20 Mohawk Hairstyles for Men


Mohawk hairstyles for men prove to be rebellious and outlandish hairstyle. There are plenty of ways are there to rock the Mohawk hairstyle.  You can wear Mohawk casually and formally. Whether you are looking for the shaved sides of your head or a fauxhawk hairstyle, we have shared some amazing Mohawk hairstyles for men that are truly inspiring.

20 Mohawk Hairstyles for Men

1.) Shaved Sides with Top Knot

The androgynous style is perfect for the men. In this hairstyle, the hair gets extremely short on the sides and v-shaped patch at the top which makes it goal achieved hairstyle. Create V shape patch at the top and make a pull off into the stylish knot with the length of the hair. You can flaunt your stylish tattoos with shaved side with the top knot.

shaved with side top knot mohawk hairstyles for men

2.) Sharp Skin Fade with Neat Combover

If you really want edgy Mohawk hairstyle, which is unique and trendy then go for sharp skin fade with a neat combover. Just visit your favorite hairstylist to create fresh lines with undercut supporting the longer hair at the top. Make sure you have clean the shaved side from the sides and back of the head. The sharp skin fade with neat combover is one of the trendy Mohawk hairstyles for men.

Sharp skin fade with neat combover mohawk hairstyles for men

3.) Natural Curls with Fade Shave

The Centre sections of the head maintain the natural curls. In this hairstyle, the curls left on the nape of the neck all the way up to your hairline. In this hairstyle, the hair on the sides has been fade shave with a precise line around the sideburns. You will get the completely amazing natural look that is best for the African American men who love sports and curls.

natural curls with fade shave mohawk hairstyles for men

4.) Long Hair, Full Beard, and Undercuts

Paired your amazing tattoos with astonishing Mohawk look, which look marvelous not only in the picture but in reality also. You don’t have to do much in order to achieve the stylish look. You just need to grow your hair long and add undercuts to take the style to the next level. The long hair, bull beard and undercuts are one of the stunning Mohawk styles for men. Keep the sides trimmed for perfect Mohawk look.

long hair, full beard and shaved side mohawk hairstyles for men

5.) Real Shaved Mohawk

This is going to best mohawk hairstyles. In this hairstyle, the true blue original templates with central sectioned that get styles into spikes with ultra strong gel. As the same time, the sides get completely shaved to achieve the real shaved Mohawk. You can clearly flaunt your tattoos with this hairstyle. The real shaved Mohawk is one of the best Mohawk hairstyles for men.

Real shaved mohawk hairstyles for men

6.) Short and Curly Mohawk

Some Mohawk hairstyle needs heavy duty upkeep and major product to maintain the hairstyle. you can flaunt your natural curls with sides of head featuring a faded style. it’s a simple addition to the look which enhances the overall appearance. The short and curly Mohawk hairstyles are one of the sassy Mohawk hairstyles for men.

short and curly mohawk mohawk hairstyles for men

7.) Short Haircut with Tapered Fade

If you are one of those men who prefer styling as natural as possible and take minimal use of styling products, then this is the best for you. Go to your hairstylist and tell them to create a precise hairline and a tapered fade on both the sides. You need to leave the central section of the hair a bit longer and trimmed short at the back.

Short haircut with tapered fade mohawk hairstyles for men

8.) Short Hair with Geometric Pattern

Who says short Mohawk hairstyle can’t be bold or different? You should check this out. In this hairstyle, the main quiff gets neatly trimmed. You can show off the funky shaved lines which highlighted the faded triangular sections.

Short hair with geometric pattern mohawk hairstyles for men

9.) Rainbow Colored Low Mohawk

The rainbow colored low Mohawk look stunning on the festival seasons. The style is best for the person who really wants to stand out from the crowd. You just need to divide your hair into different sections and go for the dye job.

Rainbow colored mohawk hairstyles for men

10.) Dutch Braid/ Cornrow Mohawk

The dutch braid with cornrow Mohawk is one of the super Mohawk hairstyles. You just need to combine your long with Mohawk that looks absolutely ravishing.

Dutch braid mohawk hairstyles for men

11.) Real Dramatic Mohawk

Wearing a Mohawk dramatic is making a statement. The hairstyle is best for those who are looking for the edgy and completely polished look. If you have straight hair then you have the advantage to rock the look.

Real dramatic hairstyles for men

12.) Thick and Stark

Wearing Mohawk in in thin hair is a fun option that looks absolutely amazing on ethnic hair. to achieve the best look, you need to create a Mohawk shape with the help of hair product.

thick and stark mohawk hairstyles for men

13.) Purposefully Patchy

If you don’t like much hair or bald look then this Mohawk is perfect for you. The look is something that works best for you. it requires very less maintenance and doesn’t even make you look so professional.

Purposely patch mohawk hairstyles for men

14.) Light and Messy Mohawk Hairstyles

The look is perfect for the men who have fine hair. Mohawk hairstyle gives you edgy look without making your hair overly thin. The light and messy Mohawk hairstyle are one of the smashing Mohawk hairstyles for men.

Light and messy mohawk hairstyles for men

15.) Black Mohawk

The afro look is best for the men who have dense ethnic hair texture. It allows you to touch the root while adding benefit to your popular style.

black mohawk hairstyles for men

16.) Tapered and Curled

The Mohawk hairstyle is good in the case of light edgy on the formal events. The complete polished look is best for the red carpet. You can get this amazing texture by rolling your hair on curling iron.

tapered and curled hairstyles for men

17.) Messy and Angular Mohawk

Those who are looking for the grunge hairstyle should go for messy and angular Mohawk. It is one of the Mohawk hairstyles for men.

Messy and angular mohawk hairstyles for men

18.) Wet and Wild

Wet and wild hair, always give you the illusion of after shower hair and goes with the trend. For the perfect look, you simply need to hold hair gel from the roots to tip and allow it to dry.

wet mohawk hairstyles for men

19.) Short and Sweet

The short and sweet look is perfect for those who doesn’t want any commitment of Mohawk with shaved sides. It is one of the marvelous Mohawk hairstyles for men.

short and sweet mohawk hairstyles for men

20.) Textured Mohawk with Extra Height

The side swept Mohawk is the great way to flaunt your face visually. You need to simply apply the pomade by holding, teasing and comb it to the side.

textured mohawk with extra height mohawk hairstyles for men


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