Latest Braided Mohawks


Mohawk inspired hairstyle widely following the trend. These hairstyles are not only the taste of rock stars or shied away anymore. A mohawk hairstyle comes in different version every year. We recognize the braided Mohawk look is the most stylish look ever. Here are latest braided mohawks hairstyles that are extremely sassy.

Latest Braided Mohawks

1.) Pretty In Pink

Freshen up your look by adding fun color like cotton candy pink. If pink is not your choice, opt for bold turquoise or hot red color that look mind blowing on short height girls. Go for smoky eyes and pretty pink lipstick that look wonderful on the cute face. It is suitable for medium to long length hair. The pretty in pink is one of the trendy braid mohawks.

pretty pink braided mohawks

2.) Elsa Inspired

White and gray hair is highly in trend, especially in young women. Pull off the look with sassy Mohawk with braids or chunky highlights that look mind boggling. The hairstyle seems to be difficult, few but it takes Just few seconds to achieve this look. You can wear this hairstyle casually and formally. The elsa inspired is one of the sassy braided Mohawks.

Elsa inspired braided mohawks

3.) Embellished Hair

Try mohawk hairstyle which is truly fun. Add sparkling accessories that looks mind blowing on natural hair. You can add bright highlights in your look to make the hairstyle alluring. Go natural during the day and wear bright accessories when you are going for night out. The embellished hair is one of the adorable braided Mohawks.

Embellished hair braided mohawks

4.) Cluster of Braids

If you are in love with Mohawk hairstyle, but afraid to opt for permanent look, then try cluster braids.In this hairstyle, you need to go for part sides into tight and small braids and leave the remaining hair into loose coiled plaits. Add fun to your look with temporary hair color that absolutely mind boggling. The cluster of braid is one of the trendy braided Mohawks.

cluster of braids braided mohawks

5.) Sweet and Twisty

Mohawk braid doesn’t have to extremely dramatic. The sweet and twisty hairstyle goes well with formal hairdo. To achieve this look, you need to have bobby pins, spray and medium length of hair. Deepen your look with fetching accessories and amazing eye makeup that look super gorgeous on any women. You can opt this hairstyle on a special occasion with some wisome hair accessories.

Sweety and twisty braided mohawks

6.) French Braid with a Twist

The hairstyle works best on long hair. Opt for French braid/ Mohawk fusion that will really turn many head. Longer and thicker hair pulls off the look nicely. Make your hairstyle even more beautiful with balayage ombre. Go for ear piercing that will completely visible in the with French braid with a twist. The French braid with a twist is one of the top braided Mohawks.

french braid with twist braided mohawks

7.) Half Hawk

When you want to leave your hair flowing free without driving you crazy all the day. You just need to simply braid French braid in the center portion very tightly and leave a gorgeous messy bun at the crown area. The half hawk is one of the amazing braided Mohawks.

half hawk braided mohawks

8.) Neon Style

You can get plenty of different Mohawk hairstyle with different forms. Try something different with neon looks. Chose bright hue like pink that look amazing as they are glow hair color. The neon style is one of the dazzling braided Mohawks.

neon braided mohawks

9.) Etched Design

Go for an edgier hairstyle with undercut or undershave. Get the girly design that looks completely feminine when you opt for butterfly, flower, heart or other design that makes a statement along with beautiful curls. The etched design is one of the mind blowing braided Mohawks.

etched design braided mohawks

10.) Goddess Inspired

Go for Faux hawk by braiding hair into long bubble braids. You need to reverse some side strands for tiny braids that works absolutely like magic. Apply sprays on your hairstyle and be ready to turn as many heads. You can wear strapless or sleeveless dresses to pull off the look. The goddess inspired is one of the top braided Mohawks.

goddess inspired braids braided mohawks

11.) A Rainbow of Beauty

Braided Mohawk hairstyle is ideal for every look. You can see in the picture, cornrow get colored according to hue like magenta, white and teal. If you are looking for colorful hairstyle that gathered up at the top of the head into the direction of Mohawk. You can enhance your look with ear piercing that look best long hair.

A rainbow beauty braided mohawks

12.) Edgy Ombre

If you are stuck in the beauty of ombre that needs creativity, try edgy ombre. Try this edgy look with the modern color job. You can opt for braiding hair in the Mohawk hairstyle by leaving the remaining hair straight.

edgy ombre braided mohawks

13.) Multi-Braid Brilliance

If you don’t want to stick with the hairstyle that goes straight down to the center. In this hairstyle, Mohawk into an updo and add fun in the side braid that are smaller and easily get into braided Mohawk.  The hairstyle is best for hot summer days and look extremely gorgeous in medium to long hair. The multi-braid brilliance is one of the gorgeous braided Mohawks.

multibraid brillance braided mohawks

14.) Quick and Simple

Enhance your look with French braid hair that effectively gather into cascade ponytail. The hairstyle is best for thick hair that doesn’t need to be extremely long.

Quick and simple braided mohawks

15.) Braided Mohawk with a Weave

Sometimes Mohawk hairstyles come with weaving the hair. You can opt for beautiful side cornrow and  the lush central part that which is truly fun and crazy.

braided mohawk with weave braided mohawks


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