Different Wedding Curly Hairstyles


Curly wedding hairstyle is the trendiest hairstyle which is very popular nowadays. As these curls are consider the blessing of gods. If you want to become goddess in your wedding ceremony then we shared some amazing curly bridal hairstyles in the picture.  As curls are the best texture which looks pretty in every hue and suitable for every hair length. Here are different wedding curly hairstyles.

Different Wedding Curly Hairstyles

1.) Half Up Long Curly Hairstyles

On your big day, go for polished curls that look absolutely stunning in free flowing styles. You can opt for the practical hairstyle which looks absolutely beautiful with lush curls which brought together to flow down at the back and give you illusion like a gracious waterfall. You can wear a strapless dress which enhances your neckline and adds glamor to your appearance.

half up long wedding curly hairstyles

2.) Curly Hairstyles with a Bouffant and Bridal Veil

Trendy curly hairstyles are specially made for beautiful brides with long hair. In this hairstyle, the curls begin with mid shaft to end. Locks near the roots and bangs can be styled straight. If you love to wear bridal veil and curls, this picture is for you. Pair the look with gorgeous dresses and swanky accessories that take the style to the next level. The curly hairstyles with a bouffant and bridal veil are one of the stunning wedding curly hairstyles.

Curly hairstyles with bouffant and bridal viel wedding curly hairstyles

3.) The Curvaceous Curls in the Side Downdo

Long hairstyles are not the same. Opt for different curls pattern that is unique and trendy. You can style your curls in different sizes like large, loose and tight. Achieve these curls which are the best way for tender and a delicate bridal look. You can glow like a celebrity on your wedding day. The curvaceous curls in the side downdo are one of the top wedding curly hairstyles.

The curvaceous curls in the side downdo wedding curly hairstyles

4.) V Shaped Wedding Downdo with A Lace Braid

 When you want to wear your fancy strapless dress on your wedding then embrace it with v-shaped wedding downdo with A Lace braid. The hairstyle looks magnificent with A lace wedding dress. In this hairstyle, the inverted braid that gives you the illusion of serpentine that looks truly attractive with you decorate it with flower buds. You can use fresh flowers or artificial flower.

V shaped wedding downdo with Lace braid downdo wedding curly hairstyles

5.) Braided Wedding Hairstyle for Curly Hair

The chic bohemian hairstyle with a crown braid looks absolutely stunning with a delicate flower headband. It gives you feminine appeal and romantic charm. You can flaunt touchable waves, a cascade of soft and amazing feel. Add embellishment to your look with fetching accessories that are mind blowing. The braided wedding hairstyles for curly hair are one of the stunning wedding curly hairstyles.

braided wedding hairstyles wedding hair wedding curly hairstyles

6.) Messy Curly Bob Hairstyle with A Floral Headband

Natural looking wedding hairstyles are very much in demand. The hairstyle is perfect for your wedding day. You need to embrace your curls with a curling iron and backcomb at the crown. For the elegant look, use the floral headband to add life to your hairstyle. The hairstyle is best suitable in short to medium hair. Wear light makeup for a spectacular look.

Messy curl bob hairstyle wedding curly hairstyles

7.) Voluminous Curly Bob Hairstyle

When you have short and bob haircut then don’t get worried about your wedding hairstyle. You can enhance your curls into tousled and fluffy curls. You can achieve curly texture with curl enhancer or with mousse on wet hair. in the end, blow dries your curls for a long lasting look. The voluminous curly bob hairstyle is one of the amazing wedding curly hairstyles.

Voluminous curly bob wedding curly hairstyles

8.) Curls for Short Wedding Hair

Often women feel trouble in short hairstyle as it is not flexible and versatile like long hair. You can go for different hair texture with eye-catching accessories. For soft and whimsical look, you can add lovely tiara with pearls that look mind blowing.

Curls for short wedding hair wedding curly hairstyles

9.) Loose Curly Updo for Medium/ Long Hair

The long curly hairstyle is mind blowing. This gorgeous loose updo shows tenderness and elegance in every curl. The hairstyle looks amazing with the strapless dress or lace top wedding gowns. You can embrace this hairstyle with a flower or any hair accessories that reveal your beautiful personality.

Loose curly upod for long hair wedding curly hairstyles

10.) Textured Bun with A Flower

You can go for the breathtaking hairstyle with monocratic color with different texture. You can opt for the simple hairstyle such as a low bun. Embrace your look with delicate flower. The textured bun with a flower is one of the stunning wedding curly hairstyles.

textured bun with curly hair wedding curly hairstyles

11.) Fabulous Curly Hair Wedding Style

 You can go rolled style with vintage and glamor look. The hairstyle is unique and fancy design. If you love polished look then go for this hairstyle on your wedding day. The fabulous curly hair wedding style is one of the top wedding curly hairstyles.

Fabulous curly hairstyles wedding curly hairstyles

12.) Wedding Hairstyle for Naturally Curly Hair or Perm Curls

The wedding hairstyle for naturally curly hair or perm curls is one of the modish wedding curly hairstyles. Pair your look with off shoulder dress that makes you popular in no time.

wedding hairstyles for curly hair wedding curly hairstyles

13.) Gorgeous Half Up Half Down Hairstyle for Long Hair

The gorgeous half up half down hairstyle for long hair is one of the stunning wedding curly hairstyles. Add light bouffant and get the front locks which pinned up crown area.

Gorgeous half up half down long hair wedding curly hairstyles

14.) Curly Braid Wedding Hairstyle

You can opt for the curly braid wedding hairstyle that is perfect to flaunt your V-cut dresses. The curly braid wedding hairstyles are one of the sassy wedding curly hairstyles.

curly wedding hairstyle wedding curly hairstyles

15.) Braided Bun Wedding Curly Hairstyle

Braided bun wedding curly hairstyle is one of the wedding curly hairstyles. You can opt for the loose bun that really makes a statement with flawless texture and dimension.

braided bun hairstyle wedding curly hairstyles


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