20 Hot Black Braided Hairstyle


Braided hairstyles are easy and best way to forget to about the styling for days. These stunning styles not only look stylish but also give your hair a rest from the harsh environment. The style not only creative but for also extremely attractive. You can opt for any desirable style that surely offers you thickness and volume. Here are 20 black braided hairstyles that surely inspires you.

20 Hot Black Braided Hairstyle

1.) Bold Triangle Parted Box Braid

Braid hairstyle is very in trend in women. These are highly fashionable and look absolutely stunning. One of the best ways to make the style sensational by changing the size of the braid. Paired your look with casual outfits. The bold triangle parted box braid is one of the top black braided hairstyles. Pull off the look with amazing shades.

cbold triangle parted box braid

2.) Long Braids for Thick Hair

The long braids for thick hair are one of the sassy black braided hairstyles. If you are adding extra length, then add chunky black braid that looks lovely on long hair. As short hair can slip or cause too much attention. It also protects your hair from damage and breakage. The long braids for thick hair are stunning one black braided hairstyle.

long braids for thick hair black braided hairstyles

3.) Braided Ponytail

This hairstyle is best to create interesting protective styles. Braiding hairstyle makes your hair heavy when you weave it individual plaits. Magnify your look with the high ponytail that won’t pull your edges. Wear your sassy jewelry to take the hairstyle to the next level. Pull off your look with cropped top and denim jegging. The braided ponytail is one of the dazzling black braided hairstyles.

braided ponytail black braided hairstyles

4.) Centre Parted Crown with Fishtail

They are highly popular with the name of boxer braid. The hairstyle gives you confidence and spirit to achieve any goal. As the hairstyle is very common, but highly followed by the black women. You can opt for fishtail braid to take the style to the next level. Add a wow factor platinum blonde highlights to get the double charm from this look.

center parted crown fishtail black braided hairstyles

5.) Wavy Straight Black Braids

The style is very classic and reveals your charming personality. Wavy straight black braid straight back looks. The amazing braid hairdo doesn’t take your much time. You just need to add a soft twist and curvy parts to create a wavy appearance. You can add this hairstyle in your daily routine. The wavy straight black braids are one of the ravishing black braided hairstyles.

wavy straight hair black braided hairstyles

6.) Jumbo Coils with Braids

Go for the standard bun, you can add design in your hairstyle to create a flawless pattern. The style is best for the wedding occasion or any special occasion. You just simply divide your hair into sections and weave them. pull all the braids up and secure it into the big bun for a royal look. You can add chunky highlights to your look to make the style sensational.

jumbo coil braids black braided hairstyles

7.) Braided Updo Hairstyle with Curls for Short Hair

It is not necessary to rock the style fully. The hairstyle is gorgeous and needs low maintenance. In this hairstyle, you need to braid the back and leave room in the front for bouncy curl. The style works best short to medium hair. As the hairstyle doesn’t require longer hair to complete. You can wear your strapless dresses and fetch earrings that look wonderful.

braided updo hairstyles with curls for short hair black braided hairstyles

8.) Snake Braids

Create long and curvy braid which are not like typical cornrow. You can add snake braid that braids hair closely to the scalp. Enhance your look with the golden braid that looks absolutely lovely. The snake braids are one of the amazing braided hairstyles.

snake braid black braided hairstyles

9.) Jumbo Double Twisted Updo

You can find the simple updo for the natural hair. The hairstyle is best for the women who crave for glamor in life. Black women pull off this look nicely. You just have to give five minutes to get the perfect jumbo double twisted updo. It is suitable for medium to a long length of hair.

Jumboo double twisted black braided hairstyles

10.) Ghana Braid Bun

 You can create braids all over the head to add interest in your look. When you are looking for the simple and classy look, then go for a braided bun with two plaits and a curved part. As these braids are created by added hair so you don’t have to bother about the length of hair.

Ghana braid bun black braided hairstyles

11.) Braid and Side Bang

Braid and side bang is one of the amazing black braided hairstyles. In this hairstyle, you need to use the longer portion of the hair to create amazing braids and you can add hair in the section to get the amazing grip in the hairstyle.

braid with side bangs black braided hairstyles

12.) Mixed Braid Updo for Black Hair

Looking for the fun hairstyle which is best suitable for the formal event. You can add different braids of different sizes to make the style magnificent.

Mixed braid updo for black hair black braided hairstyles

13.) Classy Updo for Black Hair

Style can be achieved with goddess braids in the braided updo. You just have to make a bun and secure it properly. The classy updo for black hair is one of the sassy black braided hairstyles.

classy updo black braided hairstyles

14.) Criss-Crossed Braids with Feed in Cornrows

Plain braid is very common and boring, just upgrade your braided hairstyle with crisscrossed braids with feed in cornrows. Don’t forget to wear earrings!

criss crossed braid with feed in cornrow black braided hairstyles

15.) Braids with Curves

You can create designs in your hairstyle without shaving or go for a dye job. Just for braids with curves which is one of the best black braided hairstyles.

ccriss crossed braid with feed in cornrow black braided hairstyles

16.) Bulky Braided Crown Braid

One of the trendy and largely followed styles for the women. It can be achieved by adding length and texture to the look.

cccriss crossed braid with feed in cornrow black braided hairstyles

17.) Twisted Updo with Blonde Highlights

Flaunt your updo with sassy highlights. You can pump the volume of the style with an amazing bouffant in the front. Paired your look with big earrings.

ccccriss crossed braid with feed in cornrow black braided hairstyles

18.) Updo with Cornrows and Twists

The updo with cornrows and twists is one of the dazzling black braided hairstyles. for this hairstyle, you don’t need to twist or braid your hair, just blend two together for a phenomenal look.

updo with cornrow and twist black braided hairstyles

19.) Updo with Forwarded Braided Bun

Don’t get bored with the same black hairstyle. Opt for voluminous loosely braided updo with an electric twist for a better and a different look.

Updo with forward braided bun black braided hairstyles

20.) Large High Bun with a Headband

Large high bun with a headband is one of the amazing black braided hairstyles. Go for dye ends and a headband that takes the look to the next level.

Updo with forward braided bun black braided hairstyles


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