20 Elegant Waterfall Braid Styles


Braids are favorite of almost every girl when it comes to hair styling. They look glamorous and you can enjoy braids whether it is a simple braid or any fancy party. One of the appealing and favorite braids are the waterfall braids. You can wear waterfall braids at the office, in everyday routine, and at formal events. Read this article and find out the different variations of waterfall braid styles. The different versions of this classic style will just surprise you.

List of 20 Elegant Waterfall Braid Styles:

1.) Updo Waterfall Braid Styles:

updo waterfall braid styles

If you want to keep your hair away from the face, then this waterfall bun is a perfect style. Those having a round face should try this hairstyle atleast once. You can beat the hot summers easily with this hairstyle.

2.) Loop Waterfall Braid Styles:

loop waterfall braid styles

The loop pattern will make this waterfall braid look mesmerizing. This hairstyle is an excellent choice for straight and thick hair. You can highlight the strands of hair that form the chain to take this hairstyle to a new level.

3.) Cascade Waterfall Braid with Messy Bun:

cascade waterfall braid with a messy bun waterfall braid styles

This hairstyle may seem a little complicated, but it is fairly easy. This is a perfect hairstyle to highlight your personality. Add a messy bun and take this hairstyle to a new level. You will get a lot of compliments with this style.

4.) Waterfall Braid with Curly Hair:

waterfall braid with curly hair waterfall braid styles

Girls with curly locks will look like a princess in this waterfall braid hairstyle. Neatly divide your hair into three sections and braid horizontally. Clip the ends and soften your curls to complete the look.

5.) Four Strand Waterfall Braid Styles:

four strand waterfall braids styles

No matter even if you have medium length hair you will not miss the fun styles. This four strand waterfall braid looks appealing and beautiful on shoulder length hair. It is a great hairstyle to add a lot of texture to your hair.

6.) One Sided Waterfall Braid:

one sided waterfall braid styles

This version of waterfall braid for sure is going to win your heart because it can be made within minutes and is great for mornings with a busy schedule. Start it from the corner of the head and stop halfway. Fix it neatly with hair pins.

7.) Double Waterfall Braid Styles:

double waterfall braid styles

This hairstyle calls out for all the girls who are in love with waterfall braids. This hairstyle ensures that you double up on your love. Create a second waterfall braid underneath the first one with the use of cascading strands.

8.) Criss Cross Waterfall Braid:

criss cross waterfall braid styles

This is all time favorite hairstyle for many girls. In this hairstyle, you have to create two waterfall braids on each side of the head and instead of wrapping them around the head, cross the two braids at the back and secure them with pins.

9.) Double Waterfall Braid with a Bun:

double waterfall braid with a bun waterfall braid styles

It is a perfect hairstyle for office days. It ensures that your hair doesn’t come on the face and irritate you. Make horizontal waterfall braids and with the rest of the hair tie a messy bun.

10.) Waterfall Braid for Straight Hair:

waterfall braid for straight hair waterfall braid styles

Girls with straight hair look amazing in this beautiful hairstyle. Before you start with this hairstyle comb your hair to prevent knots. It is a great hairstyle for evening parties and official meetings.

11.) Zigzag Waterfall Braid Style:

zigzag waterfall braid styles

It may look a little intricate from this picture but is fairly easy. You just have to create three diagonal braids and then combine them to form a big braid. Zig Zag braid for sure will allure the people around you.

12.) Waterfall Braid Styles with a Ribbon Tie:

waterfall braid styles with a ribbon tie

This easy enough look will give you an impressive look. Make a simple waterfall braid and tie a ribbon at the end. The knotted ribbon on the end makes this hairstyle alluring and different.

13.) Interlocking Waterfall Braid:

interlocking waterfall braid styles

Wherever you go, whichever street you cross people are going to turn their heads to see this stunning hairstyle. This interlocking look will add style and flare to your boring hair. The loose waves will add a dramatic finish.

14.) Trio Waterfall Braids:

trio waterfall braid styles

The contrasting sizes of the braids make this hairstyle different and special. It is beautiful, impressive and striking. A light makeup will make you look wonderful and gorgeous.

15.) Curly Waterfall Braid for Short Hair:

curly waterfall braid for short hair waterfall braid styles

This short hairstyle is perfect for achieving a look that is perfect for heated summers and prom parties. The simple waterfall braid and luscious curls will give you a style that is sweet and pretty.

16.) Waterfall Braid with Crimped Hair:

waterfall braid styles with crimped hair

Who said that crimped hair only looked great only in the 90s? It has even gained a lot of popularity in the present era. Make a waterfall braid to add a dash of style and crimp your hair for the delicate attitude.

17.) Waterfall Braid with a Slender Braid:

waterfall braid with a slender braid waterfall braid styles

This is one of the best hairstyles to get a look that is charismatic and enchanting. The combination of a thick waterfall braid and a slender braid looks awesome.

18.) Ribbon Braided Waterfall Style:

ribbon braided waterfall braid styles

Four strand waterfall braid looks awesome on its own. But you always can spice up your look. Add a ribbon in this four strand waterfall braid. This pink colored ribbon is an excellent choice for girls.

19.) Cascading Waterfall with Vibrant Colors:

cascading waterfall with vibrant color waterfall braid styles

Though this is a simple waterfall braid, but the vibrant color makes it unique and outstanding. It looks great on girls with straight hair. The combination of purple and black is very much striking.

20.) Waterfall Braided Chignon:

waterfall braided chignon waterfall braid styles

In the whole list, this is one of the most feminine and fascinating hairstyles. This fabulous style will take your classic outfit to a new level. The number and size of braids depend on you completely.


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