20 Cute French Braid Ponytails


French braid is a cool and fashionable hairstyle. You can choose to braid your hair wholly or partly. You can also create so many possibilities. If you get tired of making your usual hairstyle. or you want to change you can go to splendid and admiring French braid. A French braid can enhance the look of the simple ponytail. In this article you will see cute french braid ponytails suggestion.

Top 20 Cute French Braid Ponytails

1.) Loosely-Braided style

When you want to try something new hairstyle, then go for this hairstyle. Try loose French braid that stops at the nape, then pull in a pony holder and you will be ready to go. This hairstyle can work in anything casual and informal.

Loosely Braided style french braid ponytails

2.) Sculptural punky ponytail

In this hairstyle, take the section off the top part of the hair and add tight French braid on both sides, then tease your hair as you dare.

sculptural punky ponytail french braid ponytails

3.) Double French braid crown

The looseness of this look is the heart of this hairstyle. To make this hairstyle create double French braid on both sides and make loose ponytail. This is one of the best french braid ponytails.

double French braid crown french braid ponytails

4.) Flowy side Braid

This side French braid is full of romance. To create this look you need to work with a loose tension and medium sections of the hair at the crown, bring the braid along one side and down to the nape. You can make unique to this hairstyle by choosing a fishtail braid to everything together.

Flowy Side Braid french braid ponytails

5.) Unique braided updo

This is something unique hairstyle which you can wear on special occasion. In this hairstyle, a teased poof makes for a fresh formal look but the heart of this hairstyle is definitely the curls of ponytail.

Unique Braided Up-Do french braid ponytails

6.) Creative side ponytail

The braid into a ponytail can be interpreted but this is something unlike and creative. The smaller French braid at the crown creates a headband effect to this look. You must try this hairstyle, you will definitely look gorgeous.

Creative Side Ponytail french braid ponytails

7.) French braid with bubbles

If you have long hair, then this hairstyle will definitely work for you. If you want so you can add a twist to the ponytail. Braid just a small top section to add as decoration to the bubbles. This is one of the best french briad ponytials

French briad with bubbles french braid ponytails

8.) Charmingly soft ponytail

A French braid to your ponytail can add a lot volume to your hair. you can spray your hair with the texturizing spray or tea salt spray, then tease the back of your hair and keep the briad low while pulling in sections of hair from your part. You will have flowing locks.

Charmingly Soft Ponytail french braid ponytails

9.) Triple braid style

This is one of the beautiful French braid ponytails. To get this look braid three individual sections all the way down and tease the hair behind them and make a perfect pony.

Triple Braid Style french braid ponytails

10.) Perfectly messy braid style

Braided ponytails are such a great way to show off highlights and lowlights. This look is amazing and you must try this look at least once.

Perfectly Messy Braid Style french braid ponytails

11.) Diagonally braided ponytail

This is something unique ponytail hairstyle that has rarely done before. To make this hairstyle start with the progress along the diagonal and secure it with a single side ponytail.

Diagonally Braided Ponytail french braid ponytails

12.) Braided glam hairstyle

French braid that is loose adds extra height on top. This hairstyle is amazing, you can wear this hairstyle in special occasion. To keep the look sassy and glam put the pony up high.

Braided Glam Hairstyle french braid ponytails

13.) French braid with curls

If you have expert braiding skills, then you can wear this hairstyle. to make this hairstyle, grab small sections of hair at a time. This hairstyle is amazing you will definitely look gorgeous in this hairstyle.

French Braid with Curls french braid ponytails

14.) Artistically undone braid

No manner how many pictures you have searched through, you will not have encounter a braided ponytail like this. this is one of the best French braid ponytails.

Artistically Undone Braid french braid ponytails

15.) Regal Braided updo

For a formal look that is unique and classy, try a front braid that starts at the front and then wraps around a high ponytail.

Regal Braided Up-Do french braid ponytails

16.) Cute and carefree ponytail

This is very cute hairstyle. The braided are attached to the ponytail to enhance the look of the pony. You should try this hairstyle. this is one of the best French braid ponytails.

Cute and Carefree Ponytail french braid ponytails

17.) Fiercely braided to perfection

In this hairstyle, you need to make tight cornrows style braid at the temples with a perfectly straight high ponytail for a fabulously confident style. You can wear this hairstyle for a super fun day to a sexy night out.

Fiercely Braided to Perfection french braid ponytails

18.) Long elegant ponytail

In this hairstyle, the braid at the temple adds a decorative element that separates the upper section of the hair from the sleek under part. This is an amazing French braid ponytail.

Long Elegant Ponytail french braid ponytails

19.) Intricate and adorable French braid

To make this hairstyle, you need to part hair down the middle as if you were going for the pigtail. Then do waterfall braid, then drop the strand at the top instead of the bottom. Braid those dropped strands together, concealing the center part.

Intricate and Adorable French Braid french braid ponytails

20.) Fantastical French braid

This French braid is incredible. Waterfall French braid is created in the center and on the very sides, then join them in between. This is one of the best French braid ponytails.

Fantastical French Braid french braid ponytails


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