How to Do African Hair Braiding?


Natural hair thickness and fullness makes the African hair braiding sensational. African hair braiding is daunting but can be achieved with a little help. You get this classy and modish braid style without visiting the salon. You must have seen how that black women carry the style beautifully in natural hair texture. In this article, we have shared steps to do African hair braiding in an easy way.

Steps to Do African Hair Braiding:

1.) Ready Your Hair

The first step to achieving the African hair braiding is washing your hair. So begin the process by washing your hair and followed it by the conditioner to get the soft hair that will get twisted easily. Once you are done with washing then comb your hair properly to remove the all the tangles. Comb your hair starting from the ends and towards the roots for less damage and breakage. Then dry your hair with the help of a blow dryer at the low level. When the hair gets completely dry, then comb your hair again to get the satisfaction that no tangles left in the hair.

how to do african hair braiding

2.) Arrange Packages for Braiding Hair

If you fuller and natural look of African hair braiding, then you need to buy at least 2 packages of braid hair. Braid hairs are the synthetic hair that reduces the space in the scalp. Braid hair gives you plenty of fullness and thickness in the hairstyle. But make sure, you have chosen the right braid color which goes with your natural hair to make African hair braiding. So take 2 packages of braid hair and place them into the center of the hairstyle. Twist them and cut off the elastic band when you hold it together. Give a grip in the center and two tails of hair get hanging down. While you are holding the hair don’t tug the strand on big portion choose small strands to get the African braiding hairstyle.

3.) Keep the Strands Ready for the Braiding

To achieve the African braiding hairstyle, you need to section off the braid into the strands of about 2-3 inches and 5-7 cm wide. Then separate the braids into 2 sections, in which one section contains the 1/3rd of the hair and rest remain in the other section. Begin the process by wrapping the small strand around the larger one so the tails face the opposite direction. Just take a small strand and secure it to the center. You need to be attentive while twisting the strand over and under so that 2 tails ends in the single piece.

4.) Divide the Section on your scalp for Braiding

You can use a rat tooth comb to separate the small piece of hair from your scalp. Take 1 inch by 1 inch which is appropriate for this look. It is the best and easy way to begin the one side of your head near the hairline and that work way back to get African hair braiding. You can begin whenever you feel comfortable. You can use bit oil or gel to separate the sections completely.

5.) Begin the First Braid

To get the African hair braiding, you need to begin the process of braiding like this. First, you need to hold your braid in hand that the first strand comes between your thumb and index finger,  then the second strand comes with your index and middle finger and the third one is hanging behind the two. Take the section of the hair closest to your scalp between the thumb and finger. When it gets close to the root, start braiding. Make sure the hand is empty when you begin the braiding process. As you need to give the grip to your hair.

6.) Braid Your Section of Hair to get African Braids Hairstyles

If you want the look of African hair braiding hairstyles, you need to braid the hair close to the scalp tightly to achieve the traditional pattern. You need to place the left strand in the middle and right strand over the middle sections. Once you will reach to the ends of the braid, the strand taper out into a small braid and smaller braid that look amazing. You don’t need to use elastic bands as it holds by own.

7.) Check the Perfect Braid

Once you are done with African hair braiding, check the perfect braid. Make sure the braids are flexible, smooth and uneven. If you noticed loose strands, then you need to take it out and start it from the the braids, if you noticed any hair coming out of the braids then add oil and gel to get the neat and finished look. So must check the braids for satisfaction.

8.) Finishe Your look

When you get satisfied with your look, then use hairspray to hold the look for long. You can use hair accessories to embrace the African hair braidng look and you can also use light makeup for perfect touch up.


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