20 Classy Emo Hairstyles for Girls


Before we talk about the classy emo hairstyles for girls, let me tell you what exactly emo means. Emo is actually a category of rock music which always makes an attempt to look different. Later they become the icons of youngsters. The hairstyles that they put on become a trend that youngsters love to follow. All these funky and unconventional hairstyles are for people who don’t care about others opinion. So reveal the true self of yours by trying out these classy emo hairstyles.

Top 20 Classy Emo Hairstyles for Girls:

1.) Multi-colored Emo Hairstyles for Girls:

multi colored emo hairstyles for girls

Many girls have a penchant for experimentation. This hairstyle calls for all such girls. It is a perfect hairstyle for girls with medium and long hair. Make sure that you choose colors that compliment your skin tone, hair, and eyes.

2.) Fiery Red and Platinum:

fiery red and platinum emo hairstyles for girls

This hairstyle can make you look stunning and stylish if you have the guts to wear it. Go for a platinum blonde for full head and try some streaks of fiery red.

3.) Simple Braids with Side Swept Bangs:

simple braids with side swept bangs emo hairstyles for girls

This is really a new and cute emo hairstyle. You just need to make two simple braids on either side and leave some choppy hair strands to frame the face. It is a superb hairstyle for girls with thin hair.

4.) Black Bob with Blonde Bangs:

black bob with blonde bangs emo hairstyles for girls

This is one of the terrific emo hairstyles for girls. It is easier to pull off than more outrageous emo hairstyles. It is perfect for an everyday and casual look.

5.) Pigtail Buns and Braids:

pigtail buns and braids emo hairstyles for girls

The unique twists and the unexpected color makes this an emo hairstyle. The brightness of this yellow color is ideal for a futuristic look. Three styles are combined in this one; Buns, braids, and waves.

6.) Pink Pixie Emo Hairstyles for Girls:

pink pixie emo hairstyles for girls

Adding a few punk elements to this pixie will give you a perfect emo style. First, you need to choose a bright color. After that, you need a styling gel to create this tousled look. The bangs and the top of the head has a lot of volume.

7.) Pink Hair Buns Emo Hairstyles:

pink hair buns emo hairstyles for girls

This style would definitely win the contest of the cutest emo hairstyles. You just require a straightener and a few Bobby pins to set this style. The blunt bangs are definitely going to frame your face.

8.) Multi Colored Spiky Emo Hairstyles:

Multicolored-spiky-emo-hairstyles for girls

If you decided to use colors, then use more variety of colors. This emo hairstyle incorporates all the colors that are available in a vibrant color box. It can spice up your personalized style and turn heads.

9.) Purple Layered Emo Hairstyles for Girls:

purple layered emo hairstyles for girls

This messy hairstyle is going to turn up the heat. It is a superb hairstyle if you want a look that gives carefree vibe. This bold color is going to make you stand apart in the crowd.

10.) Green Fairy Emo Hairstyles:

green fairy emo hairstyles for girls

Where ever you see, you will find girls coloring their hair pink, purple or blue. So why not go a little different. Try this totally off beat green hair color and be ready to turn heads. The side bangs will enhance the beauty of this bright color.

11.) Blue Emo Hair with Curly Edges:

blue emo hair with curly edges emo hairstyles for girls

This stylish emo hairstyle has won many hearts. The blue crown and edges worked into curls will make you a lover of emo hairstyles. You can even add some accessories to this unconventional emo look.

12.) Orange Hair with Heavy Bangs:

orange hair with heavy bangs emo hairstyles for girls

The unique color is the most important thing that you need to remember if you want to go emo. You can try this unusual shade of orange. You can even blend two to three colors according to your skin tone.

13.) Ponytail with Head Scarf:

ponytail with a headscarf emo hairstyles for girls

Blonde is a beautiful color for emo hairstyles. For this hairstyle, you need thick side bangs and choppy layers. You can add a retro-inspired head scarf to get a stunning look.

14.) Pigtails with Heavy Side Bangs:

pigtails with heavy side bangs emo hairstyles for girls

This is one of the fantastic emo hairstyles for girls. The color pink, thick bangs, side part and long straight hair, when combined together, look amazing. The best thing about this hairstyle is that it works with every hair texture.

15.) Pink Ponytail with Side Bangs:

pink ponytail with side bangs emo hairstyles for girls

This emo hairstyle is suitable for college girls. It is easy to pull off and the color is also attractive. This shade of pink looks both simple and stylish. The side bangs are perfect for framing the face.

16.) Rainbow Emo Hairstyles for Girls:

rainbow emo hairstyles for girls

The colors of the rainbow are the favorite of everyone. You will never be tired of seeing a rainbow. So why not try these colors on your hair. This simple hairstyle is easy to manage.

17.) Black Green Emo Hairstyles for Girls:

black green emo hairstyles for girls

The contrast of bright tones of black and green is perfect for achieving a bold style. It has the power to make a huge style statement and you will get a lot of appreciation and compliments.

18.) Lilac Emo Hairstyles for Girls:

lilac emo hairstyles for girls

This pretty shade of purple will look amazing on girls with long hair. It is going to make you feel like an emo flower child. Use a light hold hairspray for finishing.

19.) Emo Layers with Blue Crown:

emo layers with blue crown emo hairstyles for girls

It is a funky and bright hairstyle that is going to make a huge and electrifying statement about your personality. The tones of blue on the crown and the black ends is going to give you a bold look.

20.) Blonde Hair with Ends Dipped in Blue:

blonde hair with ends dipped in blue emo hairstyles for girls

This is one of enchanting emo hairstyles for girls. The color contrast of white blonde and blue ends will make you look stunning. Whether your hair is curly, straight or wavy this hairstyle looks gorgeous.


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