remove an ingrown hair but all of the treatment are not useful. Here, I am giving some treatment to remove an ingrown hair.

Remove an Ingrown Hair treatment for ingrown hair

1.) Moisturise to Remove an Ingrown Hair

It is important to moisturise your skin as much as possible when you want to remove an ingrown hair. If you use an acne cream, you are advised to apply moisturiser after each application to prevent the skin from getting dry. It is important to ensure that you also moisturise before going to bed at night. This regime will keep the skin soft and slowly push the hair out. It is only once the hair tip is visible that you should remove an ingrown hair.

2.) Use Tea Tree Oil to Remove an Ingrown Hair

Applying tea tree oil can help greatly to remove an ingrown hair. It is known to reduce the redness and swelling that is often caused. Simply dab a few drops on a piece of cotton wool and apply to the ingrown hair area. If an infection breaks out, you can add some aloe vera to give it a bit of a kick. The tea tree oil is not only there to help remove an ingrown hair, but preventing them as well. You can add 20 drops to your normal body wash and this should help in preventing future ingrown hairs from forming.

3.) Disinfect to Remove an Ingrown Hair

Hygiene is the most important step to remove an ingrown hair, as well as preventing further ones from coming up. When it comes to shaving, it is best to change the blades on your razor regularly or dip them in rubbing alcohol. Be sure to rinse off the alcohol before burning your skin. Use a disinfectant cream to clean the ingrown hair at least 2-3 times a day. It is important when you want to remove an ingrown hair, to keep clean. You do not want it to cause further irritation or get infected. Do not forget to moisturise after applying disinfectants to the area.

4.) Exfoliation to Remove an Ingrown Hair

To successfully remove an ingrown hair it is important to exfoliate the area at least twice a day. You can use a combination of olive oil and sugar as a scrub. This is also used to treat the redness and assist with any skin irritation that may occur. Gently exfoliating around the area will slowly remove an ingrown hair tip. This will make it easier to remove with tweezers. Apply a little pressure to the area to help remove an ingrown hair. Be gentle, and do not allow the ingrown hair to bleed.

5.) Acne Medication to Remove an Ingrown Hair

It is prescribed to use acne medication when you want to remove an ingrown hair. You can purchase this from your local pharmacy. To remove an ingrown hair you can use either benzoyl peroxide or salicic acid. Stay away from products that contain alcohol as this will dry out the skin and close your pores. If the problem persists, you can consult a doctor. Doctors will often prescribe a Retinoid treatment to people who have darker skin and are more prone to ingrown hairs. You can also use the old wives tale of a dab of toothpaste. It really does work in reducing the swelling.

6.) Compress the Ingrown Hair

Patience is an important factor to remove an ingrown hair. Make a mixture of vinegar and hot water in a bowl. Dampen a cloth with the mixture and gently press it on the ingrown hair. When the cloth is cold, reheat and apply again. This will soften the skin and allow you to see the ingrown hair tip pushing to the surface.  Continue this process daily until you the tip of the ingrown hair comes out. Being able to get a grip of it will allow you to remove an ingrown hair.

7.) Use a Sharp Device to Remove an Ingrown Hair

To remove an ingrown hair it is often better to use a round tipped tweezers. It causes less damage to the skin. You should not force the hair out or pierce the skin roughly to remove an ingrown hair. You should first place a warm cloth over the area for about 5 minutes. Leave it on until the skin feels soft. If the hair has curled inside the blister, it often means that the hair is now growing down. Only then should you use a needle to poke a small hole and feed it out.

8.) Laser Hair Removal to Remove an Ingrown Hair

Laser hair removal is an effective way to remove an ingrown hair. People with dark, curly hair tend to be more susceptible to ingrown hairs. This is when laser treatment is recommended as the darker the color is, the more light it can absorb.  Laser removal will remove an ingrown hair by killing the hair follicle. This follicle will no longer produce hair. The damage heals naturally and almost immediately. If the hair is very thick, you need to go for more than one session. Hair can be stubborn too.

9.) Wear Comfortable Clothing to Remove an Ingrown Hair

While waiting for the hair tip of the ingrown hair to come out, it is advisable to wear loose clothing. The majority of the time ingrown hairs is caused by the clothing that we wear. To effectively remove an ingrown hair, we need to ensure nothing rubs against it. Often wearing uncomfortable clothing causes the skin to become more red and irritated. Try wearing dresses, looser pants or shorts and see if the problem persists. To remove an ingrown hair, it is important to leave the area open as much as possible.

10.) Other Hair Removal Methods to Remove an Ingrown Hair

The ways in which we remove our hair can be what leads us to getting ingrown hairs. To avoid having to remove an ingrown hair, shaving is the first issue that needs to be addressed. Always shave when your skin is lathered in soap and make sure your razor blades are not rusted. Waxing is also a common cause of ingrown hairs. To help remove an ingrown hair, you can try soaking in a bath with two tablespoons of Epsom salts.

So you can follow some ways from these and maybe you are going to get some good results.



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