20 Unique Hair Braiding Styles


Braids add grace to the look and make you free for many days. The braiding hairstyle offers your benefit to protect the hair from the harsh environment. You can add various creativity and design in your hairstyle with braids without trimming and shaving your hair. It also offers you thickness and volume in the hairstyle. Here are 20 unique hair braiding styles which is highly popular.

20 Unique Hair Braiding Styles

1.) Bold Triangle Parted Box Braids

Braiding hairstyle is highly popular and especially when it’s about the traditional braiding. When you don’t get anything and want to look unique, then try to change the size of the braid and do different parting. Wear your gorgeous eye shades to make this hairstyle more appealing. The bold triangle parted box braids is one of the trendy hair braiding styles.

bold traingle unique hair braidng styles

2.) Braided Bun

When you have long hair then don’t afraid to try braided bun. As many people think the braided hairstyle is best for older women, but whatever is old now new again. The braided bun is trendy and eye-catching. Younger women flaunting this hairstyle with flattering flair. In this hairstyle, the cute micro braids highlight the jumbo cornrows with the fun twist and classic.

Braided bun unique hair braidng styles

3.) Feed-in-Braids

Feed in braids offers you natural looking hairstyle and which make the hairstyle less bulky. The hairstyle gets flat at the hairline. Feed in braids not only protect the edges of the hair but also make you free for many days. For perfect braiding, ask your hairstylist in African and American braiding salon. The feed-in-braiding is one of the sassy braiding styles.

feed in braid unique hair braidng styles

4.) Braided Ponytail

If you want to add interest in the protective hairstyle then try the braided ponytail. When you go for hair braiding, it makes your hair heavy in individual plaits. A cornrow ponytail is a sassy updo that makes the casual updo won’t pull your edges. The braided ponytail is one of the best hair braiding styles.

Braided ponytail unique hair braidng styles

5.) Center Parted Crown with Fishtail

They are highly popular with the name of boxer braid, but also called double braided look. Despite highly popular, but it’s a very common hairstyle for black women. Embrace the look with fishtail braid at the end and add platinum blonde streaks which take the hairstyle to the next level. It is one of the stunning hair braiding styles.

center parted unique hair braidng styles

6.) Wavy Straight- Black Braids

 One of the elegant hairstyle that makes you super classy. Go for cornrow hairstyle, the braiding pattern is very simple and doesn’t take your much effort to complete. Just add a softer twist and curvy parts to make the appearance more alluring.

Wavy straight black braid unique hair braidng styles

7.) Braided Updo Hairstyles with curls for Short Hair

Braided updo hairstyles with curls for short hair is one of the sassy hair braiding styles. No need of full braiding hairstyle to get the effect. In the hairstyle, you have to braid in the back and leave the front bouncy spiral curls. It is best suitable for medium length hair as it doesn’t require much length to get the complete look.

Braided updo hairstyle with curls for short hair unique hair braidng styles

8.) Braids with Accessories

When we talk about the braid hairstyle, it doesn’t mean it has to updos or downs. You can go for spunky braids in layered hairstyle which required little maintenance and little efforts. Add a wow factor with gilded thread to make this braided hairstyle beautiful. You can go for a nose piercing to get the better look.

braid with accessories unique hair braidng styles

9.) Ghana Braids Bun

Braid style is fun and when it is all over the head, then it is completely gorgeous. When you are looking for a simpler and elegant hairstyle then must try Ghana braids bun. In this hairstyle, the lower braided bun with two plaits and curved part look extremely gorgeous. The Ghana braid bun is one of the elegant hair braiding styles.

Ghana braid unique hair braidng styles

10.) Braid and side Bangs

When you have the long bob and tapered cut, then try braid and side bangs. You can rock the braid look when you use the long section of the hair to braid and also add the hairs to maintain the grisp. Leave the front bang and get the mesmerizing look.

braid and side bangs unique hair braidng styles

11.) Mixed Braid Updo for Black Hair

Mixed braid updo for black hair is one of the sassy hair braiding styles. The hairstyle goes well with both the formal and casual look. You can mix the different braids to form a forward updo. Black women pull off the look nicely. If you want last long look then try to use hair scarf so that your hairstyle will last a couple of days.

Mixed braid updo unique hair braidng styles

12.) Criss-Cross Braids with Feed-in Cornrow

Now in today’s trend, nobody gets impressed by the simple braids. So freshen up your braid style with criss-cross braids. These braids are thick and give you the new angle to your hairstyle. Just experiment different parting and curves to give the new dimension to your style.

Criss crossed braids unique hair braidng styles

13.) Braids with Curves

The best thing about this hairstyle is that you can get any shape and design without trimming or shaving your hair. It can be achieved with hair parting or manipulation of the real braids. You can try something that goes with your personality.

braids with curves unique hair braidng styles

14.) Dutch Braid Crown Black Hair

If you have long hair then this hairstyle is an advantage for you. The Dutch braid crown black hair is one of the unique hair braiding styles. It’s best when you are not in the mood of straightening of the hair and twisting of the hair.

dutch braid crown unique hair braidng styles

15.) Braided Hairstyle with Jumbo French Braid

A jumbo French braid looks classy and elegant with any outfit. So if you want to add fire to the occasion, try a braided style with the jumbo French braid.

Braided hairstyle for french braid unique hair braidng styles

16.) Bulky Braided Crown Bun

The style can be achieved with hair texture and length of the hair. The bulky braided crown bun is one of the arresting hair braiding styles.

bulky braided unique hair braidng styles

17.) Twisted Updo with Blonde Highlights

Twisted updo with highlights is one of the best braid styles. Flaunt your highlights with an elegant twisted updo. Show off your beautiful bouffant in the forward.

twisted braided bun braid unique hair braidng styles

18.) Chunky Twisted Updo

The chunky twisted updo is one the hair braiding styles. You just need to twist the hair to achieve this hairstyle. Get polished and pretty in this season.

chunky twisted updo unique hair braidng styles

19.) High Bun With Twist

The high bun with a twist is one of the trendy hair braiding styles. The everyday look is very mesmerizing, you can also add twisted pieces in the bun.

High bun and twisted unique hair braidng styles

20.) Long Curvy Braids

The long curvy braids are perfect for the black women who are born with the lovely hair texture. Long curvy protect the edges and last for many days.

Long curvy braids unique hair braidng styles


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