20 Cute Baby Boy Haircuts


Gone are the days when you could make any style for your baby boy. You might not know, but your kids also have a say regarding which hairstyle will make them look cool and which one will ruin their pictures. This time is very precious and you cherish the memories throughout the life. Photographs are a big way to take you back to your childhood. And if you want the photographs to look perfect, it is important that you look fantastic. Now fantastic does not mean only good outfits, it also includes the correct hairstyle. Read this article and find out the list of 20 cute baby boy haircuts.

List of 20 Cute Baby Boy Haircuts:

1.) Medium Length Baby Boy Haircuts:

medium length baby boy haircuts

This is one of the most comfortable styles that your baby boy can try. Part your medium length hair and move a major chunk of your hair to one side. This style will make him look cute and different in the crowd.

2.) Faux Hawk for Small Boys:

faux hawk baby boy haircuts

This baby boy style is going to make your kid look super cute and adorable. You can also call this style as spikes. Your baby boy will look the coolest among his friends in school and playground.

3.) Slicked Back Haircuts for Boys:

slicked back baby boy haircuts

This is an excellent choice if your boy’s hair is thin and frizzy. The haircut is going to give a bouncy look in the middle of the head. Make sure the sides and back are kept completely short.

4.) Wild Spiky Haircuts:

wild spiky baby boy haircuts

This is all time favorite of most of the kids. The edgy look that is cut offers will make you look cute and cool. Use a texturizing lotion on damp hair and medium holds hair spray for finishing.

5.) Mohawk Baby Boy Haircuts:

mohawk baby boy haircuts

Who said that mohawks are only for men? This is one of the cutest hairstyles for little boys. Your child is really going to set a new style trend with this haircut. Make sure that the sides are trimmed well.

6.) Cute Quiff Baby Boy Haircut:

cute quiff baby boy haircuts

Every boy is a superstar for her mother. So if you want that everyone should turn heads when he enters the room, then try this cute quiff style. The flipped bangs are going to make a quite powerful statement.

7.) Modern Mullet for Baby Boys:

modern mullet baby boy haircuts

A mullet once was thought to be very unfashionable but now it is one of the most popular haircuts. It gives a business touch in front and a party look from the back. It is perfect for all the naughty boys.

8.) Long Wavy Top with Short Sides:

long wavy top with short sides baby boy haircuts

This baby boy haircut will allow the soft curls of your boy to flow freely. The clipped sides give a perfect shape to this haircut. So this summer’s let the natural texture of hair shine.

9.) Classic Side Parted Haircuts:

classic side parted baby boy haircuts

Whether it’s the first day at school or you are going out for a dinner party, this hairstyle is a total win. Just part your hair to one side and use a comb to set it.

10.) Long Shaggy Baby Boy Haircuts:

long shaggy baby boy haircuts

This haircut is going to give your little boy a stardom look. Allow the hair strands to grow freely in a downward direction. Let the edges form natural curls. It will boost your child’s confidence and is perfect for those who love to keep long hair.

11.) Front Spiky Haircuts for Little Boys:

front spiky baby boy haircuts

This is a mild style that is going to give your little boy a cute and confident look. The sides are cut short while the hair in the center of the head is left to grow in an upward direction. Use styling gels to get the spike effect.

12.) Short Pompadour for Little Boys:

short pompadour baby boy haircuts

Boys of all ages can rock this style, but it looks fantastic on toddlers due to their babyish look. The sides are tapered and the hair in the middle of the head are brushed backward. Use a texturizing lotion to create this pompadour look.

13.) Clean Haircuts for Baby Boys:

clean haircuts baby boy haircuts

In this haircut, the hair is kept short around the ears while the top is neatly combed. It is a great haircut for normal school days. It is low maintenance and looks adorable.

14.) Curly Rounded Shape Baby Boy Haircuts:

curly rounded shape baby boy haircuts

This is an excellent choice for little boys that have naturally curly hair. This rounded shape curly haircut will make him look super cute and adorable. The mix of fringe and bob haircut looks amazing.

15.) Formal Side Parting Haircuts for Toddlers:

formal side parting baby boy haircuts

This classy haircut is going to make your little boy look attractive and cute. A formal shirt and a blazer are going to compliment his hairstyle. It is low maintenance and easy to do.

16.) Flair Undercut Baby Boy Haircuts:

flair undercut baby boy haircuts

This haircut is perfect if you want a tousled and neat look at the same time. There is a little bit of flair and exaggerated length in the middle of the crown area while the sides are kept short.

17.) Beachy Long Hair for Little Boys:

beachy long hair baby boy haircuts

Long haircuts are making a comeback as parents are realizing that long hair will make their boy look more cool and smart. This haircut incorporates long bangs, a lot of texture and a razor touch around the ears and neck.

18.) Business Class Haircuts for Little Boys:

business class baby boy haircuts

This is a right fit for baby boys with a square, triangular and oval face shape. Whether your boy’s hair is thick or thin, it will look fantastic. In this haircut, the hair is trimmed to a uniform size.

19.) Elevated Top for Baby Boys:

elevated top baby boy haircuts

You just need to get a little creative with the hair on the top to make your little boy look adorable and outstanding. Comb the hair in the upward direction and apply pomade to give texture and definition.

20.) Classic Wispy Baby Boy Haircuts:

classic wispy baby boy haircuts

This is an outstanding haircut in which the top has long textured hair while the hair around the ears is kept short. It is a clean and simple haircut that fits well in every occasion.



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