20 Wavy Pixie Cuts 


Pixie has always been the first choice of women across the globe. The reason is that it is trendy and never goes out of fashion. If you are looking for a haircut for your short hair or want to go short with your long hair, then have a look at the different versions of a pixie. You really need to take a close look because all these pixies have their own unique differences. So, get yourself a cup of coffee and cast your eyes on the list of 20 wavy pixie cuts. While choosing a pixie cut, make sure that the color, length, and texture is perfect for you.

List of 20 Wavy Pixie Cuts:

1.) Blonde Undercut Wavy Pixie Cuts:

blonde undercut wavy pixie cuts

This is a perfect pixie cut for girls with fine hair. It will make your thin hair appear bouncy. Create loose curls by a heating tool and brush it in an upward direction. Make sure that you don’t create waves all over. Keep the sides and back tapered.

2.) Side Swept Voluminous Pixie Cuts:

side swept voluminous wavy pixie cuts

This side swept voluminous pixie looks mesmerizing on girls with thick hair. You need a good styling product to make sure that the hair stays in a side-swept style for a long time.

3.) Platinum-blonde Curly Pixie with Flicked Back Fringe:

platinum blonde curly pixie with flicked back fringe wavy pixie cuts

This is one of the fabulous wavy pixie cuts. The lovely bunch of curls falling on the forehead will soften your look and give you a look of an urban chic. It is a great style to try this summer.

4.) Blonde Layered Wavy Pixie Cuts:

blonde layered wavy pixie cuts

It is a great haircut for ladies with fine hair. Adding volume for silky and fine hair can be troublesome. Relax! This layered pixie will become the best friend of your fine hair. The hair that is around the hair is short. Girls with round faces and heart faces look awesome in this haircut.

5.) Multi-directional Wavy Pixie:

multi-directional wavy pixie cuts

If you are not comfortable in tight ringlets, then you can easily pull this tousled style. This sloppy haircut is going to make you look marvelous. Apply a mousse of good quality so that the creative tresses last all day.

6.) Aqua Wavy Pixie Cuts:

aqua wavy pixie cuts

This haircut is created by hard and soft lines that embody strength and feminity. It looks very attractive and frames the face beautifully. This haircut calls for a person with a bold personality. Girls with cooler undertones should try this wavy pixie.

7.) Caramel Disconnected Pixie Cuts:

caramel disconnected wavy pixie cuts

The rich caramel hued strands are full of shine and sheen. It is a great haircut to show off your luxurious layers. Ladies with square, round, heart and oval face shapes should try this hairstyle.

8.) Curly Pixie with Shaved Side:

curly pixie with shaved side wavy pixie cuts

The faded ear line and the curly wild on the top look awesome together. You just need to shear the under the layer of hair. It is super easy to maintain and looks expressive and edgy. Young girls will look rocking in this hairstyle.

9.) Spiked Wavy Cuts:

spiked wavy pixie cuts

Though this haircut is short but at the same time, it is fun to play with short hair. The coifed front fringe will make you look charismatic. Style your spiked hair in an upward direction to get a wild look.

10.) Wavy Pixie for Round Faces:

wavy pixie cuts for round faces

You can make your face appear thin by adding long tresses. This asymmetrical cropped pixie looks awesome on girls with a round face shape. A wavy pixie on a round face looks cute and adorable.

11.) Strawberry Blonde Wavy Pixie:

strawberry blonde wavy pixie cuts

Curly hair offers more variations as compared to straight hair when it comes to a pixie cut. Direction, length, and color you have so much to play with. If you are searching for something different and bold, then go for a strawberry blonde.

12.) Closely Cropped Curls:

closely cropped curls wavy pixie cuts

If you want to keep things simple, then this cropped hairstyle looks classic and is perfect for you. It is easy to wear and makes the morning styling easy. You can also play with some hair color for a change.

13.) Shattered Wavy Pixie Cuts:

shattered wavy pixie cuts

This shattered pixie is full of texture that breaks the solid lines in the hair. Anyone with a bold personality can try this cut. It looks improbable on ladies with oval face shapes. If you have an active lifestyle, then this is just a great option.

14.) Two-tone Wavy Pixie:

two tone wavy pixie cuts

Who said that you need to be young if you want to try two colors? This two-tone pixie proofs that you don’t need to be age specific. Ask your hairstylist to add some wavy texture throughout the crown.

15.) Bowl Cut Wavy Pixie:

bowl cut wavy pixie cuts

This pixie is inspired with a bowl cut, but ask your hairstylist to use a razor to add more texture and softness. It is a great haircut for anyone who is looking for a modern, cool and edgy look.

16.) Electric Wavy Pixie Cuts:

electric wavy pixie cuts

Basic wavy pixie looks pretty, but if you see on the other side of the spectrum it can look electrifying. You just need to look for a vibrant color that is not easily available in the market.

17.) Platinum Side Parted Wavy Pixie:

platinum side parted wavy pixie cuts

This artistically chic wavy pixie looks pleasing all ways. It creates a beautiful frame for your face and is easy to manage. It is a great choice for girls with delicate facial features. Ladies with square, oval and heart face shapes can try this.

18.) Texturized Bouncy Curls:

texturized bouncy curls wavy pixie cuts

Women with curly hair often have to struggle with styling options. This tapered version of the pixie cut is a perfect styling option for curly hair. To keep the frizz away, use a smoothening conditioner.

19.) Wavy Pixie Cuts with Long Side Bangs:

wavy pixie cuts with long side bangs wavy pixie cuts

This haircut is full of texture and movement. The combination of a cropped style and long side bangs is nothing new but the incorporation of soft coils makes it look modern and unique.

20.) Sassy Pixie for Curly Hair:

sassy pixie for curly hair wavy pixie cuts

Not everyone looks awesome in super short bangs. Only girls with a beautiful facial structure like high cheekbones, full lips, and arched brows look wow in this haircut.


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