20 Graduated Bob Haircuts


Life can become boring with the same haircut and hairstyle. So, if you are searching for a haircut that is simple yet modern, a haircut that is perfect for a fresh start, then read this article to find out the best 20 graduated bob haircuts. The stacked layers at the back and the length in the front makes graduated bob a great option. The best part of a graduated bob is that it suits all hair textures and colors. The different version of graduated bob will give you a hot and sexy look. To make it vibrant and edgy you can add length on the sides. Bangs will make your graduated bob look eye-catching.

Best 20 Graduated Bob Haircuts:

1.) Modern Bob with Layers:

modern bob with layers graduated bob haircuts

This is one of the most stylish graduated bob haircuts. There is no particular pattern for a bob. It is completely your wish whether you want to go stacked, choppy or add layers. Make sure that you add bangs to add style and dimension.

2.) Light Brown Bob with Babylights:

light brown bob with babylights graduated bob haircuts

This is a perfect example of simplicity. This graduated bob look eye-catching and stylish without any chopped layers. The best part of this graduated bob is that it does not require much maintenance. The subtle baby lights lightens the base while the wispy layers in the front highlight the facial features.

3.) Black Graduated Bob with Burgundy Highlights:

black graduated bob with burgundy highlights graduated bob haircuts

Do you want to show your wild side to the world? Here is an idea, go for this colored graduated bob. You can easily rock the punk shows with this haircut. This version of graduated bob looks classy, edgy and stylish.

4.) Asymmetrical Graduated Bob with Accent Colors:

black graduated bob with burgundy highlights graduated bob haircuts
A long bob with graduated layers is always noticed. But what about making it extreme? Just add some fiery colors and add an asymmetric twist to turn heads. Try to use bold colors that make a statement for your personality.

5.) Inverted Bob for Naturally Curly Hair:

inverted bob for naturally curly hair graduated bob haircuts

Are you blessed with naturally curly hair? Choppy haircuts are a nightmare for girls having curly hair. But you will be surprised to see this one. This graduated cut makes the curly bob look fantastic.

6.) Choppy Angled Black Bob:

choppy angled black bob graduated bob haircuts

This is one of the most modish graduated bob haircuts. The wispy layers, A-line cut and the bold color all makes this graduated bob look improbable. This haircut is the unofficial coif of the moment for celebrities.

7.) Layered Graduated Bob for Thick Hair:

layered graduated bob for thick hair graduated bob haircuts

Style of having a darker underlayer in the bob is never going to be out of fashion. Though this haircut suits girls with thick hair, but girls with thin hair can also try it. The textured layers throughout will enhance the volume of the thin strands.

8.) Pink Layered Graduated Bob:

pink layered graduated bob haircuts

Graduated bob looks adorable when you upgrade it with a pink color. The cuteness that this style gives you is unbearable. This haircut is perfect for all the pretty and fearless women.

9.) Long Graduated Layers:

long graduated layers graduated bob haircuts

This is one of the most popular graduated bob haircuts. The combination of long and soft layers makes this haircut looks decent and stylish. The longer strands frame the face while the gradual slope that upwards adds body.

10.) Sleek and Straight Graduated Bob Haircuts:

sleek and straight graduated bob haircuts

This sleek and straight haircut is perfect for women who do not want a fussy style on a daily basis. It is an awesome haircut for a thin haired girl. The longer layers lay flat on one side. You can even pair it with sweet and subtle highlights.

11.) Amber Graduated Bob with Blunt Bangs:

amber graduated bob with blunt bangs graduated bob haircuts

This sleek geometric style has a contrast of both round and angular shapes. The minimum layers at the back create a fabulous and outstanding look. The blunt bangs in this graduated bob draw all the attention.

12.) Angled Cut with Honey Highlights:

angled cut with honey highlights graduated bob haircuts

This is one of the most stylish graduated bob haircuts. The best thing about this haircut is that it is simple and manageable. Either scrunch with a texturizing product or use a flat iron to look different. Ladies with straight and thin hair should definitely try this cut.

13.) African-American Stacked Bob:

african american stacked bob graduated bob haircuts

The dramatic descending lines, the bouncy layers and the noticeable layers add cherries to this simple graduated bob. This haircut shows off your sense of style and your individuality.

14.) Wispy Stacked Layers:

wispy stacked layers graduated bob haircuts

This is one of the most popular graduated bob haircuts. The wispy layers add a voluminous boost to thin and fine hair. This haircut is the first choice of many ladies because it is risk-free. Styling this graduated bob is very easy.

15.) Graduated Bob Haircuts with Height:

graduated bob haircuts with height

Do you know the key to achieve a graduated bob with height? The key is the short and high layers. With the combo of short and high layers, your hair will achieve a lot of volume. This short and peppy style is the choice of many women.

16.) Bouffant Bob with Layers:

bouffant bob with layers graduated bob haircuts

This is one of the voguish graduated bob haircuts. Bouffant styles inject a lot of volume to the hair. It is an easy way to make your face look slim, especially in pictures. The layers are spiced up with highlights which make the appearance more enhanced.

17.) Chestnut A-line Graduated Bob Haircuts:

chestnut A-line graduated bob haircuts

This traditional graduated bob is a great option in workplaces. The long strands in the front are cleaned and polished. This chestnut colored bob is going to give you a professional look.

18.) Bob for Thin Hair with Swoopy Layers:

bob for thin hair with swoopy layers graduated bob haircuts

No need to follow the traditional styling routine in the morning. Just get out the bed and your hair is ready. The wispy and side swept layers add a lot of movement to the hair.

19.) Rounded Graduated Bob:

rounded graduated bob haircuts

No doubt that wavy and beachy bob look trendy but sleeker and long bob is no behind in the race. If you want to project your professional image or you work in a conservative environment then try this haircut.

20.) Electric Blue Bob with Choppy Layers:

electric blue bob with choppy layers graduated bob haircuts

This is one of the modish graduated bob haircuts. Push away the boundaries and get a classically beautiful hairstyle. The blue color offers an accurate amount of posh and edgy.


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