Pretty Hairstyles for Long Hair


When you have long flowing waves, then don’t limit yourself when it’s about styling. Big curls, waves, straight, and messy texture add life and movement to your hairstyle. We have a wide range of hairstyles for long and beautiful locks which will change from head to toe. Here are some pretty hairstyles for long hair that will help you select the perfect desirable look.

Pretty Hairstyles for Long Hair:

1.) Low Blonde Ponytail Updo

Get this effortless look with tousled messy waves which are highly in the trend. The hairstyle looks extremely sassy when you wear it on the special occasion. If you are planning for any beach wedding, then try pinned up ponytail. Well, you can flaunt it anywhere, dinner, vacation or house party. Wear your best dresses to take the look to the next level. You can also decorate your head with chunky highlights. The low blonde ponytail updo is one of the hairstyles for long hair.

low blonde ponytail updo hairstyles for long hair

2.) Chocolate Fountain

When you have thin hair, then add this hairstyle in your daily routine. In this hairstyle, delightful chocolate hue and soft lines make the hairstyle mesmerizing. Don’t get conscious about thinning of the hair, just ask your hairstylist to Add layers in your hair. Paired the hairstyle with natural highlights that look lovely when some strands fall down on the shoulder.

chocolate fountain hairstyles for long hair

3.) Braided Updo

If you love to show off your long hair, then try the braided ponytail. You get to achieve this hairstyle by combining the multiple hairstyles. From the bouffant, curls, braid in front and wrapped braid into bun make the hairstyle extremely sassy. For a better look, you can enhance it with amazing hair color. The braided updo is one of the marvelous hairstyles for long hair.

braided updo hairstyles for long hair

4.) Perfect Ponytail

When you have long hair then don’t make the beauty dull with boring hairstyles. Don’t limit yourself, when we talk about creativity. The best thing to get any look is to enhance the hair texture. Get the wavy ponytail with by creating braids overnight or you can use your hair straightener to get the amazing look.

perfect ponytail hairstyles for long hair

5.) Braid Wrap

You can get this boho-chic hairstyle which long and wavy. The silky strands will make the everyone women jealous. You can get this hairstyle by adding a tiny braid at the crown area that absolutely stunning. By adding a tiny braid in your look, it will make the hairstyle more special for any occasion. The braid wrap is one of the beautiful hairstyles for long hair.

braid wrap hairstyle hairstyles for long hair

6.) Lovely Layers

Make you hairstyle divine by adding a chunky highlight in the middle of the hair. in this hairstyle, the shorter layers cut on the top while the medium length layers add a shape and depth to your look. Achieve this look by curling your end that makes the mermaid jealous. You can flaunt this hairstyle on any occasion with low maintenance.

lovely layers hairstyles for long hair

7.) On the One Side

Curly hairstyles are super cute and it will look more gorgeous when you set them in the right way. In this hairstyle, the strand gets teased into bouffant that looks completely eye catching. Pull all the curls into the side ponytail instead of securing them with the hair pin. The hairstyle is best for when you are planning for any wedding occasion.

on the side hairstyles for long hair

8.) Coiled Cof

The hairstyle is defined by its hair color and gorgeous ringlet. The coiled of is one of the breathtaking hairstyles for long hair. For the perfect look, go for side parting that adds a beautiful face frame to your look. Pull off this look on date night or weekend party. The coiled of is one of the sassy hairstyles for long hair.

coiled coif hairstyles for long hair

9.) Straight to the Point

  Sometimes, simplicity is the key to best beauty. In this hairstyle, the super straight hair looks classy and elegant at the same time. The hairstyle is best for the office look to the weekend getaway. Healthy and luscious lock adds glow on your face when you paired it with a vibrant hue.

straight to the point hairstyles for long hair

10.) Wispy Bangs and Curls

Soft waves are the best to create volume and texture in the look. The hairstyle is best when you are looking for a free-flowing hairstyle. It is one of the dazzling hairstyles for long hair.

wsipy bangs with curls hairstyles for long hair

11.) Top Knot with Chic Bow

If you love cotton candy, then you can create a similar and styling look with your hairstyle. You just simply add the top knot and paired it with the cute bow. Topknot with a chic bow is one of the stylish hairstyles for long hair.

top knot with chick bow hairstyles for long hair

12.) Long Hair with Sophisticated Ombre

Get the versatile look with choppy curls that look lovely, when you paired it with soft ombre hair color. The long hair with sophisticated ombre is one of the sexy hairstyles for long hair.

long hair with sophistictaed ombre hairstyles for long hair

13.) Twisted Braided Updo

The hairstyle is best for the warmer weather when you decide to make a updo for long hair. In this hairstyle, mix braids get twisted beautifully that give you sensational look.

twsit braid updo hairstyles for long hair

14.) Creative Half Braid

Dealing with long hair is daunting, but thanks to long hairstyles that solve the problem within a second. In this hairstyle, the half up ponytail get beautifully braided and get secured with an elastic band.

creative half braid hairstyles for long hair

15.) Pretty Messy Top Knot

If you have thin hair, this hairstyle is an advantage for you. Get this amazing hairstyle by creating a top knot with extremely sexy waves. The pretty messy top knot is one of the top hairstyles for long hair.

pretty messy top knot hairstyles for long hair


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