20 Classy Hairstyles for Men


A style is a way to say who you are without using words. In the present era, your way of dressing, styling the hair speaks about your personality. You must have heard that the first impression is the last impression. A dress is easy to choose, but a hairstyle is equally difficult. A good hairstyle is all about immense creativity and constant experimentation. Not only women but men are also concerned about their looks. They want a hairstyle that makes them look professional and well groomed. In this article, you will find the collection of 20 classy hairstyles for men.

Top 20 Classy Hairstyles for Men:

1.) Short Sides and Textured Top:

short sides and textured top hairstyles for men

This is an easy and a classy style for men which takes maximum 10 minutes. A comb and some styling product is all you need to create this classy style every morning. It is an excellent choice for guys who want a simple and short style.

2.) Swept Up Hairstyle for Men:

swept up hairstyles for men

The amazing texture of this style will make many girls fall for you.  A dose of styling product, comb, and a hair dryer is enough to create this breathtaking style in minutes.

3.) Pompadour Hairstyles for Men:

pompadour hairstyles for men

Whether it was 2016 or it is 2017 or maybe the next five years, a pompadour will always be in trend. The faded sides with a long and voluminous top will make you look marvelous. It is a recommended choice for round and square faces.

4.) Mohawk Hairstyles for Men:

mohawk hairstyles for men

Mohawk has taken a comeback and now it is more stylish and versatile than before. Trim the sides and use some holding gel to create a hawk position. This style is suitable for all kinds of hair types and texture.

5.) Undercut with Design Hairstyles for Men:

undercut with design hairstyles for men

The length on the top totally depends on your choice. The design is the main element of this hairstyle. It should really be attractive and eye-catching. Visit your hair stylist for the occasional touch-up.

6.) Short Curly Hairstyle for Men:

short curly hairstyles for men

If your hair is cut short then curly hair is not at all hard to maintain. This hairstyle will help you to manage your curls easily while flaunting its beauty.

7.) Simple Hairstyle with a Side Part:

simple hairstyle with a side part hairstyles for men

This hairstyle calls out for all the men who want a classy and gentleman’s style. Big business tycoons prefer this simple and classy style. It just needs a structured comb over.

8.) Caesar Hairstyles for Men:

caesar hairstyles for men

This hairstyle calls out for all the men who want to enhance the beauty of their strong facial features. Tall guys should definitely try this style once. It calls attention towards the expressive eyes and the jaw areas.

9.) Super Short High and Tight Hairstyles:

super short high and tight hairstyles for men

In this hairstyle, the top has slightly longer hair, which makes it high and tight while the other areas do not have much hair. Guys going into the military or having a problem of thin hair should go for this style.

10.) Short Spiky Faux Hawk:

short spiky faux hawk hairstyles for men

The spikes make this faux hawk unique in the crowd of thousands. You can wear this style lower on the head and comb it in a downward direction.

11.) Crew Hairstyles for Men:

crew hairstyles for men

The best part of this crew style is that you can style it in many different ways. For example, either you can keep the top long or just spike it for an easy takeaway style. It is a timeless style and is suitable for most of the face shapes.

12.) Combination of Long and Short Hairstyles:

combination of long and short hairstyles for men

Incorporating different lengths in one style will really make you look very handsome. Keep one side long while trying a tapered style on the other side. Men with thick hair and wavy texture really look good in this hairstyle.

13.) Side Swept Undercut Hairstyles:

side swept undercut hairstyles for men

An Undercut has countless variations due to which it has gained a lot of popularity among men. This is one of the manliest undercuts to try. There is medium length on the top whiles the sides are trimmed short.

14.) Slicked Back Hairstyles for Men:

slicked back hairstyles for men

It is a comfortable, simple and dashing hairstyle for men. Apply some hair gel on damp hair and pull it back with a brush. It is shorter on the sides and the length increases towards the top.

15.) Hairstyles for Wavy Hair:

hairstyles for wavy hair hairstyles for men

Men who are blessed with thick hair should absolutely try this awesome hairstyle. Use natural texture of hair in the right way to create height on the top. It is trendy and needs a minimum amount of hair products.

16.) Long Tousled Top with Short Sides:

long tousled top with short sides hairstyles for men

This hairstyle features a distinction between the top and sides. The hair on the neck and the sides are kept short while the top hair is styled properly to create height.

17.) Thick Waves with Designed Part:

thick waves with designed part hairstyles for men

This hairstyle is perfect to show the beauty of your textured hair. There is a lot of volume on the top which is not at all the problem. The designed part will make it look classy and stylish.

18.) Short Tight Curls Hairstyles for Men:

short tight curls hairstyles for men

This hairstyle calls out for all the men with kinky curls. It is easy to manage but will make you look handsome. It is highly recommended to use good shampoo and styling products.

19.) Comb Back Curly Hairstyles:

combed back curly hairstyles for men

This is one of the classiest and sexiest hairstyles for men. It is an excellent option for men who want to show off hyper-masculinity. Apply some styling gel and comb back your curly hair.

20.) Medium Tapered Hairstyle for Men:

medium tapered hairstyles for men

This is one of the classiest hairstyles for men. The temple fade and the undercut makes this style look eye-catching. It is a great choice for men blessed with curly hair.


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