20 Stunning Mohawk Hairstyles


Are you looking for a drop dead gorgeous Mohawk hairstyle? If yes, this article is for you. We have some rebellious and outlandish Mohawk hairstyle that force that persuades you for these look. These hairstyles go with your formal and casual look. In this article, we have shared mohawk hairstyle according to length of hair and hair texture. Here are 20 stunning Mohawk hairstyles.

20 Stunning Mohawk Hairstyles:

1.) High Fade with Up Sweep

The look will change you completely. If you are looking for half skater boy and half punk look, try high fade with up sweep. The hairstyle is perfect for the young and cool men. High fade with upsweep is one of the mohawk hairstyles. In the hairstyle, the both the sides get faded. The look is incomplete without the facial hair that adds grace to your face.  It is best suitable for the cool skin tone.

high fade with up sweep mohawk hairstyles

2.) Sharp Skin Fade with Neat Combover

Hunting for a dishy Mohawk hairstyle. The sharp skin fades with neat combover is one of the stunning Mohawk hairstyles. Enhance the look with a sharp line to the undercut that goes to the top longer hair. Leave both sides completely shaven to achieve the look. At last, style the longer section up and back with the help of hair products and hair spray for the perfect look.

3.) Natural Curls with Fade Shave

You can see in the picture, how stunning it looks on black men. You can go for this hairstyle by keeping the curls in the central section. While both the sides get completely clear and shaved. Natural curls with fade shave are one of the Mohawk hairstyles. Enhance it with a precise line around the sideburns to get the complete look.

Natural curls with fade shave mohawk hairstyles

4.) Long Hair, Full beard, and Undercut

Long hair, full beard, and undercut are the three keys required for the stud muffin look. It is one of the Mohawk hairstyles that you must try. Pair your hairstyle with smashing tattoos on your body. The look is not very difficult like it seems, you just need to grow your longer with an undercut. Trimmed both the side to get the full look. It is best suitable for muscular men.

long hair full beard and undercut mohawk hairstyles

5.) Real Shaved Mohawk

The hairstyle is a perfect example of Mohawk hairstyle. In the hairstyle, the central section styled in a beautiful way into tall spikes. Use hair gel so that the tall spike remains in the same position. And both the sides get completely shaved which add fire in the hairstyle. You can see the true picture of the Mohawk style in this picture.

Real shave mohawk mohawk hairstyles

6.) Short Curly Mohawk

You can get the Mohawk style in any length or in any texture. The short curly Mohawk is one of the Mohawk hairstyles. Generally, mostly Mohawk hairstyle needs hair spray and hair gel so that it will stay in the same position for long. But this style is not daunting and easy to maintain. Flaunt your naturally curly hair with faded sides. Add a straight-edged undercut at the hairline to get the complete flawless look.

Short curly mohawk mohawk hairstyles

7.) Upswept Cut with Taper Fade

The hairstyle reminds us of rappers, Try this hairstyle to get the neat and clean look. The upswept cut with taper fade is one of the Mohawk hairstyles for men. For this length, you need a few inches of hair at the top. In this hairstyle, the top of the hair sheared toward the back side and both faded on the sides turn into taper fade.

Upswept curls with tapers sides mohawk hairstyles

8.) Afro Mohawk for Black Guy

Afro are lucky in the volume and naturally curly hair. It’s a traditional hairstyle which is still a beautiful part of Mohawk hairstyles. Afro Mohawk hairstyle for the black guy is one of the Mohawk hairstyles for men. In this hairstyle, both sides are left unshaven but get trimmed to achieve this look. And the central section of the remain is in the same texture of fro.

Afro mohawk for black men mohawk hairstyles

9.) Short and Low Mohawk with Skin Fade

Short and low Mohawk with side fade is one of the Mohawk hairstyles. Get upgraded version of 80’s counterculture style. To get this look, you need to first trim your hair into medium length. After that shaved all the way by leaving a long patch in the center to achieve this look. Begin your patch from the hairline and leave it to the nape.

short low mohawk mohawk hairstyles

10.) Fauxhawks with Blue Crest

Get a skater and raver looks with this Mohawk hairstyle. In this hairstyle the front section dye in the electric blue. Styled up this hairstyle into elegant spiked up look. And both the sides get shaved which draws the attention on the blue crest.

faux hawks with blue crest sweep mohawk hairstyles

11.) Pattern Skin Fade

Pattern skin fade is one of the Mohawk hairstyles. Get funky by adding a graphic pattern in your hairstyle. At the top spiked up with the hair gel to get the complete look.

pattern skin fade mohawk hairstyles

12.) Feathered Mohawk Hairstyles for Men

Feathered Mohawk hairstyles for men is one of the spirited Mohawk hairstyles. The hairstyle is suitable for curly or wavy hair. While taking this haircut, make sure the sides are clipped rather than shorter. Ask our hair stylist adds height and point at the top.

feathered mohawk hairstyles for men mohawk hairstyles

13.) Upswept Mohawk

Upswept Mohawk is one of the amazing Mohawk hairstyles. The look can only be achieved, if you have some inches of length on the top. Brushed and spray your hair to achieve the upsweep. The hairstyle is best suitable for handsome men.

upswept mohawk hairstyles

14.) Purposely Patchy

Purposely patchy is one of the mohawk hairstyles.  The hairstyle is very easy to maintain and you don’t need a professional hair stylist to achieve this look. You just have to shave all the hair by leaving a half inch of the patch in the middle.

purposely patchy mohawk hairstyles

15.) Mohawk with Highlights

Highlights with Mohawk hairstyle is the best way to get the rock star look. You just need bleach blonde highlights to add grace in your Mohawk hairstyle. It is one of the Mohawk hairstyles.

mohawk with highlights mohawk hairstyles

16.) Black Mohawk

The look is best for those men who have dense ethnic hair. Black Mohawk is one of the Mohawk hairstyles.  To get all the spunk in the middle, use hair gel or oil to achieve the look.

black mohawk mohawk hairstyles

17.) Tapered and Curl

For this hairstyle, you just need a curling iron and little pieces of hair on your head. The hairstyle is best for the formal look. Tapered and curls are one of the polished Mohawk hairstyles.

tapered and curls mohawk hairstyles

18.) Messy and Angular Mohawk

Messy and angular Mohawk is one of the stunning Mohawk hairstyles. Add a wow factor to your hairstyle by this messy and angular look.

messy and angular mohawk hairstyles

19.) Wet and Wild

The style is surely an illusion after shower look. You just need hair gel to hold the hair from the gel to achieve this look.

wet and wild men mohawk hairstyles

20.) Short and Sweet

The look is best for those men who don’t want Mohawk with shaved side. It is one of the Mohawk hairstyles that looks absolutely dashing in short and simple hair.

short and sweet men mohawk hairstyles


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