20 Cute Hairstyles for Long Faces


Hairstyles play an important role regarding your personality. A good hairstyle can make the world treat you like a mistress and a bad hairstyle can just ruin your day. But these days there are so many choices that you just get confused and sometimes choose a wrong hairstyle. This may be because you are either not well aware of the details or you have the lack of time. But whatever the reason maybe it is necessary to consider your face shape while you are deciding the hairstyle. Don’t worry, we are here to help you. Read this article to choose the perfect style from this list of hairstyles for long faces.

While you are deciding about the hairstyle, make sure that you chose a style that increases the width of your face. Waves are one of the best ways to achieve your goal. Another hairstyle that you can try is with bangs. Bangs cover the forehead and thus your long face appears short. A side part also creates an illusion of width. Never go for a hairstyle with a center part as it makes the face appear even longer. A long bob is also a flattering hairstyle for long faces.

Best 20 Hairstyles for Long Faces:

1.) Shoulder Length Hairstyles for Long faces:

shoulder length hairstyles for long faces

Too much long hair makes your face appear even longer. So why not try something short and easy. This shoulder length hairstyle with a side part is going to create an illusion of width. You can also try some layers, but make sure the shortest layer should not be above the chin.

2.) Waves for Long Faces:

wavy hairstyles for long faces

This is one of the flattering hairstyles for long faces. This is a great choice for women who are short of time. You just have to use a texturizing product to set your wavy hair.

3.) Braided Low-Level Crown:

braided low level crown hairstyles for long faces

This is one of the matchless hairstyles for long faces. It is simply about braiding skills. You just have to braid a low-level crown for yourself. This braided crown that falls on the forehead creates an illusion of a wider face.

4.) Curly Hairstyles for Long Faces:

curly hairstyles for long faces

This is one of the complimentary hairstyles for women who just love curls. This is a perfect manner to beautify long faces. What makes this hairstyle so rare is the volume and texture that your hair gets. You can keep a center part to balance the overall look of this hairstyle.

5.) Long Hair with Bangs:

long hair with blunt bangs hairstyles for long faces

This is another breathtaking hairstyle for long faces. Straight hair sometimes seems to be a curse especially if you have long hair. But now, no worries, the blunt bangs will solve your problem. These are fun to play with and makes your face look wider. It is easy to maintain and creates a lot of volume, which is a blessing for women with long faces.

6.) Long Hairstyles with Thick Fringes:

long hair with thick fringes hairstyles for long faces

Fringes look amazing, especially if you want to carry an attitude with style. A thick side fringe on long or wavy hair will make you look like a diva. The thick fringes should lie straight up to the eyebrow.

7.) Low Pony Hairstyles for Long Faces:

low pony hairstyles for long faces

This is a perfect style to balance out the length of your face. Ponytails have always been in fashion. Whether it is a sleek pony or a braided both have secured a good place in the hair world. But for long faces, a low pony works best because a high one makes the face look even longer.

8.) Side Braid with Bangs:

side braid with bangs hairstyles for long faces

If you are searching for your signature style, then this hairstyle can put a stop to your search. You can just nail this side braid hairstyle by adding some side bangs. The side braid will grab all the attention and the length of your face will no longer be in focus.

9.) Long Bob with Highlighted Fringe:

long bob with highlighted fringe hairstyles for long faces

This is a perfect style to carry if you have a packed schedule. It is easy to maintain and doesn’t create any mess for you. The body and volume that you get with this bob make your face look wider and the highlighted bangs balance the face length.

10.) Long Bob with Short Layers:

long bob with short layers hairstyles for long faces

This is one of the flattering hairstyles for long faces. This hairstyle calls for all the ladies who are lovers of short layers and length. Full side bangs and long bob adds a lot of fullness and accentuates your cheekbones.

11.) Poof Hairstyles for Long Faces:

poof hairstyles for long faces

This party hairstyle adds fullness throughout the crown. The curled ends make the lower half of the face look wider. You can even use jeweled hair clip as an extra bonus.

12.) Fake Bob Hairstyles for Long Faces:

fake bob hairstyles for long faces

In this fast paced world nothing is impossible whether it is about creating an illusion of a bob or faking a long braid. This is a perfect hairstyle to flaunt the beauty of your long neck. You just have to pin your wavy hair back at the nape.

13.) Undercut Hairstyles for Long Faces:

undercut hairstyles for long faces

If you want to try something trendy and new, then this is just a perfect option. It adds a lot of volume at the crown area. The thick side bangs hanging on the forehead will make your face look wider. You can combine choppy layers to make this hairstyle look more appealing.

14.) Low Bun Hairstyles:

low bun hairstyles for long faces

This is an appropriate hairstyle for ladies who have bigger foreheads. You can even add different variations in this hairstyle like braided bangs or a messy touch. This low Updo is a perfect style to carry with your elegant dress.

15.) Messy Fishtail Hairstyles for Long Faces:

messy fishtail hairstyles for long faces

This hairstyle is a perfect example of style and feminity. The messy touch gives you a super sexy look. This fishtail creates a good volume and is a good choice to break up the length of your long face.


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