20 Iconic Box Braids Hairstyles


Want to jazz up your look with super iconic box braid hairstyles? If yes, then box braid is truly sensational. As they these mesmerizing box braids hairstyle offers an excellent opportunity wear different and amazing hairstyles. It not only protect your hair but also need very low maintenance. Here are 20 iconic box braids hairstyles.

20 Iconic Box Braids Hairstyles:

1.) Long Tiny Box Braids

Long tiny box braids are one of the iconic box braids hairstyles. The hairstyles look more beautiful in the layered haircut. You can go for a side part that looks absolutely to flaunt your cheeks. It is best suitable for black women as they have naturally beautiful hair texture. Once the hairstyle was done, it lasts for two months. It is easy to maintain and go with every dress.

long tiny box braids hairstyles

2.) Unique Sculptural Style

The unique sculptural style is one of the iconic box braids hairstyles. Style your box braid in a unique sculptural style that looks amazing, when you don’t limit yourself. A big bun and the side braid look beauteous looks that you should try.

unique sculptural box braids hairstyles

3.) Cute Bun Style

Cute bun style is one of the iconic box braids hairstyles. Try a swirl braid that looks cute when you styled in a high bun. To achieve this look, you just need to tuck the pieces under to keep the style sleek. The hairstyle looks best on a round face shape, oval face shape, and heart face shape. You can go for bold lip color to enhance the look which is not a bad option.

cute box braids hairstyles

4.) Pink and Blond Ombre Braids

Pink and blonde ombre braids are one of the iconic box braids hairstyles. These small box braids never go out of trend. Have a fun and playful hairstyle that never makes you sad when you run your fingers on the thinner strands. Add more fun to your hairstyle by adding a bright color like blond and pink. For perfect look ask your hair stylist to get pink and blonde ombre braids.

pink and blonde box braids hairstyles

5.) Beautiful Thick Braids

No matter what size you opt, the thicker braids take you to the next level. Make sure you don’t make the braids too tight, other it will be bulky and leads to breakage of your hair. So don’t limit yourself for hair styling, especially when it is jumbo. The hairstyle looks best in the medium skin tone and also look amazing with a nose piercing.

beautiful thick braid box braids hairstyles

6.) Intricate Crown Braids

Whenever you want to feel like the princess, enhance your hairstyle with large box braids. You can achieve this crown on your head.  Begin your braid from the left of the ear and keep all the braids at the back of your head. The intricate crown braid is one of the iconic box braids. Magnify your look with floral dresses and a casual top.

intricate crown box braids hairstyles

7.) Silver Smoke Style

The silver smoke style is one of the iconic box braid hairstyles. Highlight your look with red lipstick and cute finger waves. The ombre hairstyle is very amazing and romantic for a date. You can go for single braids that give you the illusion of palest of shades that are unique and trendy. Paired tattoos with this silver smoky hairstyle that highly appreciated.

silver smoky box braids hairstyles

8.) Wild Green Braids

Wild green braids are one of the iconic box braids hairstyles. The hairstyle is best for the music festivals and Rockstar look.  Pick your favorite hairstyle to magnify your look, but it looks gorgeous and sassy when you tie your hair in the box braids. The hairstyle looks best with black dresses.

wild green braid box braids hairstyles

9.) High Ponytail

A high ponytail is one of the iconic braid box hairstyles. You can achieve this look with big braids that add plenty of sass in your hairstyle. Take this look to the next level in half or full ponytail which is full of volume and gorgeous hair texture. Add some silver strand in your look which adds wow factor to your personality. Bright color dresses make this hairstyle more appealing.

high ponytail box braids hairstyles

10.) Bundle Up

Decorate your sexy braids with your stylish scarf that look alluring on black women. In this hairstyle, you can wrap your scarf around your head, which you give you turban look. You can create many looks with the help of scarf which gives a rich glow to your complexion. The bundle up hairstyles are one of the iconic box braids hairstyles.

bundle up box braids hairstyles

11.) Ageless Style

The ageless style is one of the iconic box braid hairstyles. In this hairstyle, the braids are perfectly done separately. You can also enhance the style in your own style. If you have colored or curly hair then this hairstyle which will protect your hair from breakage and damaged.

ageless style box braids hairstyles

12.) Marvelous and Multicolored

The Marvelous and multicolored hairstyle is one of the iconic box braid hairstyles. Try some experiments that look fabulous with incredible color. Don’t go for bleach and dye, just try multicolored pack to create two-tone hair color. If you want the bold look, then try platinum and purple.

marvelous and multicolored box braids hairstyles

13.) Beautiful Ballerina Bun 

The beautiful ballerina bun is one of the arresting iconic box braid hairstyles. In this hairstyle,  the sleek and polished look can be achieved in ten minutes.

beautiful ballerina box braids hairstyles

14.) Double Trouble

If you want to add fun to your look, then try double trouble. The hairstyle looks Minnie mouse ears, which make you younger and wake up your inner child.

double and trouble box braids hairstyles

15.) Stick to the Side

Stick to the side is one of the iconic box braid hairstyles.  Enhance your deep side part with attractive side swept hairstyles with box braids. The hairstyle adds a frame to your face and also give slim frame to your chubby cheeks.

stick to the side box braids hairstyles

16.) Twist and Turns

The different ways to elevate box braid hairstyle with the twist and turn hairstyle. You can create a fetching hairstyle by creating a bun with twist and turns. It is one of the iconic box braids hairstyles.

twist and turn box braids hairstyles

17.) Big Bold

Big bold is one of the iconic box braid hairstyles. You can achieve this retro look with chunky inspired plaits. You can take this look to the next level by leaving the braid long and loose.

big and bold box braids hairstyles

18.) Playful Ponytail

The playful ponytail is one of the iconic box braid hairstyles. You can magnify this hairstyle with the side ponytail. Make your look more appealing with a playful ponytail.

playful ponytail box braids hairstyles

19.) Cut to the Chase

Cut to the chase is one of the iconic box braid hairstyles. In this hairstyle, the hairdo with shaved sides looks phenomenal not only for hipster or punk rockers but for those women who are bold and lively.

cut the chase box braids hairstyles

20.) Fancy Style for Thin Box Braids

You can flaunt your thinner braids with this lovely hairstyle like it is shown in the picture. The fancy style for thin box braids is one of the iconic box braids hairstyles.

fancy style box braids hairstyles


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