20 Simple Braids for Kids


Being a mom is not at all easy. Whether it’s your daughter’s homework or her dress you always want her to be on the top. You always want your princess to rock the world on her own terms and conditions. Hair styling is an important part of a person’s life. It not only makes special days memorable but also increases one’s confidence. Make every day of your kid special and memorable by trying out the best and creative hairstyles. Read this article to discover the best 20 simple braids for kids.

Best 20 Simple Braids for Kids:

1.) Spiral Fishtail Bun for Kids:

spiral fishtail bun braids for kids

You know what’s the special thing about this hairstyle? You will be surprised to know that this hairstyle does not require any hair pins. It is a new way to style your fishtail braid. It is complex, but a little practice and you will master it.

2.) Cornrows and Buns Hairstyles for Girls:

cornrows and buns hairstyles braids for kids

This hairstyle will make all the mommies and kids happy. You can’t always go to a hair stylist for a wow hairstyle. Sometimes you need to do it yourself. This hairstyle can be created without any professional help. The thick cornrows and bun will make you look awesome.

3.) Short Box Braids with Kids:

short box braids for kids

It is the dream of every mom to make her girl look like a little doll. This short box braids is perfect if your little girl is bored from Updos and buns. Keep the box braids open and decorate it with beads of her favorite color.

4.) Heart Braid with Curled Ponytail Hairstyles for Kids:

heart shaped braid with curled ponytail braids for kids

This is another wonderful open when you have to choose for a braided hairstyle. The heart-shaped braids with a curled ponytail is a perfect hairstyle for her big day. This hairstyle is just overloaded with cuteness.

5.) Braided Headband for Kids:

braided headband braids for kids

This is one of the best options when it comes to braids for kids. It is easy to create an awesome headband for your princess. Make two braids starting from each ear and then cross it over the head. Secure your beautiful headband with some hair pins.

6.) Basket Weave Braids for Little Girls:

basket weave braids for kids

It will natural if everyone stares at your girl’s hair. This combination of basket weave and fishtail braid is just awesome. Two hairstyle combined together into one will do a blast in the hair world. A little patience and your doll will get the most adorable hairstyle.

7.) Half Braided Half Open Hairstyles:

half braided open hairstyles braids for kids

Who said that you can’t make the braids and keep the hair open at the same time. Of course, you can do this. Grab a thick section of hair from the crown and braid it. Decorate the created braid with flowers and leave the rest of the hair open.

8.) Crown Braids for Kids:

crown braids for kids

Every daughter is a princess to her parents. So why not create a princess hairstyle for her. This crown braid around her head looks like a real crown. The image of this kid is overloaded with cuteness.

9.) Braided Twisted Mohawk for Kids:

braided twisted mohawk braids for kids

Kids have a habit of touching and opening the hair. This cute hairstyle is easy to create and it last for a longer time. You can either keep the pattern simple or add some design for flair.

10.) Pigtails Braids for Kids:

pigtail braids for kids

Braids on both the sides will make your little girl look super cute. It is a great hairstyle that girls wear in her childhood. You can use colored beads to increase the beauty of your pigtails. It is a perfect hairstyle to wear on school days.

11.) Braided Side Bun for Little Girls:

braided side bun braids for kids

Who said that buns are only for teenage girls and mature ladies? It is also a great choice for kids. This braided side bun will give your little girl comfort plus style. So next time when your kid is bored of that simple braid, try this side bun and make her happy.

12.) Braided Pineapple for Kids:

braided pineapple braids for kids

This is one of the most unique braids for kids. There are small cornrows all over the head and then one big braid that comes in front creating a pineapple. Your little girl will reach the epitome of cuteness with this hairstyle.

13.) Zig Zag Braided Updo with Ponytail:

zig zag braids for kids with ponytail

You don’t have to make your girl sit all day to create this hairstyle. It is easy and the final result is a just awesome. Divide your hair into three sections and starting braiding from the bottom.

14.) Braided Topknot for Kids:

braided topknot braids for kids

Looking for something trendy and fashionable for your kid? If yes, then this braided topknot deserves a try. The braids keep the hair secure from damage while the topknot gives the braids a new definition.

15.) Beaded Braided Bun for Little Girls:

beaded braided bun braids for kids

This is one of the most simple braids for kids. The main attraction of this braided bun is the beads. It will make your doll grab all the attention. Make this bun colorful with some colored and contrasting beads.

16.) Simple Braid with Microbraid Accents:

simple braids for kids with microbraid accents

This is one of the stylish and super simple hairstyles to carry. This simple braid combined with micro braid will make your little girl no less than a doll. It is a perfect hairstyle for school days and also for other occasions.

17.) Fishtail Braids for Little Girls:

fishtail braids for kids

The best thing about braids is that it is very versatile. There are many options and ways to style it. This fishtail braid is creative and unique and there is no stylist required to create this beautiful braid.

18.) Double Lace Side Braid:

double lace braids for kids

This is a wonderful hairstyle for your kid. The double lace braid makes you tension free for all day. It takes a few minutes and is a simple style for both, daily and special purposes. This hairstyle will make your girl feel like a rock star.

19.) French Braids for Kids:

french braids for kids

If mommy and daughter wants to carry a same hairstyle, then this French braid is just perfect. It is a great hairstyle to tie up your kids hair in the most creative way. You can either go for a side French braid or a normal one.

20.) Heidi Braids for Kids:

heidi braids for kids

Don’t confuse Heidi braids with Crown braids. Crown braids are wrapped around the head while the Heidi braids wraps the head in a U shape. Part the hair from the center and make two Dutch pigtails. Cross them over and secure it with hair pins at the nape.


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