20 Classy Hairstyles for Older Women


Don’t consider age barrier when you have good taste and desire to maintain your personality. These flattering haircuts make your edges sharp and smooth instead of soft. We have shared some inspire haircut for those women who are aging gracefully and makes you more beautiful. Here are 20 Classy hairstyles for older women.

20 Classy Hairstyles for Older Women

1.) Short Layered with Highlights

Short layered with highlights is one of the classy hairstyles for older women. You can go for balayage highlights on soft brown that look completely sassy and also go with aging skin. Add a wow factor in the older age with pieces cut that boost volume in the fine hair. Ask your hairstylist to give you balayage highlights in the bangs and upper layers.

short layered with highlights hairstyles for older women

2.) Spiked and Stylish

When you are in the age of over 50, it doesn’t mean that you have to wear boring haircut and boring clothes. The spiked and stylish is one of the elegant hairstyles for older women. Go for this lovely idea, try gorgeous blond pixie with sassy and messy texture. Don’t forget to leave the roots darks which make you classy. The spiked and stylish is one of the adorable hairstyles for older women.

Spiked and stylish hairstyles for older women

3.) Bouncy Bob

For the women who have fine hair or less volume in the hair then try bouncy bob. The hairstyle gives you perfect frame by adding layers in the haircut. If you have straight or fine hair then you can add volume and body to your hair with bouncy bobby just flipping the ends with a large barrel curling iron. It is one of the beautiful hairstyles for older women.

bouncy bob hairstyles for older women

4.) Bob with Blunt Bangs

Looking for short hairstyles over 60, then try bob with a blunt cut. If you have fine hair and doesn’t have much time to settle down your hair, then try bob with a blunt cut which hardly takes you time and efforts. The hairstyle looks polished and perfect even when you don’t have straight hair or you don’t blow dry your hair.

bob with blunt bangs hairstyles for older women

5.) Sassy and Stacked

Sassy and stacked gives you the advantage of high volume and attractive face shape. The sassy and stacked is one of the best hairstyles for older women. Ask your hairstylist to give you multiple layers to get the voluminous bump. The hairstyle gives you the benefit of making you more modern and youthful edges to the basic bob cut.

Sassy and stacked hairstyles for older women

6.) Smoky Side Bangs

The smoky side bangs are one of the hairstyles for older women. Smoky side bangs are beneficial that it adds sharpness in the face, which gets softer with the age. Add layers and waves to highlights which enhance your beautiful feature that magnify your eyes or high cheekbones. Wear your fetching jewelry to make you look attractive.

Smoky side bangs hairstyles for older women

7.) Short and Sweet Crop

The best haircut for older women is which gives texture to the thinner hair and goes well with bone structure. If you have fine hair, try a sassy crop hair to flaunt your beautiful features that very cool and sassy. The sweet and short crop is one of the hairstyles for older women.

Short and sweet crop hairstyles for older women

8.) Silver Side Swoop

Just because you are above sixty it doesn’t mean you can’t opt for sassy hairstyles. If you want to be trend without any worries, try side swept bang in the stacked bob. It looks well with gray hairs that are beauteous and lovely with aging. The hairstyle doesn’t need many efforts and frequent touch-up. The silver side swoop is one of the hairstyles for older women.

Silver side swoop hairstyles for older women

9.) Chic Chocolate Layers

The baby lights technique works wonderfully. When you have fine hair then add subtle highlights in your hairstyle. This technique can work in any color as long as you add highlights that get faded than the base color. It gives you natural and classy look.

chic chocolate hairstyles for older women

10.) Perfect Ash Blonde Pixie

While selecting the right haircut for your age, make sure the hairstyle will give you desire face shape. In the hairstyle, the rounded shape with back and sides clipped very short. The hairstyle adds height in the top and bangs that look fantastic to reveal your classy personality.

Perfect ash blonde pixie hairstyles for older women

11.) Spiky Blonde Crop

The look is perfect for the women who are over 70. You can add very short bangs in the hairstyle that is called fringes. The spiky texture on the top pieces is flawless on every face shape. The spiky blonde crop is one of the hairstyles for older women. You can wear win some jewelry that changes your overall look.

Spiky blond crop hairstyles for older women

12.) White Short Cut with Asymmetrical Bangs

The hairstyle enhances your beautiful face and works on your different locks. You can add bangs in your hairstyle that draws the attention on beautiful eyes and feathered layers that lift the crown area. Magnify your look with stunning earrings which takes your look to the next level.

White short cut with asymmetrical bangs hairstyles for older women

13.) Pretty Pastel Pink

Pretty Pastel pink is one of the hairstyles for older women. In this hairstyle, embrace your soft waves with pretty pastel color. Wear some makeup which looks amazing with your hairstyle.

Pretty pastel pink hairstyles for older women

14.) One Length Straight Bob

When want to go naturally gray or dyes your tresses, try one length straight bob that adds focus to your overall look. You need to blow dry your hair and use the flat iron to take it to one length. Give a perfect finish look with serum.

one length straight bob hairstyles for older women

15.) Blonde Bob with Bangs

Short hairstyle is for all busy moms that never compromise with their look. The blonde bob is one of the hairstyles for older women, which is a complete mixture of the ash blonde and brown tones.

blonde bob with bangs hairstyles for older women

16.) Angled Ash Blonde Cut

The angled ash blonde cut is one of the hairstyles for older women. In older age, women experience softness in the age but this hairstyle adds sharpness and curved in your hairstyle that takes attention on the narrow pointed chin.

Angled ash blonde bob hairstyles for older women

17.) Shoulder Length Straight Hair

The hairstyle is extremely beautiful from the roots to tips. Add golden blonde base that enhances your warm complexion.

shoulder length straight bob hairstyles for older women

18.) Soft Tousled Waves

 Add some soft flicks at the crown area which doesn’t need to touch up every time. Soft tousled waves are one of the hairstyles for older women.

Soft tousled wave hairstyles for older women

19.) Cropped Gray Pixie with Swoopy Bangs

Add timeless hairstyle in your look that never goes out of trend. The cropped gray pixie with swoopy bangs is one of the classic hairstyles for older women.

Cropped gray with swooped bangs hairstyles for older women

20.) Modern Layered Cut

The modern layered cut is one of the short hairstyles for older women. You can add face-framing layers in the hairstyle which look smooth and sleek.

modern layered hairstyles for older women


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