20 Modern Curly Bob Hairstyle


If you are just bored of your regular bob but still want to sport short hairstyle, then read our article to discover the top 20 modern curly bob hairstyle. Each hairstyle is an upgraded version of your bob and hence you will never get bored. All these hairstyles will 100% give you a cute, voguish and elegant look. The finish and texture that your curls offer will make your bob special and different. These hairstyles are perfect for office days as well as casual parties.

Top 20 Modern Curly Bob Hairstyle:

1.) Highlighted Long Curly Bob Hairstyle:

highlighted long curly bob hairstyle

Highlights are a great way to make an old hairstyle a new one. This way you can add dimension to your modern curly bob. Make sure that the bottom layers are of dark color and the highlights are perfectly placed around the face.

2.) Dazzling Modern Red Curly Bob Hairstyle:

dazzling modern red curly bob hairstyle

You can give your spiraled curls an edgy look by trying out this angular bob cut. The layers are longer towards the front. For a sexy look, upgrade the color of your hair.

3.) Beachy Asymmetrical Curly Bob:

beachy asymmetrical curly bob hairstyle

Beach waves look outstanding on angular and edgy cuts. This effortlessly tousled look for sure is going to turn heads. Use a sea salt spray to keep your hairstyle strong all day.

4.) Kinky Curly Bob Hairstyle:

kinky curly bob hairstyle

If you have a shoulder length curly bob then you should definitely this kinky curly hairstyle. You just need to keep a diffuser and a curling mousse to set this hairstyle.

5.) Voluminous Curly Bob Hairstyle:

voluminous curly bob hairstyle

It is very simple to create this hairstyle and you just need a good quality curling barrel. Create big and loose curls and leave it in a curled shape. To add volume, fluff your curls with your fingers.

6.) Silver Lining Curly Bob:

silver lining curly bob hairstyle

It is a perfect hairstyle to put your gray on display. No more of hiding, it’s time to show the world your real beauty. Go some natural looking gray highlights and brighten up your mane instantly.

7.) Colorful and Curly Bob Hairstyles:

colorful and curly bob hairstyle

Having one kind of hair for a long time can be boring. Life is colorful and so should be your hair. It is an optimal hairstyle to show your wild side. Just pick up your favorite crayon colors and get crazy with your bob.

8.) Caramel Colored Spirals for Bob Cut:

caramel colored spirals curly bob hairstyle

Simple bob can sometimes look dull and boring. Relax! Try something sporting like this hairstyle. The rich caramel color adds life to your dull and boring hairstyle. For a nice shape, you can add some layers to your shoulder length bob.

9.) Shaped to the Side Curly Hairstyles:

shaped to the side curly bob hairstyle

Bob and pixie hairstyles both look awesome, but you can only try one at a time. So if you are confused between which one to try first, then go for an asymmetrical cut. No need of anything else, it is alone enough to capture attention.

10.) Red Short Curly Bob Hairstyle:

red short curly bob hairstyle

This red short curly bob will make you a lovable character. It is the same style which every woman aspires to get when she is leaving the salon. If you don’t want tight ringlets, then go for touchable waves.

11.) Curly Neck Length Layered Bob:

curly neck length layered bob curly bob hairstyle

The outward curled ends in this neck length layered bob changes the whole look. It is an excellent hairstyle if you are looking for something trendy and modish. The curls hanging on the forehead will make you look enchanting.

12.) Curly Inverted Bob with Highlights:

curly inverted bob curly bob hairstyle

An inverted Curly bob will just make you look fantastic. To look truly different, you can create a side part and give your hairstyle an untidy effect. Try adding some highlights to look resplendent.

13.) Blonde Curly Bob with Side Swept Bangs:

blonde curly bob with side swept bangs curly bob hairstyle

This natural golden blonde bob will make you look super sexy and hot. You can get a refreshing look in minutes. Part your messy locks to one side and enjoy the compliments which you receive. The long side swept bangs will make you look pretty.

14.) Curly Bob with Frizzes and Mess:

curly bob hairstyle with frizzes and mess

If you are willing to try a careless yet stylish look, then have a glance at this hairstyle. In this short curly bob hairstyle, you will find some touch of highlights, invisible layers, messy touch, and frizzes.

15.) Fluffy Curly Bob Hairstyle With Ribbon Bow:

fluffy curly bob hairstyle with ribbon bow

The short layers in this bob hairstyle are just curled in a beautiful manner. You just need some hair gel to set this fantastic style. Embrace and increase the beauty of this hairstyle with a huge ribbon bow.

16.) Two Tone Curly Bob Hairstyle:

two tone curly bob hairstyle

The best part of a bob hairstyle is that it is constantly being upgraded. This two-tone hairstyle is all new on the market. It is an impressive hairstyle that defines your curls.

17.) Bob Hairstyle with Curled Ends:

bob hairstyle with culred ends curly bob hairstyle

This hairstyle has gained appreciation and popularity worldwide. The curled ends make this hairstyle super interesting. This hairstyle basically suits all face shapes.

18.) Afro Beauty Curly Bob Hairstyle:

afro beauty curly bob hairstyle

You can use the natural texture of your hair to create a beautiful hairstyle. Use good hair products to keep the curls defined and frizz free. Girls with any face shape can create this hairstyle.

19.) Curly Long Bob with Blunt Bangs:

curly long bob with blunt bangs curly bob hairstyle

The straight blunt bangs are perfect for adding flare to your curly bob. Apply a bit of serum to bring the extra shine. This hairstyle greatly compliments girls with a round face shape.

20.) Retro Curly Bob Hairstyle:

retro curly bob hairstyle

Are you going to a special event or on a date? If yes, then try the combination of modern sass and Hollywood glam with this hairstyle. It is an optimal hairstyle for almost all face shapes.


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