20 Quick Box Braids


Show off breathtaking quick box braids in any length of hair. It offers you a wonderful opportunity to extend your hair and get versatile styles. The low maintenance hairstyle not only protects the hair from the harsh environment but also offers no breakage. We have shared proof in your gallery by showing all the shades of amazing box braids. So Here are 20 quick box braids that you should see.

20 Quick Box Braids

1.) Elegant and Regal Braids

Braids hairstyles are a timeless look. The hairstyle will provide you immense of volume because of large box braids. Get an amazing and elegant vibe once you’re done with a level of sculptural style. The elegant and regal box braids hairstyle is one of the amazing quick box braid hairstyles. Paired the hairstyle with beautiful makeup like dark lipstick and arched eyebrows. Wear round earring to get the best look.

elegant regal braid quick box braids

2.) Long Tiny Box Braid

Not that micro but the tiny braids always looks cute and sassy. For sensational look,  get it done in layered hairstyle and enhance it with a side parting. It looks mind blowing when it falls on the one side of the shoulder by showing off with beautiful cheekbones. The hairstyle looks best in both formal and casual look. The long tiny box braid is one of the stunning quick box braid hair styles.

long and tiny quick box braids

3.) Unique Sculptural Style

The unique sculptural style is one of the fab quick box braids. When you want to style your don’t limit yourself. It adds dimension and height to your hair. You just need to pull half of the hair and turn into the small bun. Begin it with big braids that look striking on black long hair. Black women pull off the look nicely with the amazing hair texture.

unique sculptural quick box braids

4.) Long and Luscious Braid

The long and luscious braid is one of the dazzling quick box braids. In braid hairstyle, you can make any style or you can leave your braids free without any worries. The best thing about this hairstyle that you feel awesome in the next morning when you don’t have to give any single efforts to your hairstyle. For a better look, add golden beads that create interest in the hairstyle.

long and luscious quick box braids

5.) Cute Bun Style

The cute bun style is one of the marvelous quick box braids. Get this hairstyle with swirls braids that look gorgeous when it turns into a super cute bun. For the perfect look, you need to tuck the ends of the braids under the bun. Make sure your hair is healthy and clean before you opt for box braids. The hairstyle is best for both the casual and formal occasions.

cute bun quick box braids

6.) Red Ombre Box Braids

Box braid hairstyle is hovering in the trend. You can get this sassy look in your natural black hair. Go for red or trendy fuchsia that completely changes your appearance and makes you more beautiful and gorgeous. Ask your hairstyle to weave the each braid perfectly so it will last long for months. Paired your look with arched eyebrows and winged eyeliner.

Red ombre braid quick box braids

7.) Pig Tail Bun Style

Box braids come highly in trend from 90’s and still a part. Flaunt the Princess Leia bun with any of the outfits that embrace your beautiful features. Add a whole lot of spunk in your personality with pigtail twisted buns. It’s very easy to achieve and maintain. You can pull off the look with tube dresses, jeans or tank tops.

Pig tail bun quick box braids

8.) Beautiful Thick Braids

Doesn’t bother about the size of the braid, but for thicker braid, you need to visit your hairstyle to take the look next level. If you go for too tight braid, then it will give you disadvantage by making your braids heavy and also leads to breakage. So add fun and style, don’t get afraid with jumbo braids.

Beautiful thick braid quick box braids

9.) Pink and Blond Ombre Braids

Tiny or small braids never give you boring look. It is fun to run fingers through your hair all the time without any worries when you opt for box braid. Make it more beautiful by adding unique colors like bright pink and blond to get the sensational look. Ask your hairstylist to weave them perfectly. Pink and blond ombre braid impressive quick box braids.

Pink and blonde ombre quick box braids

10.) Perfect Box Braid

Add fire to your look with individuals braids that look completely smooth and sassy. Just look at the picture, you will get to know that perfect braid is possible with long hair. But make sure you are going for the right hairstylist to get the perfect box braid look.

Perfect box braid quick box braids

11.) Wild Green Braids

Get a rock star personality by adding spunk and style to your look. Go for wild green hue in your box braid hairstyle that not only suitable for the music festivals but also give you the best look in any occasions. The wild green braids are one of the outstanding quick box braids.

Perfect green braid quick box braids

12.) High Ponytail Style

Leaving the box braids in the same style makes you bore. Try a high pony style that will maintain the volume and look amazing with cool tops.

High ponytail braid quick box braids

13.) Silver Smoke Style

Silver or White, both are gorgeous. In this hairstyle, each braid gives you palest shades which look unique and arresting. It is one of the splendid quick box braids.

Silver smoke braid quick box braids

14.) Short Box Braids

Braids can be achieved in any hair length. If you are looking for something different in short, then try jumbo long bob.

Short small braid quick box braids

15.) Bundle Up

Bundle up is one of the pretty quick box braids. When you don’t want to show off your hair then wrapped a colorful scarf across your head to get the impressive look.

Bundle up braid quick box braids

16.) Layered Bob

If you have layered bob then gets relaxed, just straightened your hair to get the box braid hairstyle. The layered bob is one of the cool quick box braids.

Layered bob quick box braids

17.) Marvelous and Multi-colored

Go for a marvelous experiment in your long box braids. Add a wow factor with multiple packs of a different hue to get the two tone hair color look.

marvelous and multicolored braid quick box braids

18.) Double Trouble

Wake up your inner sassy and naughty child with double trouble look. Add quirky buns with box braids that give resemble of mini mouse ears.

Double and trouble braid quick box braids

19.) Stick to the Side

Go with a deep part with amazing box braids. It is best for the round face as it makes your facial feature slim and beautiful.

Stick to the one side braid quick box braids

20.) Playful Ponytail

Add fun in your life with a straight or side ponytail with mind-blowing makeup. The playful ponytail is one of the gorgeous quick box braids.

Playful ponytail braid quick box braids


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