20 Unique Side Braid Hairstyles


Jazz up your look with side braid hairstyles. It is best the cure for the long hair. If you want Rapunzel-like look then try these stunning side braids. Traditional braid is amazing but the side braid adds fun in your life. We have shared some sassy braided hairstyle idea which is truly inspirational. Here are 20 unique side braid hairstyles that you gonna love to try.

20 Unique Side Braid Hairstyles

1.) Bohemian Side Braid Hairstyle

 Beautiful braids are all about the strategic messiness and texture. The bohemian side braid hairstyles are one of the top side braid hairstyles. You can go with the hairstyle which is best for your road trips. Long hair is sexy, but it’s really painful when you untangle your hair so better to braid your hair to get rid of tricky problems. You can go for messy fishtail which is absolutely stunning.

bohemian side braid hairstyles

2.) Messy Twist Side Braid

When you’re looking for easy and best hairstyle then, try messy twist side braid. You can create this hairstyle at home without spending much effort. Go for only two things: twist and braid. In this hairstyle, you need to twist the front pieces of hair or you can twist your bangs to achieve this fabulous look. Take your all hair one side over the shoulder and braid it.

Messy twist side braid hairstyles

3.) Dutch Side Braid Hairstyle

 The dutch side braid hairstyle is one of the stunning side braid hairstyles. The style is fabulous and Stress-free. As you know dutch braid is very hard to learn and they look ravishing as French braid. You just need to tuck the right section under the middle section and the left to the right. Keep continue adds the hair into the section to make the perfect dutch side braid hairstyle.

dutch side braid hairstyles

4.) Inside Out Side French

French braid is one of the basic braid hairstyles. Don’t worry if you don’t know, how to create them as it is very easy hairstyle. the best thing about the French braid that you can hold it in the humid climate. A little practice is enough to make the perfect French braid hairstyle. You can add this hairstyle in your daily routine to avoid damage and breakage. The inside-outside French is one of the trendy side braid hairstyles.

cdutch side braid hairstyles

5.) Fishtail  Side Braid Hairstyle

Fishtail is fun and very popular hairstyle like classic braid and French braid. Fewer people know how making the fishtail braid. Rock your look with a fishtail braid hairstyle that makes you always on the top of trendiest style. The hairstyle looks best in medium to long hair. Rock your look with the fishtail side braid hairstyle. The fishtail side braid hairstyle is one of the latest side braid hairstyles which is truly eye-catching.

ccdutch side braid hairstyles

6.) Bubble Braided Hairstyle

The different and unique hairstyle looks fabulous. It is very hairstyle and doesn’t take much time to achieve. You just need to secure the braid hairstyle with a hair elastic to make the hairstyle sizzling. You can enhance your look with sassy jewelry and fancy dresses. Add highlights to your look to take the hairstyle to the next level. The bubble braided hairstyle is one of the striking side braid hairstyles.

bubble braided side braid hairstyles

7.) Mermaid Tail Side Braid Hairstyle

 Make the hairstyle pretty and sassy with mermaid tail side braid hairstyle. You just need to secure the braid to create the marvelous hairstyle. You need to create the chic tail mermaid braid. Just divide your hair into the two sections and properly braid them from both the sides with the help of bobby pins. The mermaid tail side braid hairstyle is one of the fetching side braid hairstyles.

Mermaid tail side braid hairstyles

8.) Lace Braid Hairstyle

A lace braid always looks beautiful and trendy. In this hairstyle, the lace braid wrap around the hair to create a simple ponytail. The hairstyle is best for the special occasion. Paired your look with fancy dresses and mesmerizing accessories. The lace braid hairstyle is one of the gorgeous side braid hairstyles.

lace braid side braid hairstyles

9.) Small Side Braid Hairstyle

Small braids are very much in trend. The hairstyle is very easy and best for the formal events. Those women who don’t want much effort, love this hairstyle. Add a wow factor to your look with the tiny French braid that gets tucked behind the ear. The hairstyle is best for the short hair.

clace braid side braid hairstyles

10.) Small Dutch Side Braid Hairstyle

Next time when you’re going to visit the salon, ask your hairstylist to add some color to your look. Add a few pink strands in your look to make the hairstyle gorgeous. You can opt for the strawberry blonde base. Go for side swept braids that look flawless and sassy in medium length hair.

Small dutch side braid hairstyles

11.) Loose Side Braid for Long Hair

The loose side braid for long hair is one of the ravishing side braid hairstyles. You can opt for this comfortable look which is easy to wear and stylish to flaunt.

cSmall dutch side braid hairstyles

12.) Knotted Messy Side Braid

The side braid hairstyle looks fabulous when you even next day hair. Paired the hairstyle with stunning dresses. The knotted messy side braid is one of the amazing side braid hairstyles.

ccSmall dutch side braid hairstyles

13.) Twisted Braid Hairstyle

The twisted braid hairstyle is one of the trendy side braid hairstyles. Embrace your look with a gorgeous braid that gets secure with elastic band.

Twisted side braid hairstyles

14.) Messy and Loose Side Braid

The messy and loose side braids are one of the striking side braid hairstyles. Once you’re done with the hairstyle and play around it all day.

messy and loose side braid hairstyles

15.) Big Side Braid

Everyone’s want to play with the volume and texture. You can see in the picture how big this braid, you can create a thick braid by pulling the braid it loose to create the illusion of thickness.

Big side braid hairstyles

16.) Loose Dutch Braid Hairstyle

The loose dutch braid hairstyle is one of the side braid hairstyles. Go for messy, relaxed and loose braid. You can go for the tail that can be messier and full of volume, which gets tucked with hair pins.

loose dutch braid side braid hairstyles

17.) Simple Knot Braid

The simple knot braid is one of the elegant side braid hairstyles. If you are mad about the crazy look, which is effortless and easy.

Simple knot side braid hairstyles

18.) Four Strand Side Braid

The flawless look is perfect for a bike ride or any picnic in the park. It looks perfect in medium to long hair. You can add this hairstyle in your daily routine.

Four side braid hairstyles

19.) Double Braid Messy Hairstyle

When you are opting for the natural hairstyle to maintain the loose and messy feel. The double braid messy hairstyle is one of the top side braid hairstyles.

double braid side braid hairstyles

20.) Lauren Conrad Side Braid

Lengthy locks give you classy and amazing vibes when you adds a personal touch to steal the show. If you have straight hair then you have the advantage to show off the hairstyle.

lauren conrade hairstyles side braid hairstyles


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