20 Breezy Beach Wedding Hairstyles


The thought of tying the knot on the sunny and breezy beach will make your heart beat faster. Though beach wedding hairstyles are not much different from normal wedding hairstyles, but there is a little variation. It is necessary that the hair is secured well so that the speedy wind doesn’t create a havoc. Relax! You are on the right page. Here is a collection of 20 breezy beach wedding hairstyles that will give you ideas and inspirations. Enjoy your wedding near the sea shore and get tension free regarding your hairstyle.

Top 20 Breezy Beach Wedding Hairstyles:

1.) Loose Side Braid Beach Wedding Hairstyles:

loose side braid beach wedding hairstyles

This is one of the perfect hairstyles if you are going to a destination or beach wedding. You can create this simple and stunning look on your own. This leaf crown is going to give you a princess look.

2.) Messy High Bun for Beach Wedding:

messy high bun beach wedding hairstyles

This is one of the best beach wedding hairstyles if you are blessed with long and thick hair. You can easily show the beauty of your backless gown. The neckpiece and the long earrings will compliment your hairstyle.

3.) Half Up Half Down Beach Wedding Hairstyles:

half up half down long curly hairstyle beach wedding hairstyles

This half up half down hairstyle is perfect for brides who want to show off this long curls while keeping the hair fixed in one place. The jeweled crown is just like icing on the cake.

4.) Half Up Crown Braided Wedding:

half up crown braided beach wedding hairstyles

This hairstyle gives you the opportunity to enjoy the braided as well as half up hairstyles. Above the crown braid, you can also use a floral crown to make it look more appealing.

5.) Low Messy Updo Wedding Hairstyles:

low messy updo beach wedding hairstyles

This low messy Updo is an ideal hairstyle for beach conditions. It gives both a formal and informal touch. It is a great style for every kind of hair texture including thin hair.

6.) Beach Wedding Hairstyle for Medium Length Hair:

Beach wedding hairstyles for medium length hair

This hairstyle is going to remain the same even in the speedy wind. You need a good hair product, blow dryer, wide tooth comb and a sparkly hairpin to achieve this style.

7.) Side Pony Hairstyles for Wedding:

side pony beach wedding hairstyles

If you are hunting for a casual yet romantic look, then just have a look at this beautiful side pony. Accent it with a beautiful white flower. It is perfect for thick, thin, wavy and curly hair.

8.) Low Side Curly Bun:

low side curly bun beach wedding hairstyles

An Updo is a beautiful option for a beach wedding. It is a great option for every girl who wants a hairstyle that stays all day. The braid and the flower accent this hairstyle.

9.) Wedding Pixie with Fringe and Headband:

wedding pixie with fringe and headband beach wedding hairstyles

The accessory and hair color are the main secrets behind this gorgeous hairstyle. A bright hair color will texturize your short locks while the sparkly headband will make it look attractive and eye-catching.

10.) Mermaid Look Beach Wedding Hairstyles:

mermaid look beach wedding hairstyles

This mermaid style created on the base of long curly braided style is going to give you a charismatic look. The fishtail braid on the crown area and the starfish accessory with crystal will make you look stunning.

11.) Loose Beach Wedding Hairstyle with Flowers:

loose beach wedding hairstyles with flowers

This sexy and youthful wedding hairstyle is perfect if the wind is not the real trouble. You can easily pull off this hairstyle on straight, curly and wavy locks.

12.) Loose Side Parted Waves for Wedding:

loose side parted waves beach wedding hairstyles

This hairstyle looks beautiful on the brides with very long hair. It gives a romantic feel which is a perfect according to the occasion. A sparkly hairpin will complete the hairstyle.

13.) Messy Bun with Starfish Hairpins:

messy bun with starfish hairpins beach wedding hairstyles

If you are tying the knot in a windy location, then this is just the perfect hairstyle. It will secure your hair in place without ruining your beauty. Since it is a beach wedding use starfish hair pins to get a good feel.

14.) Twisted Sides with Waves:

twisted sides with waves beach wedding hairstyles

This is one of the best beach wedding hairstyles. It keeps the hair secured as well as gives you the opportunity to flaunt the loose waves. You can decorate the twists with some sparkly beads.

15.) Braided Style for Beach Wedding:

braided style for beach wedding hairstyles

This hairstyle is two in one. You can enjoy the elegant look of braids and the formal look of an Updo. The braids that are wrapped around the crown are different in length and size.

16.) Fishtail Braid Beach Wedding Hairstyles:

fishtail braid beach wedding hairstyles

This hairstyle is perfect for beach weddings, especially if you choose a windy location. An embellished hairpin compliment this braid. Keep it a little messy for a romantic feel.

17.) Sleek High Top Knot for Wedding:

sleek high top knot beach wedding hairstyles

This sleek high top knot is an excellent choice for girls with extra long hair and straight hair. Use a good quality hair product to manage your long hair. You can feel relaxed all day with this hairstyle.

18.) Curly Updo Wedding Hairstyles:

curly Updo beach wedding hairstyles

This curly Updo is exactly what you need to feel comfortable and look pretty at the beach ceremony. You can use hair accessories according to the theme and encourage the spirit of freedom.

19.) Braided Pony with a Bouffant and Dropped Curls:

braided pony with a bouffant and dropped curls beach wedding hairstyles

This is an awesome hairstyle for a beach wedding. You can enjoy the look of three hairstyles. The braid on the crown, the bouffant at the back and the dropped curls will make you look fantastic.

20.) Fishtail Braided Updo Hairstyles:

fishtail braided Updo beach wedding hairstyles

This is one of the enchanting beach wedding hairstyles. The sleek fishtail braid on the crown gives a neat look while the Updo at the back will give a messy touch.


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