20 Elegant Big Box Braids


When we think about African American women hairstyle, try elegant big box hairstyle. Give your hair with an effortless style that gives you presentable look. Upgrade your look with chunky braids that look phenomenal in long hair. You can try this hairstyle which reduces the excessive bulk and heaviness. Here are 20 Elegant big box braids.

20 Elegant Big Box Braids:

1.) High Pony of Braids

Throwing your braids into a ponytail is not that bad idea. The high pony of braids is one of the hairstyles for elegant big box braids. In this hairstyle, the braids are weaved loose and big like jumbo braids that prevent damage and easily get the twist in any directions. Wear you fetching jewelry to add wow factor to your look.

high pony braids big box braids

2.) Long and Luscious Braids

When we talk about black women, we can’t forget their amazing hair texture. The long luscious braids are the best and easiest hairstyles for black beauties. It is one of the elegant big box hairstyles. The style goes with every outfit or for any occasion. Once you weave your long and luscious braids then you are free for a month.

long and luscious of braids braids big box braids

3.) Side Part Braids

 Side part braids are one of the modish elegant big box braids hairstyles. If you are really bothering about how to style your big box braids then it is not necessary to style for this gorgeous look. You just have to double your beauty with side part braids. The hairstyle gives you break from the hardcore maintenance.

side part of braid braids big box braids

4.) Red Ombre Box Braid Hairstyle

Red ombre box braid hairstyle is one of the sassy and elegant big box braids. If you want to look trendy and unique then try red ombre hair color to achieve the red ombre braid hairstyle look. In this stunning hairstyle, the single braids are woven individually and when blend to together give you mesmerizing look.

red ombre braid braids big box braids

5.)  Long Black Braid

If you don’t want to play with your natural healthy hair, then try big box braids. You lucky if you are born with long and black luscious look as this look will be truly advantageous for you. You can also go for half updo or ponytail with the long black braid. Wear your best floral dresses with this hairstyle in this summer.

long black braids big box braids

6.) Braid with Color

Braid with color is one of the dazzling black braid hairstyles. Flaunt your look with the colorful braid that looks fantastic on black women. You can pull off your look by pulling all your hair back and then meet to the crown area. Make your look more appealing with casual tops. And choose the best color for your braid hairstyle.

braid with the color braids big box braids

7.) Braid with a Streak of Blonde

Braid with a streak of blonde is one of the easy and the big box braids hairstyles. Make your hairstyle unique by adding a splash of color. The hairstyle looks perfect with chunky highlights that look gorgeous on big box braids. Wear your casual outfits with this hairstyle.

braid with a streak of ombre color braids big box braids

8.) Tightly Woven Braid

Tightly woven braid is one of the elegant big box braids. The hairstyle takes little extra efforts that make this hairstyle worth it. Achieve this hairstyle with tight braids that are totally worth it. Embrace this look with winsome accessories.

tightly woven braid braids big box braids

9.) Chunky Braid Updo

Get this boss look with a chunky braid updo. It is one of the elegant big box braids. Get this look by piling the box braids on the top of the head and make a loop around it to tie them. Add chunky highlights which look best in the braid hairstyle.

chunky braid updo braids big box braids

10.) Chunky Golden Blonde Braids

Chunky golden blonde braid is one of the elegant big box braid hairstyles. Personalizing the style with vibrant hair color is not a bad idea. Make this look more appealing with dark golden which is very easy to notice. The hairstyle is very classy and soft look, black women can wear the best. You can also go for body tattoos add interest in the look.

chunky golden blonde braids big box braids

11.) Ponytail of Thick Braid

Don’t let your beauty down with boring style. You can also go for ponytail which looks best in big box braids. Make it classy and sassy by pulling you’re all box braids and tie them into a ponytail. It is one of the best big box braids hairstyles.

ponytail of thick braid braids braids big box braids

12.) Half Up Loose Ponytail with Braids

Half up loose ponytail with braids is one striking big box braid hairstyle. It’s really hard to pull off big braids in one ponytail so get relaxed and try half up loose ponytail with braids. The hairstyle is fun and flirty which look amazing with cool highlights.

half up loose ponytail braid braids big box braids

13.) Top Bun with Hanging Braid

Top bun with hanging braid is one of the elegant big box braids hairstyles. Try this highly bold and full of spirit hairstyle that can be achieved with a large top bun with hanging braids. So don’t afraid to take the risk when it’s about your hairstyle.

top bun with hanging braids big box braids

14.) Half Up Classic Bun

You can achieve this look with half updo hairstyle. It is one of the big box braids that go with both casual and formal look. The look is best for an everyday hairstyle.

half up classy bun braids big box braids

15.) Low Ponytail with Chunky Box Braid

Thick braids are very hard to manage. You can get this look by wrapping the ponytail into the casual ponytail by using some stray braids. Get the most captivating look with unique chunky highlights.

low ponytail with chunky stray braids big box braids

16.) Pink and Blonde Ombre Waves

Braid style is very popular, but it looks more stunning when you enhance it with pink and blonde ombre hair color. It is one of the big box braids.

pink and blonde ombre waves braids big box braids

17.) Beautiful Thick Braid

You don’t have to worry about the hairstyle, try beautiful thick braids. It is one of the astonishing and easy big box braids. Ask your hairstyle to weave them into long and loose braids.

beautiful thick braid braid braids big box braids

18.) Silver smoky Style

Silver or white is a sensational color that is right for box braid.  You can create a smoky look with palest shades. The hairstyle is very suitable for the cool skin tone.

siver smokey style braids big box braids

19.) Wild Green Braid

Going to the concert or any fest, try wild green braid. The hairstyle is not made only for rock stars or punk, even ordinary people can also bright their look with this hairstyle.

wild green braids big box braids

20.) Marvelous and Multicolored

Marvelous and multicolored is one of the hairstyles that suitable for dark to medium complexion. The marvelous and multicolored is one of the big box braids.

marvelous and multicolored braids big box braids


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