Fancy Natural Hair Mohawk Hairstyles


Mohawk hairstyles offer plenty of real hair styling options along with the promise of protection. These hairstyles are best for African American as they have a mind blowing texture that works well to get the Mohawk look. Here we have shared fancy natural hair Mohawk hairstyles which are marvelous.

Fancy Natural Hair Mohawk Hairstyles:

1.) Lady in Red

You can turn your natural hairstyle in Mohawk hairstyles with afro hair texture. To achieve the specific hawk, you don’t have to give the shape, but the dye job can help you to achieve the Mohawk hairstyle. Go for red-orange that bring a whole lot of difference in the hairstyle. The lady in red is one of the natural hair Mohawk hairstyles. Black women pull off this hairstyle gorgeously.

lady red natural hair mohawk hairstyles

2.) Garden of Color

It’s not necessary that the natural Mohawk hairstyle can be achieved only with natural hair, but it you can also get it with trendy and unique hair color. Try bright Fuschia or flower inspired hair color that looks lovely and also accentuates frohawk. Go with dark base that makes the Mohawk different. Try some amazing make up and sassy jewelry with the look.

Garden of color natural hair mohawk hairstyles

3.) Circus Fro

When we talk about the natural Mohawk hairstyle, try circus fro hairstyle. The hairstyle look similar to clown hairstyle in the circus. You get this hairstyle with frizz or uneven color. Get a whimsical look with natural curly hair texture. Go for dark roots and lighter ends that look absolutely ravishing in natural curly texture.

cirus fro natural hair mohawk hairstyles

4.) Unique Mohawk Styles

Get this unique Mohawk style with dark roots and temporary hair color, Get the most polished look with dark tresses and bold beautiful hair color. The hairstyle looks best on fair skin tone. Go with arched eyebrows and light makeup to pull off the look nicely. Unique Mohawk style is one of the astonishing natural hair Mohawk hairstyle. Wear your fetching jewelry to get the mesmerizing look.

Unique mohawk hairstyle natural hair mohawk hairstyles

5.) Natural Beauty

Natural Mohawk is fun to wear and gorgeous to watch. If you are born with curly texture than this hairstyle is an advantage for you. Go with curly texture that look wild and crazy, when style the hairstyle  in Mohawk way. Wear winsome jewelry to take the look to the next level. Go for a nose piercing and tattoos to take the look to the next level.

Natural beauty natural hair mohawk hairstyles

6.) Color with Style

Get a dramatic look with half blonde and half black hair that take your look to the next level. You can see in the picture how lovely the braided Mohawk style. If you will find it complicated then visit to near salon to achieve the perfect look. Paired your look with a big piece of earrings. The color with style is one of the outstanding natural hair Mohawk hairstyles.

Color with style natural hair mohawk hairstyles

7.) Free and Lovely

Keep the flow of curls in Mohawk hairstyle. Just try a natural Mohawk hairstyle which is free and flow in the air. Paired the look with dazzling accessories and amazing casual top. Arched eyebrows and sassy pink lipstick. The hairstyle looks best on every skin tone. Free and lovely is one of the natural hair mohawk hairstyles.

free and lovely natural hair mohawk hairstyles

8.) Purple Rain

Mohawk styles are not solely about the cut, but the vibrant hair color also magnifies the look. The purple rain is one of the incredible natural hair Mohawk hairstyle. Go for the astonishing purple that give you confidence and power to flaunt the look. When purple combines with Mohawk hairstyle, it looks truly sensational.

purple rain natural hair mohawk hairstyles

9.) Cornrow with Bounce

When you combine cornrow with featuring mohawk braids that look mind boggling. In natural hairstyle, the Mohawk is tricky and not get easily controlled. For mesmerizing look, braiding the side section of the hair create sassy statement. The cornrow with bounce is one of the glorious natural hair Mohawk style. The hairstyle is best for cool parties.

cornrow braid natural hair mohawk hairstyles

10.) Cropped Cut

If you love short natural haircut that get your hair cut close to scalp then try cropped cut. The cropped cut is one of the fantastic natural hair Mohawk hairstyle. For Mohawk look, raise the natural tight coil that needs low maintenance. Embrace this look with accessories.

cropped cut mohawk hairstyle natural hair mohawk hairstyles

11.) Braided Mohawk with Bantu Knots

Braiding your scalp close to the scalp makes a sensational Mohawk hairstyle for natural hairstyle. The braided Mohawk with Bantu knots is one of the trendy natural hair Mohawk hairstyle.

Braided mohawk with bantu knots natural hair mohawk hairstyles

12.) Simple and Classy Frohawk

Get this fantastic look without any complication. To get the Mohawk look,  you just have to sleek sides vertically up and fix the tresses securely.

Simple and classic frohawk natural hair mohawk hairstyles

13.) Bold Highlighted Mohawk

You can get this stunning Mohawk hairstyle with the help of the bold highlighted. It is one of the fabulous natural Mohawk hairstyle.

bold highlighted mohawk highlights natural hair mohawk hairstyles

14.) Fabulous Braided Mohawk

You can achieve Mohawk hairstyle by working with fabulous braid and numerous curves. The fabulous braided Mohawk is one of the amazing natural Mohawk hairstyle.

fabulous braided mohawk hairstyle natural hair mohawk hairstyles

15.) Twisted Mohawk with Spider Braiding Hairstyle

The hairstyle is best for the wedding, proms and parties. Elegant look brights your facial feature. It is one of the mind-blowing natural Mohawk hairstyles.

twisted mohawk hairstyle natural hair mohawk hairstyles


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