20 Different Wavy Pixie Cuts


Summer has taken a speeding ticket so why not choose a haircut that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. Short haircuts offer a lot of versatility of styling. Short hairstyles can give you a bold, feminine and cute look. Pixie cuts have always been the first choice of many girls because there are 100 of ways to style a pixie. It is also a flattering option for women with textured hair. Classic icons and modern muses all are loving the cool choices that a pixie cut offers. Read this article to find out the collection of 20 wavy pixie cuts.

List of 20 Different Wavy Pixie Cuts:

1.) Wavy Disconnected Pixie Cuts:

wavy disconnected pixie wavy pixie cuts

This haircut is actually a beautiful mix of a pixie and bob. It is an excellent option for daring women with an adventurous spirit. It is suitable for most of the face shapes.

2.) Sassy Pixie for Wavy Hair:

sassy pixie for wavy hair wavy pixie cuts

This is one of the best wavy pixie cuts if you are willing to go short with your hair. The super short bangs and the beautiful facial features will spice up your overall appearance.

3.) Shaggy Layered Pixie Cuts:

shaggy layered pixie wavy pixie cuts

This soft and effortless cut is going to give you a super sexy look. These layered waves that fall on the forehead will beautifully frame your face.

4.) Wavy Pixie Cuts with a Quiff:

wavy pixie cuts with a quiff

This pixie style is perfect for a round face shape because the quiff adds height due to which the face looks longer. Quiff also makes this pixie trendy and different.

5.) Wavy Pixie with an Undercut:

wavy pixie with undercut wavy pixie cuts

This pixie style is perfect for women with thin hair as this haircut will make the hair look fuller and bouncy. Create loose curls and brush them in an upward direction to get amazing volume.

6.) Platinum Blonde Wavy Pixie with Side Bangs:

platinum blonde pixie with side bangs wavy pixie cuts

No doubt that neat and polished cuts make women noticeable, but a messy cut will give you a super cool and sexy look. This platinum blonde pixie is really going to turn heads.

7.) Side Swept Voluminous Wavy Pixie Cuts:

side swept voluminous wavy pixie cuts

Girls with thick hair should definitely take the advantage of this pixie cut. Use a good styling product to position the hair so that they stay in place all day.

8.) Multi-directional Wavy Pixie Cuts:

multidirectional wavy pixie cuts

This cool tousled style is not curly, but sloppy. Apply quality mousse on damp hair to get this creative look. It is a perfect style if you don’t want curly ringlets.

9.) Mid-Length Wavy Pixie:

mid length wavy pixie cuts

If you are bored with that standard short pixie, then go a little creative. The varying lengths in this pixie cut will give you a modern and stylish look. The sides are tapered and the top has longer hair.

10.) Strawberry Blonde Wavy Pixie:

strawberry blonde wavy pixie cuts

Wavy pixie offers more fun and variation than a straight pixie. The length, color, direction, etc. you have so many things to play with. This bold and different look will make you win many compliments.

11.) Closely Cropped Curls:

closely cropped curls wavy pixie cuts

This hairstyle is for all women who want to keep things simple. It is comfortable to wear and the morning styling becomes so easy. Use a styling gel to create this amazing look.

12.) Spiked Wavy Pixie Cuts:

spiked wavy pixie cuts

This spiked pixie style calls out for all the girls who want a cool and confident look. Excellent options for all kinds of hair textures. Style the hair on the top in a wild upward direction.

13.) Sweet and Sophisticated Wavy Pixie Cuts:

sweet and sophisticated wavy pixie cuts

This pixie cut calls out for all the women who don’t want to struggle with hair styling every morning. You just need a good styling product to create this dramatic side sweep.

14.) Texturized Bouncy Curls:

texturized bouncy curls wavy pixie cuts

Women with curly hair often struggle with hair styling. The long tapered version if a pixie makes the morning hair styling an easy task. Use a smoothing conditioner to keep the hair frizz free.

15.) Tapered Wavy Pixie:

tapered wavy pixie cuts

This tapered wavy pixie is very much in trend these days. Ask your hair stylist to taper the back and sides. The hair in the front is long. It is a right fit for most of the face shapes.

16.) Wavy Pixie with Long Side Bangs:

wavy pixie with long side bangs wavy pixie cuts

A bit of texture is all you need to enjoy this style. The combination of cropped style and long side bangs is really improbable. The incorporation of soft and sexy is very much in trend.

17.) Wild Tousled Waves:

wild tousled waves wavy pixie cuts

Loads of texture in this haircut will give you an awesome look.  A long pair of earrings and a bright red lipstick will complete your wild look. This messy look is very much in trend these days.

18.) Sassy Wavy Cut with Sweeping Bangs:

sassy wavy cut with sweeping bangs wavy pixie cuts

Brushing your wavy locks in different directions can give you a diva look. Sweep your bangs to one side and let them flow freely. It is a perfect hairstyle for thick-haired women who crave for volume.

19.) Asymmetrical Half-Shaved Wavy Pixie:

asymmetrical half shaved wavy pixie cuts

This asymmetrical half shaved pixie will give you a rebellion and lovely look at the same time. You have a variety of design options and shapes to try with the buzzed section of hair.

20.) Wavy Pixie Bob:

wavy pixie bob wavy pixie cuts

If you are looking for a comfortable and stylish look, then this is the right fit for you. It is an excellent choice for girls who want to wear a simple look.


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