20 Fabulous Updos for Women


Updos are very much in trend. You can opt for drop dead gorgeous updos that surely reveals your inner beauty. You make your updos sensational by adding sassy highlights, accessories, and makeup. We have shared 20 fabulous updos for women that will surely blow your mind.

20 Fabulous Updos for Women

1.) Elegant Twist Updo

The elegant twist updo is one of the stunning updos for women. You can flaunt your sassy highlighted locks that take the look to the next level. Make your look fantastic by adding a loose twist that creates overall simple and sleek effects. Paired the look with elegant gowns and sassy accessories to steal the show.

elegant twist updos for women

2.) Easy Braided Updo

The gorgeous updo is reminding of a medieval princess with a loose French braid that gets tucked in the bottom for completely pull up look. Embrace this updo with wispy bangs that look absolutely stunning. The style is best for those women who doesn’t have much time to make any hairstyle. The easy and simple braided updo is a nice idea for your daily routine.

Easy braided updos for women

3.) Accent Braid Prom Updo

Accent Braid prom updo is cute and feminine. The hairstyle is best for your prom look when you decide to go wild and crazy. You can opt for this hairstyle which is very simple and pretty. In this hairstyle,  the curly messy bun with accent braid and face framing wisp of hair look extremely sassy. The accent braid prom updo is one of the stylish updos for women.

accent braid prom updos for women

4.) Messy Bun with Long Side Pieces

Opt for a cute prom look, that looks fabulous with any dresses. Go for side French braid near the crown area and with fabulous curly messy bun. You can add teased poof at the back and curled long side pieces that look extremely beautiful. Wear your amazing earring and pretty makeup to make the look sensational.

xaccent braid prom updos for women

5.) Knotted Bun Updo

Look amazing with a deep side part. You can easily achieve this look in your wavy and long hair. The elegant hairstyle is very simple to style and looks extremely sassy at normal events. It is a very durable hairstyle and needs low maintenance. Paired the look with elegant dresses for a sensational look. The knotted bun updo is one of the top updos for women.

knotted bun updo updos for women

6.) Elegant Curled Prom Style

If you are looking for hairstyles that look stunning on your big day, then try elegantly curled prom style. The hairstyle is little tricky, so it’s better to go salon for the perfect look. Ask your hairstyle for curled and pinned style that truly astounding. Don’t forget to put spray after completing hairstyle. Paired the look with strapless dresses to flaunt your shoulders.

elegant curled prom style updos for women

7.) Long Cascading Curls

Long cascading curls are one the updos for women. In this hairstyle, sassy ponytail with tons of volume that look wonderful with gorgeous dresses. Make your look sensational with dangly earrings that absolutely stunning. The long cascading curls are one of the stunning updos for women. Hairstyle looks best on fair skin tone.

long cascading curls updos for women

8.) Classic French Twist

French twist comes in those hairdos that never get out of the trend. The style is extremely beautiful and takes your fewer efforts. You can make this loose bun last long by adding a spray in the hairstyle before you start securing your hair with the hair pin. The updo also flaunts your sassy highlights that look wonderful on any women.

classic french twist updos for women

9.) Tousled Updo for Long Hair

The tousled updo for long hair is one of the elegant updos for women. Add flowing wisps and imperfect waves in your look that make the hairstyle sensational. Get this look with a French twist by wrapping the separate strands around the base and that goes towards the nape of the neck. Add embellishment to your look with stylish accessories.

tousled updos for women

10.) Teased updo with Cute Headband

If you are looking for cute and pretty updo, then try teased updo with the cute headband. The hairstyle looks super cute, even go with your formal look. Make your hairdo with full volume by teasing the strands. Don’t forget to wear the headband to rock the dance floor.

teased updo with cute headband updos for women

11.) Beautiful Twisted Updo

The simple and elegant updo is beautiful enough to take all attention you. You can make this elegant updo by twisting the ends and securing it with a hairpin. It looks wonderful bun with a fabulous texture. The beautiful twisted updo is one of the ravishing updos for women.

beautiful twisted updos for women

12.) Messy Texture, Elegant Shape

Messy locks give you appealing look and highly following in the trend. You just need to create a messy and volume in the hairstyle by teasing the roots of the hair. Don’t overuse the comb, just set it with finger combing.

Messy texture elegant shape updos for women

13.) Chignon with Poof

Get this elegant hairstyle, when hair poof combined with elegant grace of chignon which becomes a winning combination. Paired the look with smoky eyes and striking dresses.

Chignon with poof updos for women

14.) Easy Wrapped Updo

The cute, modern and stylish look is perfect for all hair types. You can achieve this look by setting your hair with hair spray and bobby pins.

easy wrapped updos for women

15.) Ultimate Elegant Updo

Sometimes elegant updos are daunting and take some time. But you can achieve this look easily. In this hairstyle, you need to divide your hair into 3 sections. The ultimate elegant updo is one of the fabulous updos for women.

Ultimate elegant updos for women

16.) Super fast chignon

When you don’t have time to maintain your hair, then go for simple and gorgeous updo. Opt for a stunning hairdo that goes well with straight and sleek hair. Secure the hairstyle with bobby pins for the perfect look.

Super fast chignon updos for women

17.) Elegant Side Bun Updo with a Braid

You can achieve any updo easily on damp hair. In this wedding inspired updo, you need start French braiding above the ear and running away the sideways to the nape of the neck for the gorgeous look.

Elegant side bun with braid updos for women

18.)  No frill Elegant Updo

The updo is elegant and stylish for everyday look. Add this hairstyle in your daily routine and decorate it with accessories on a special occasion.

No frill elegant updo updos for women

19.) Gorgeous Waved Updo for Hair

Sassy highlights and wavy hair is the perfect combination to achieve this look. The gorgeous waved updo for hair is one of the fabulous updos for women.

Gorgeous waved updo updos for women

20.) Dutch Braid Prom Updo

Dutch Braid prom updo is one of the updos for women. In this hairstyle, the braid joins the braided bun which is extremely eye catching.

dutch braid prom updos for women


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