20 Short Under Cut Hairstyles


Go for undercut hairstyles that are one of the trendiest of 2017. Jazz up your look with an extremal type of haircut with creating temple areas short or shave. It’s very popular in men’s hairstyle but the women are also going with the trend. You can go for undercut in any length. So add the extra edge to your look with these amazing short under cut hairstyles.

20 Short Under Cut Hairstyles

1.) Subtle and Shaved

Undercut are the best to reveal your stylish personality. Undercut may not steal the show but sometimes it is best to reveal inner sassy personality. You can opt for the voluminous shaggy bob that embraces your personality. The puzzle details at the nape of the neck that surely keep all eyes on you. The subtle and shaved is one of the best short under cut hairstyles.

shaved and subtle short under cut hairstyles

2.) Shaved with Diagonal Braid

If you’re confused between short and long hairstyle, try shaved with diagonal braid. In this hairstyle, half and half hairstyle look extremely stunning when combined with shoulder length hair. You can opt for a cropped French braid to tie them together. Balance your look with an edgy hairdo that takes your hairstyle to the next level. It is one of the best short under cut hairstyles.

shaved with diagonal braid short under cut hairstyles

3.) Spiky Shaved Mohawk

You can try this lovely hairstyle which is one of the popular Mohawk. The style is very common and expected but women are crazy about to have it again and again. You can opt for the two-toned blonde and black style. Upgrade your look with cool toned ash shade instead of golden hue. The spiky shaved Mohawk is one of the trendy short under cut hairstyles.

Spiky and shaved mohawk short under cut hairstyles

4.) Rainbow Undercut

When you are bold enough to go for undercut then add interest in the look with the rainbow undercut. It’s a time to show off some different hue that takes the style to the whole new look. Pair the look with lovely glasses. Wear orange lipstick with ear piercings that make your look marvelous. The hairstyle looks best on fair skin tone. I is one of the trendy short under cut hairstyles.

Rainbow undercut short under cut hairstyles

5.) Blue Haze Undercut

The Smoky hue that looks stunning all the year.  Accentuate your look color ranging from purple to silver gray. Mist blue is a sassy color that a unique spin on trendy colors. You can rock the look at the workplace. If you have fine hair, then you have the advantage of this look. The blue haze undercut is one of the short under cut hairstyles.

Blue haze undercut short under cut hairstyles

6.) Zig-Zag Undercut

You can opt for the zig zag undercut which is one of the trendy under cut hairstyles. Just try this one of the most popular updos that are perfect for your charming personality. Those who feels high bun are boring can add interest with the undercut. You can create the attractive design without going for the dying job. Like other undercuts, you can hide your undercut when you let your hair loose.

zig zag short under cut hairstyles

7.) Cool Copper Undercut Style

Copper is the hard to color that pulls off the look nicely. You can go for the right shade that looks amazing with your complexion. You can highlight the shaved hair by wearing the lighter color on the top and dark color on the bottom. Just add colorful strips to make the side beautiful. The cool copper undercut style is one of the stunning short under cut hairstyles.

cool copper undercut short under cut hairstyles

8.) Undercut with Primary Color

For perfect messier look, you can try undercut with primary pixie color. The popular messier pixie cut is best for the women. Add shorter layers to boost the volume in the hairstyle. Embrace the look with the blue or green hue that looks totally fantastic. Wear your light makeup for the gorgeous look.  It is one of the stunning  short under cut hairstyles

undercut with primary cut short under cut hairstyles

9.) Ethereal Ponytail with Shaved Nape

The ponytail is the basic hairstyle that looks fantastic. The color is perfect for the messy ponytail to stand out. Go for the romantic hairdo that looks something out of this world. Add intricate design to highlight your looks. The ethereal ponytail with shaved nape is one of the sassy short under cut hairstyles.

ethreal ponytail with shaved sides short under cut hairstyles

10.) Platinum Curly Undercut

Go for the bob haircut that looks classy and extremely cute. The hairdo gives you feelings of bad girl vibes. When you going for the lighter hue, just keep your roots dark to prevent the damage which also helps in the growing process.

platinum curly undercut short under cut hairstyles

11.) Looped Braid and Undercut

Freshen up your short under cut with a whimsical looped braid. You can create a buzz in your hairstyle with the loose French braid and soft brushed out layers. Enhance your look with blue-gray hue.

looped braid with undercut short under cut hairstyles

12.) Shaved High Top Fade

If you have curly hair as natural hair texture then try shaved high top fade. Leave the curls on the top head with shaved sides that look completely amazing. Wear big pieces of earring for the stunning look.

shaved high top braid short under cut hairstyles

13.) Shaved Mermaid Bob

Mermaid is best for the high school girl and best for the creative women. Get the feel of fairytale character with gorgeous mermaid hue.  It is one of the beautiful short under cut hairstyles.

Shaved mermaid short under cut hairstyles

14.) Short with Shapes

Go for the sleek hairstyle that looks fabulous with an undercut.  Straight tresses work the best to enhance the overall style. Add angle in the hairstyle with sassy layers to get the all spotlights on you.

Short with shape short under cut hairstyles

15.) Natural Undercut

When you are happy to go lucky then let your hair flow high and freely. Opt for the short hair with low maintenance that add fun to the life. It is one of the amazing short under cut hairstyles.

natural undercut short under cut hairstyles

16.) Two Directions

Opting a tricky path is the bold step. Don’t take the step in one direction that makes the hairstyle rocking. You can go for two distinct personality that leaves the hair longer.

two directional short under cut hairstyles

17.) Cropped and Curly

Show off your locks with the amazing curly hairstyle. Freshen up your look with dark magenta that looks absolutely mind blowing.

cropped and curly short under cut hairstyles

18.) Business Causal Style

Go for the dye job that required a straight-laced look, then try the business casual style. Pair your look with eyeglasses that look absolutely fantastic.

Business casual style short under cut hairstyles

19.) Colorful and Creative Short Style

Go for undercut hairstyle that adds versatility to the look. Keep the longer amount of hair on the top to take the style to the next level.

colorful and creative short short under cut hairstyles

20.) Long and Blonde

You want to update the blonde look that you are maintaining from the childhood. In this hairstyle, the subtle shaved pattern paired with traditional hair.  The long and blonde is one of the amazing short under cut hairstyles.

long and blonde short under cut hairstyles


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