20 Cute Emo Styles for Girls


Emo style comes with unexpected twists and colors. These emo styles add thickness even in the fine hair. Choppy ends with vibrant color are really unique that you must try at least once in your young age. However, the Emo image is lonely and melancholy, but these hairstyles truly sensational that add charm in your beauty. Here are 20 cute emo styles for girls.

20 Cute Emo Styles for Girls:

1.) Pretty Light Pink Waves

Pretty light pink waves are one of the cute emo styles for girls. Convert yourself in the artificial doll look with pink ombre. In the hairstyles, the dark pink roots blend into light pink in the middle and at last become white in the end. The shoulder length or longer hair is best to achieve this contrast. Enhance it wavy hair. You can create wavy hair without heating tools, create a tight bun before going to sleep and undo the bun next day to achieve this look.

pretty pink cute emo styles for girls

2.) Short Piecey Emo Hair

Get the incredible look with bright orchid hair color. The short piecey is one of the emo styles for girls. Emo cuts are always considered full and thicker, but this is a cute version of the emo cut. Achieve this short fringe with bob length shaggy hair that truly adorable.

Short piecey cut cute emo styles for girls

3.) Pigtail Buns and Braid

Pigtail buns and the braid is one of the cool emo styles for girls. Add screaming yellow in your hairstyle to achieve this stunning look. Get indulged in the creativity of hairstyles when you have decided to get the emo look. try this pigtail bun and braid with a loudness of yellow, which make you head tuner. The hairstyle looks charismatic on cool skin tone.

Pigtails buns with braid emo styles for girls

4.) Lush and Bright Emo Hairstyles

If you don’t want to add some crazy pastel in your head, then you can use vibrant hue to get the emo look. Try some amazing bright color that looks interesting when it get hits in UV light or black light. Enhance this look with smoky eyes and beautiful light lip color.

Lush and bright side cute emo styles for girls

5.) Messy Emo Hairstyles

You can create a gorgeous messy look, that looks superb emo styles. Ask your hairstylist to give those long hair with unequal endings to create a mess in your hairstyle. Paired any vibrant hue with smoky hair that looks gorgeous on any face shape. You can wear some cool accessories to enhance the look.

Messy emo style cute emo styles for girls

6.) Rainbow Ombre

Everyone wants those magical fantasy vibes in the hairstyle. The rainbow ombre is something that makes you unique among the crowd. In this hairstyle, the mermaid inspired hue that looks astonishing with pink and green ombre. The hairstyle gives you a glimpse of five colors if you want adds interesting hairstyle in it, then you can go for pigtail buns.

Rainbow ombre cute emo styles for girls

7.) White and Pink Emo Hairstyle

White and pink emo hairstyle are one of the stylish emo styles for girls. Ombre hair color is a great option to style your hair. You can select any two hues that go well in distinct look. Go thick side bangs that look absolutely stunning with white and pink emo hairstyles.

White and pink cute emo styles for girls

8.) Reverse Lavender Ombre

Want to have a baby doll look? These emo styles will surely help you to get the desirable look. Try purple hue in your hair with some fancy hair accessories. Combine your hairstyle with baby doll makeup and fake lenses that surely convert you into a doll. Have a stunning eye makeup with side bangs and purple locks.

Reverse lavender ombre cute emo styles for girls

9.) Long White Emo Hair

Long white emo hair is one of the hairstyles for that is sensational. The look is a great combination of innocent and mischievous. If you immensely love dark makeup and dark color clothes then you can wear black to rock this look. The style is very natural and gorgeous.

long white ombre cute emo styles for girls

10.) Emo Pigtail in Green

Emo pigtail in green is one of the cute emo styles for girls. The look is for those girls who restrict themselves for a bright look. Just upgrade your natural hue with decent green and teal hair color.

Emo pigtail with green cute emo styles for girls

11.) Blue Emo Style

The blue emo is a great combination of bright hue and fetching hair accessories. It is one of the emo hairstyles that full of fun and craziness. Embrace you look with the analogous color that is soothing thrilling.

Blue emo style cute emo styles for girls

12.) Short Emo Hairstyles with Bright Bangs

Short emo hairstyles with bright bangs are one of the cute emo hairstyles for girls. Get this mischievous look by adding few bright highlights in your hair. You can go for red that looks fantastic.

short hairstyles with bangs cute emo styles for girls

13.) Creative Fishtail

Paired your emo style with fantastically inspired braids. The look is mind boggling. If you have long hair then you should try this look. it is one of the beautiful emo styles for girls.

Creative fishtail cute emo styles for girls

14.) Pigtail with Heavy Side Bangs

Enhance your emo cut with pigtails and side bangs. The hairstyle is best for all the hair texture. Flaunt this hairstyle with any vibrant hue for a breathtaking look. it is one of the cute emo styles for girls with bangs that are very much in trend.

Pigtail with heavy side bangs cute emo styles for girls

15.) Apple Green Wave

Go natural with apple green waves. In this hairstyle, Go for a layered cut with bangs that look amazing with cool natural green hue. After the haircut, style your hair ends with the blow dryer and flip it.

Apple green waves emo styles for girls

16.) Orange Hair with Heavy Bangs

When you are selecting your emo hairstyles, you must choose a unique hair color. Lots people go for unexpected and trendy hue to enhance the emo style. Orange with heavy bangs is one of the sassy emo styles for girls.

Orange hair with heavy side bangs emo styles for girls

17.) Side Ponytail with Head Scarf

Side ponytail with the head scarf is one of the gorgeous emo styles for girls. If you don’t want to color your tresses then you can go for choppy ends that give you emo look in no time. magnify your emo look with a colorful headscarf.

Side ponytail with headscarf emo styles for girls

18.) Choppy Emo Hairstyle

Choppy emo hairstyles are one of the cute hairstyles that look amazing on girls. If you are a school girl and you are allowed to have those pastel colors on hair, then you can have choppy ends to get the emo look.

Choppy emo style emo styles for girls

19.) Cute Pink Hair Buns

Cute pink hair buns are one of the styles to achieve the emo look. You can add pink color in a white base for the cute pink look. Embrace the style with hair bun that gets secured with bobby pins.

Cute pink buns emo styles for girls

20.) Pretty Pink Waves

If you love soft look, try pretty pink waves. Add pink waves by curling your hair with a curling iron and enhance it with lovely pink. The hairstyle looks gorgeous on medium to long hair.

cute pink waves cute emo styles for girls


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