20 Trendiest Short Blonde Hairstyles


Do you want your hair to get a major upgrade? If yes, then you need to step out of your comfort zone. Take a plunge and chop off your hair as short hair is a huge trend. Obviously, if you don’t like your new look your hair will grow back with time. Short haircuts help you to feel free and much younger. If you want a look that is feminine, obedient, naïve and youthful, then the blonde color is the perfect option for you. So this season get out of your skin and try something new and stylish. Read this article to discover the sexiest and trendiest short blonde hairstyles.

List of 20 Trendiest Short Blonde Hairstyles:

1.) Choppy Platinum Pixie:

choppy platinum pixie short blonde hairstyles

This is one of the stylish short blonde hairstyles. It is a suitable style for girls having thick hair. There are sharp layers throughout the crown and they taper towards the nape. Use a voguish blonde hue to compliment the style.

2.) Short Blonde Bob with Soft Waves:

short blonde bob with soft waves short blonde hairstyles

The blend of brown hues and warm blonde looks impeccable on girls having a tan complexion. It is a great option for this summer season. This shade of blonde will give you a sophisticated look.

3.) Sleek and Straight Blonde Graduated Bob:

sleek and straight blonde graduated bob short blonde hairstyles

This hairstyle is optimum for girls who want the hair to look good from all directions. The back view of this style is amazing. The straight and sleek look that it offers looks flattering on the wearer.

4.) Silver Blonde Undercut Hairstyles:

silver blonde undercut short blonde hairstyles

You really need to be lionhearted for cutting your hair short. But once you go colorless and shorter, you will really set a new trend. The clipped undercut sections will give this style a beautiful shape and make it look modern.

5.) Braided Short Blonde Hairstyles:

braided short blonde hairstyles

This is one of the enchanting short blonde hairstyles. To add some feminity to your short locks, you can add some braids. The straight blonde hair will give you a chic look while the braided bangs will add obvious feminity.

6.) Short Blonde Hairstyles for Curly Hair:

short blonde hairstyles for curly hair

Are you searching for a romantic look for your bob haircut? If yes, then have a look at the beauty of this hairstyle. The structured locks create a fabulous volume. It is a flattering style for evening parties.

7.) A-line Blonde Bob with Highlights:

A-line blonde bob with highlights short blonde hairstyles

This hairstyle idea is perfect to embrace the current season. This super short bob with long side bangs is going to give you a sweet and innocent look. There is a minimal volume on the crown and the hair is short towards the nape.

8.) Straight Blonde Pixie with Defined Bangs:

straight blonde pixie with defined bangs short blonde hairstyles

This is one of the flattering short blonde hairstyles. Whether the hair is long or short, straight hair always looks beautiful. This hairstyle is perfect for expressing your provocative nature. The layered side bangs balance the neat sides.

9.) Blonde Bob with Edgy Bangs:

blonde bob with edgy bangs short blonde hairstyles

The zig zag parting, the textured locks, and the defined ends reveal the edginess of this hairstyle. It is a superb look for special evenings as well as official purposes.

10.) Curly Blonde A-line Bob:

curly blonde A-line bob Short blonde hairstyles

This sweet and pretty hairstyle for sure is going to capture many hearts. It is one of the loveliest short blonde hairstyles. The bouncy curly locks on the side will frame your beautiful face. This is one of the marvelous short blonde hairstyles.

11.) Short Blonde Layered Hairstyle:

short blonde layered hairstyles short blonde hairstyles

This hairstyle works best for girls with fine locks. The bangs on the forehead and the volume on the crown will give you a stunning look. It is an ideal hairstyle for girls who love to stay in the spotlight.

12.) Blonde Hairstyle with a Splash of Pink:

blonde hairstyle with a splash of pink short blonde hairstyles

Women are never too old to wear pink. This splash of pink on blonde hair is going to make you feel younger, energetic and fresh. The hair is naturally straight and there is a lot of volume on the top.

13.) Neck Length Blonde Waves:

neck length blonde waves short blonde hairstyles

 This is one of the charismatic short blonde hairstyles. This is a very popular blonde hairstyle and the effortless waves will make you look stunning. Create jumbo braids at night and open them in the morning to get this beautiful look.

14.) Spiked Blonde Tapered Haircut:

spiked blonde tapered haircuts short blonde hairstyles

This hairstyle is ideal for girls who love an edgy look. The sides and back are tapered while the crown is full of spikes. You will be surprised to know that this haircut also has light layers which increase visual appearance.

15.) Ear Length Bob Cut with Fishtail Braid:

ear length bob cut with a fishtail braid short blonde hairstyles

This is one of the loveliest and the cutest hairstyle in the blonde world. It is a great choice for any occasion. The fishtail braid takes it to a new level. Pair this hairstyle with minimal makeup to get a sexy look.

16.) Simple Blonde Blunt Hairstyle:

simple blonde blunt short blonde hairstyles

This is one of the simplest short blonde hairstyles. Though this is a simple style yet it makes a powerful statement. The ends are bluntly cut to give this style a slight angular shape.

17.) Blonde Bowl Cut with Blunt Bangs:

blonde bowl cut with blunt bangs short blonde hairstyles

This sharp bowl cut with bangs is a perfect style for women with heart-shaped or round faces. If girls with oval shape want to try this style, then cut it in an angular shape.

18.) French Twist for Short Blonde Hair:

french twist short blonde hairstyles

This is one of the best short blonde hairstyles. It fits the bold personality of many girls. Pair it with light makeup and a classic red lipstick to get an old Hollywood vibe.

19.) Short Blonde Spiral Curls:

short blonde spiral curls short blonde hairstyles

This is one of the flattering short blonde hairstyles. To get these simple spiral curls you need to put your hair into a set of rollers and use a dryer to set the style according to the frame of your face.

20.) Blonde Bob with Choppy Ends:

blonde bob with choppy ends short blonde hairstyles

Most of the women with short hair want styles that give them a dramatic look and an undone finish. This hairstyle falls in this category. The choppy layers in the bottom will give you a mesmerizing look.


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